Friday Fox Follies – Baltimore Begats Bigots


It brings tears to this reporter’s eyes to be writing about another insurrection in these so-called United States. I can sympathize with innocent business folk caught up in the maelstrom of unfocused rage because my father was once one of them. Pops lost everything except his store in The Detroit Riots, which I’ve written about extensively.

A picture of the writer's father's store on THE "Black Day In July" autographed by Gordon Lightfoot.
A picture of the writer’s father’s store on THE “Black Day In July” autographed by Gordon Lightfoot.

Regardless, of my family’s personal loss, I have far more sympathy for the oppressed. A conflagration cannot erupt in a vacuum. One cannot separate cause from effect.

Unless you’re the Fox “News” Channel, of course:

Fox Dismisses Role Of Police Brutality In Sparking Unrest In Baltimore because Fox Personalities Blame Obama For Baltimore Violence. Yep, Fox Blamed Obama (And His Blackness) For Baltimore Violence, but — for “News” — there’s enough blame to go around:

Fox News Figures Blame Baltimore’s
“Awful,” “Worst Schools On Earth” For Riots

Fox’s Ablow Blames “Self-Hatred,” “Single-Parent
Families,” And “Entitlements” For Baltimore Unrest

Fox Contributor Baselessly Speculates
Freddie Gray Was On Drugs When Arrested

Fox’s Bo Dietl: Maybe Freddie Gray ‘Slipped
and Fell’ While Being Chased by Cops

The Worst Moment of Fox’s Baltimore Riot Coverage was not how Fox Faves Exploit Baltimore Violence To Attack African American Mayor or even Fox’s Resident Black-Attacking Sheriff Accuses Obama Of ‘Enjoying’ Baltimore Violence. No, it was Geraldo Rivera, whose Zen-like mantra is BE THE STORY, as opposed to “cover the story.”

Watch A Baltimore Resident Confront Geraldo
Rivera Over Fox News’ Irresponsible Coverage

Before It Got Tense, This Baltimore Protester Tried
Talking To Geraldo Rivera About Fox’s Insensitivity

Geraldo Doesn’t Take Kindly to Being Called a
Baltimore ‘Agitator’: ‘Do You Want Me to Stay Home?!’

Geraldo Confronts Baltimore Protester:
‘You Anarchist! You Ain’t Nothing!’

Geraldo Rivera’s Tense Confrontation With
Baltimore Protester Defused By State Senator

Geraldo even had cameo appearances is these stories:

Elijah Cummings Yells at Fox Reporter
on Bullhorn: ‘People Are Going Home!’

Elijah Cummings uses bullhorn to
scold Fox News team for preventing
Baltimore protesters from making curfew

And, this is just damned funny: Geraldo, CNN Both Mistake Baltimore Marcher for Russell Simmons: ‘You Look Just Like Him’.

The usual Fox “News” race-baiters didn’t leave the field all to Geraldo. We were Whitesplained by The Falafel King:

O’Reilly: Baltimore Rioters Can’t Get Jobs “Because They
Have A Sense Of Entitlement That Says They’re Victims”

Bill O’Reilly: “Racial Persecution Really Isn’t The
Problem In Baltimore,” It’s “Personal Behavior”

O’Reilly Blasts ‘Hateful Morons’
Trying to ‘Justify Rioting’ in Baltimore

Sometimes Loofah Lad actually says the right thing for all the wrong reasons:

O’Reilly: It’s “Long Past Time For African-American
Communities Across America To Begin To Police Themselves.

When police are considered an occupying force, trouble erupts. That truism is lost as Megyn Kelly And Mark Fuhrman Use Baltimore Riots To Smear African American Community As A Whole. This so-called Straight News Anchor demonstrates her White World of Privilege when Megyn Kelly Attacks Gray Family Attorney For Not Accepting – In Advance – Baltimore Cops’ Exoneration and declares Obama Is Racist?!’: Megyn Kelly Clashes with Baltimore Rev. on ‘Thugs’, by purposely missing the point.

No one on Fox “News” can race bait quite like Bundy-Supporting Hannity [who] Chastises Baltimore Protester because Sean Hannity Really, Really Wants You To Think Of Freddie Gray As A Criminal. Yet, he didn’t forget his nightly target as Hannity Pounces on WaPo Report to Slam Obama for Rushing to Judgment in Baltimore.

As impossible as this seems, he’s often far more offensive on his Fox radio show. F’rinstance: Sean Hannity: Lesson Of Freddie Gray’s Death Is “Don’t Run At 8:30 In The Morning When You See A Cop”, which needs to be heard to be believed.

Larry Wilmore, who hosts the the 2nd half hour of Comedy Central’s News Hour, made the most sense of what has transpired:

The Nightly Show Calls Out Fox News For Covering
Baltimore Protests With Racial Stereotypes
. Watch:

Larry Wilmore Calls Out Cable News
for Turning ‘Thug’ into New N-Word

Wilmore Lashes Fox and CNN for Baltimore
Coverage: ‘F*ck You, Motherf*ckers!’

The Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” comes to mind. Through sheer coincidence Comedy Central will have 2 people of colour hosting shows after Jon Stewart retires. Interesting times, indeed.

BECKEL’S BACK? NOT YET HE AIN’T: It was just last week this reporter wrote, FFF isn’t buying the back surgery cover-up. Beckel’s disappearing act was like he entered the witness protection program, or a detox center. Otherwise, he’d not be incommunicado.”

Therefore, it was no surprise to me when it was reported that Fox’s Bob Beckel Undergoes Addiction Rehab.

“Bob Beckel has entered a rehab facility for treatment of an addiction to prescription pain medication,” reads the network’s statement on Thursday afternoon. “His relapse developed over the last several months as he tried to cope with extensive back pain before and after he underwent major back surgery. We hope our viewers and the public will respect Bob’s privacy during this difficult time.”

While I certainly understand the desire for privacy, chalk this up as just another Fox “News” lie.

MORE FOX GOSSIP: I call her The Tarantula, but maybe she’s a Black Widow:

Fox’s Andrea Tantaros Reportedly Dating
Jane’s Addiction Guitarist Dave Navarro

Good luck with that. I share a birthday with Navarro. Nuff said.

FFF has previously reported that mendacity on Fox “News” is top-down. All you need to know about Fox “News” reporting was accidentally revealed by one of its local affiliates. In Fox News Station Posts Fake Baltimore Riot Photo From Venezuela (IMAGES), provided a screen cap of the precious correction:

fox13 tweet

Let that sink in.”Our team didn’t fact check the picture the way we should have.”

This as the Denver Fox “News” affiliate proves it actually understands how real journalism works:

Undercover Fox Report Finds Company Refusing
to Serve ‘Colored’ People from ‘Mount Ghetto’

STARNES STAINS is, sadly, a regular feature of FFF:

Todd Starnes Defends Anti-Gay
Bakers Found Guilty Of Discrimination

Todd Starnes Tweets Another Hyperbolic Racist Lie?

Fox News Host Sides With Killer Cops After
Officers Charged In Death Of Freddie Gray

Left and Right Unite to Mock Fox’s
Todd Starnes for Baltimore Comments

Pass the popcorn!!!

GOD WATCH: If God really existed, She would not need Fox “News” to defend Her:

Fr. Jonathan Morris Says No Atheists
Need Apply For US Presidency?!

Fox priest: ‘Hard to trust’ an atheist president
because they don’t fear eternal damnation

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defends “In God We
Trust” On Public High School Marquee

Rev. Franklin Graham Repeats His Call To Discriminate
Against Muslims and Blame Obama For ISIS

Fox News Suggests Clergy Will Be Forced To Marry Gay
Couples If Supreme Court Rules For Marriage Equality

PATRIOT WATCH: Those Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends sure do like to stick up for the flag, even if they need to make up crap to do so:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Promotes Flag
Defending (And Flag Wearing) Veteran

Fox Twits Attack Black Chief of
Police Over Flag Pledge Policy

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade: Is it possible
to be a Muslim and salute the flag?

Fox Wonders If Muslim Faith Would Keep
Military Veteran From Saluting The Flag

Fox Hosts Attack Black Miami Cop,
Say She Might Be a Flag-Hating Muslim

MURDOCH WATCH: What The New York Times’ Murdoch Alliance Means For 2016

FOX BITES: Peter Johnson Jr. Exposes Johns Hopkins Tyrannical Anti-Chick Fil-A Student Gov’tFox News Gives Clinton Cash $107 Million Of Free PublicityDaily Show Writer Finally Reveals Origin of His Obsession with The FiveOn radio Laura Ingraham Likens Same-Sex Marriage Rights To State-Validated Incest, Polygamy

Headly Westerfield is flabbergasted that this is just a week’s worth, and has been severely edited besides.

9 Replies to “Friday Fox Follies – Baltimore Begats Bigots”

  1. Watching Fox News reminds me of the first time I watched the Hindenburg footage “landing’ in New Jersey.

  2. Just call it what it really is, Faux is “White people” news.

    White Power chants for everyone. Led by the fat man Ailes.

  3. “Bob Beckel has entered a rehab facility for treatment of an addiction to prescription pain medication,” reads the network’s statement on Thursday afternoon. . .”

    The point is being lost on Fox. Which is – Well connected, wealthy white male enters rehab for drug addiction. Black male gets arrested 18 times for using marijuana, with the last arrest ending in back injury and death.

    The problem is white privileged keeps them from seeing how Blacks are treated differently. The only white people treated with nearly the same disdain is absolute poor white people as they are considered white “Ns”. Something also the privileged class does not want to address.

  4. I believe Rivera wanted someone to punch him. He always tries to get in people’s face. First of all, it would have established his “tough” bona fides among the tea bag circle jerk, but it would have also run in an endless loop on Fox. The protestor showed more restraint than I would have.

  5. I love this segment. That being said, did anyone catch Juan Williams sitting in for O’Reilly last night? I caught the later show of it while surfing. That show is scripted. Who writes the script? Juan acted like a black Bill O’Reilly, asking the same questions Billo would ask to the guests and taking Billo’s stance on race.

  6. Joy, I couldn’t help laughing while watching Geraldo Rivera circling his burly bodyguard over and over, trying to put himself on the other side of the bodyguard from this protestor.

    Geraldo is, and has always been, a chickenshit, scared of appearing on teevee with a hair out of place. Yes, I remember his “Willowbrook” expose’, but since that time, he’s been nothing but a preening, laughable joke.

    No wonder he’s on FOX.

  7. FOX and all of their hosts and guests are deep seated bigots and racist. They dog whistle daily. Stir up the racial animosity by constantly calling black people names and degrading the poor souls. Riling up the POOR white pitch-fork and frothing at the mouths who need to vent vicariously through Hannity, Megyn, Greta, O’Reilly, FOX and “enemies”, and ALL of the shameless racist guests. Col. Peters for one, Mark Furhman, another….and all the rest who show up to put in their two cents. Tapping in to prove they are Veeeery White and Veeeery Right Wing, and Veeeery disgusted at them “others”.

  8. No question that Fox News is bigoted and unreliable. That being said, the marginalization of blacks, and the injustice that fosters will never be addressed unless a real dialog is established. Problems must be recognized, and policies established to address these problems. Unfortunately, it appears that it’s impossible to even enunciate the issues without the instant cry of “racism”. The black community itself will have to participate in the solutions. Instead of being a badge of honor to have done prison time, or fathered children which are then ignored, the community itself should make this sort of conduct an object of derision. If a child shows an interest in getting an education, or aspires to something besides being a rapper, s/he should not be called out for “trying to be white”, which of course is code for actually trying to better oneself. Targeted resources should be made available, and by this I mean secure schools, and credit for legitimate business startups.

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