Senate Republicans Pass Budget That Throws 27 Million Americans Off Health Insurance

Senate Republicans made their intentions for the American people clear today when they passed a budget resolution that would throw 27 million Americans off of their health insurance.

The Senate passed the resolution on a near party-line vote of 51-48. The budget resolution is not binding, but it does set the stage for a showdown between President Obama, Democrats in Congress, and the Republican Congressional majority on the spending bills for each federal agency. President Obama has already promised to veto many of the bills due to their harsh cuts in programs for veterans, the poor, children, senior citizens, and working class Americans.

In a statement, Sen. Bernie Sanders called the Republican passed budget an absolute disaster:

This Republican budget throws 27 million Americans off health insurance, slashes $5 trillion over the coming decade from programs that help working families, cuts taxes on the richest Americans and raises them on working families with kids.

“he budget moves this country in exactly the wrong direction. At a time of massive wealth and income inequality, it gives huge tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires while making devastating cuts to education, Medicare, affordable housing and prescription drug coverage.

Anyone who takes an objective look at this Republican budget can do nothing else but conclude that this is an absolute disaster for the working people of this country. Families are struggling to put bread on the table, to send their kids to college and to take care of their basic needs. But the Republican budget says ‘we’re going to make it even harder for those families.’

The GOP budget takes away health insurance from 27 million Americans by disabling the federal health insurance exchanges, “According to a report from the Senate Budget Committee Democrats, Republicans would take away health insurance from 27 million Americans by disabling the federal health insurance exchanges.”

The Republican passed budget promises big tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires that are paid for by throwing people off of their health insurance and turning Medicare into a voucher system. Today’s vote was a message to millions of people that the billionaire controlled Republicans in Congress are coming for their health care.

Republicans aren’t hiding what they intend to do, and it is up to the American people to stop them.

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  1. If I were Obama I would NOT VETO IT,,Something the republicans are DEPENDING ON,,,lets see how 27 million americans feel about losing their health care,,they are the ones who voted them in to do this,,,AND lets see how republicans feel about have 27 million votes against them next election,,,,

  2. I understand your thinking but being the dumbasses that Americans are they wouldn’t put it together.

  3. I understand what you are saying, but if he didn’t veto it, it would be sure to go through. If it did, it would be too devastating for those of us that it would affect. I’m disabled and rely on insulin. If I were kicked off my health insurance, I would simply die. I could not afford to buy it, because it would cost me more than what I get each month to live on. While the republicans were being “taught a lesson”, the rest of us would be the ones to suffer the consequences. It wouldn’t work anyway, because the Republicans are so brainwashed by the pundits, including Fox News, that they would blame the President and Obamacare. The blame would not be attributed to the Republican party at all. Their spin is always that it’s Obama’s fault.

  4. TIME FOR A POLITICAL REVOLUTION AGAINST THE BILLIONAIRE CLASS. We are rioting against the Republicans for refusing to tax the 4000 multimillionaires, 572 billionaires that pay no Federal Taxes. We are rioting against the Republicans for refusing to close the $3 trillion a year corporate tax breaks that do not make jobs or make the economy better. We are rioting against the Republicans because they are refusing to do what 90% of Americans want to tax the rich and close the loopholes. Make The Federal Reserve rain money on us like they did the banks, $40,000 per every man, women, and child. Get President Obama to make a coin valued in a monthly amount for every adult over 18. It would only take $175.3 billion to bring 45 million people in the United States up to the poverty line compared to the trillions given away to the 1%. Time to save America and Americans.
    Bernie Sanders Calls For ‘Political Revo…

  5. I see the GOP setting this country on a total path of destruction and want that will lead, eventually, to a revolution. People are sick and tired of these well heeled and well financed puppets of the rich. What will it take for folks to vote for their own best interests? These lying, self righteous, thugs will not stop until they have eliminated the middle class and the poor.

  6. I think they will put more than half of us into poverty if we don’t elect Hillary and put a Democratic majority back in Congress in ’16!

  7. We in the middle class will be poor unless we elect Hillary in ’16 and a Democratic majority in Congress in ’16!

  8. Well, Pam, I am a dedicated and very SERIOUS Democratic voter. I research before I vote. The Republicans in the state of Ohio have done everything under the sun to stop us from voting. I go the whole gambit … absentee voting, track the ballot, fill it out properly, mail it back at the post office, track the ballot online, call the Board of Elections, etc. My last vote wasn’t counted. Stupid me, I usually photocopy everything but was out of ink & rushed to get the ballot there on time, so I didn’t run to the library to make copies. They got my ballot Oct. 15th. The Saturday before election day, I got mail from them saying I missed a piece of info on my ballot envelope. I call BULL, but I had no proof this time. Sad to say, I sent the paperwork back but I know it was NEVER received and counted on Tuesday, election day, when the Republican was handed the governorship once again. Too many people in Ohio wanted him out. I say they cheated, and they continue trying to stop vot…

  9. It is time for all Americans to wake up and see what is happening in this country. For those young voters please get out and vote. It is that important.

  10. What else do these evil, hateful demons have to do to prove to the American people that it’s time for them to go. Let’s take away some of their things. They have it made. They do whatever they want and the damn democrats just set by and do nothing. Start investigating some of the crooked things they do. When they can rip health care from 27 million people and not bat an eye. What will they do. It’s time to get mad as hell and let them know we are not taking it anymore. For God’s sake people, God helps those who help themselves.

  11. Obama will veto and he will be blamed for not compromising. The Radical Republicans pushing this agenda have nothing to lose as they have gerrymandered their way into their seats.

    Americans will suffer but too apathetic to do anything about it. Sorry, there’s no revolution on the horizon.

  12. The Democratic Party needs to get off its collective ass and do grassroots csmpaigning. And they need to ask people everywhere three questions.

    What do you need to survive?
    What do you want the government to do?
    What kind of America do you dream of having?

  13. the gop budget will not happen, obama has made it clear he will veto so the gop budget will not happen and gop will fail getting rid of aca, obama will veto the gop budget, and i believe the supreme court will rule in favor of the subsidies and exchanges

  14. i disagree mark, obama will veto and americans will back and gop is gonna get the butts whipped in 2016 bank that

  15. To much blame on both parties. If the GOP does this I will not vote for them and I most certainly will not vote for Hillary so I guess I will vote for an Independent

  16. SORRY Daniel, but I have to disagree with you AGAIN. In theory, it might be good to embarrass the RepugnantCons. But to those 27 Million people who will be without health insurance, it would be DEVASTATING!!!

  17. If we don’t elect *some* Democrat (or Independent-Running-As-A-Democrat. I’d prefer it to be someone not-Hilary, to be honest.

  18. Unfortunately, the Republican base is too ignorant to follow what’s going on. They’re too distracted by the shiny objects that the Republicans keep putting in front of them like Benghazi and e-mails, etc. Their propaganda machine, Fox “News” makes sure of that. If they were to come out of their zombie state, the Republicans would be history.

  19. A revolution would not work in 2015.
    The very people who have no problem destroying the middle class/47%, would have no problem using drones or the militarized police force to stop a revolution.
    For now (though they’re slowly taking it), our power is still in the voting booth.

  20. This comment is for the article’s author Jason Easley.

    Jason, as you write about specific legislation, would you begin including specifics like the bill number? The amendment number?

    By including this level of detail you enable constituents to take REAL action, even if it’s done as a footnote!

    Suggested: Please edit this article to show the information is specific to S.Con.Res.11 for the 114th congress.

  21. Cursed are the poor, for they are burdens to the Blessed: The Rich, of whom God so Loveth that HE invented Trickle Down.

  22. Rachel, you are spot on! The media has turned many Democrats into mouth breathing Shillary followers. She’s as bad/worse than the whole Republican gang and you brought that to light and were called a Tea Bagger!? Unreal.

  23. After the Bingo games, the vote-roach council has the auditorium all to themselves. I understand there’s an investigation of secretarys of the red states under the open records act going on. And they’re all reluctant to let paper voting records be made public. Dems get more votes than Repubs but, Repubs win elections. Wonder what they’re hiding?

  24. Will the Senators supporting this bill be putting themselves amongst the 27 million stripped of health care benefits or are they exempt?

    Why are they unwilling to share the pain and burden? Because they don’t have to pay for theirs; they send the bill to the taxpayers. What a sweet deal!

  25. Most Americans are only interested in funny cat memes, and viral fail video’s. I have my doubts we can be saved at this point.

  26. You are either stupid or a racist. Please tell us why people were dumb enough to vote for President Obama?

  27. Reminds me of all the Baggers protesting & campaigning against Obama, carrying signs of pics of him as Hitler etc & signs saying ‘Don’t touch my medicare’. Many of course not yet puting 2 + 2 together that it’s the government that pays their social security too. Remember — Only 1 thought at a time can they cope with!!

    and then — they

    Vote the Rethug Morons in that have every plan to strip them of medicare, privatize social security, SNAP etc. They habitually vote against their own self interest.

    Remember all the videos of some bloggers attending the Beck whatever DC rant and filming these dipsticks ranting on Obama from medicare to Czars. It was hilarious to the point you cried laughing so hard — but it’s truly sad to know there are so many stunned & stupid people in this country that are so easily conned by ‘their own party’ spewing lies &BS. There is no reasoning with them.

    Think Kentucky — Love Kynect healthcare
    HATE Obamacare — Kill Obamacare — SMH!!

  28. Can you please STOP using the double negative: “off of” ? << that is ridiculous, actors saying it all the time in movies, newscasters too. say: throwing people off their medical insurance. no effing need for the "of" for crying out loud.

  29. ‘Scuse. That is not a double negative. It’s a double preposition, which is not always incorrect. “Upon”, “down from”, and “off of” most properly indicates physical position, but its figurative use is not illiterate.

  30. Too bad that we can’t force the Ayes tp pay for their own health insurance as well as cutting back on their staffing funds …Dreaming(?)

  31. Pick your battles Jancee. It is neither a double negative nor improper grammar. Perhaps you could be more concerned about the issue of the article.

  32. I voted by absentee ballot. One day after it was too late to get a new ballot, I was informed my ballot had not been received. The city hall is 2 blocks from the post office,in one direction and 2 blocks from my home to city hall,in the other direction, so it was disappeared between my home and the post office, or between the post office and city hall.

  33. have read all of the above comments and just want to say…WHY BOTHER… the American people are stupid and the Republicans know it. We vote the same people in you are talking about and they know it. We are sheep being led to the slaughter house by the Republicans and they are smiling all the way and yet we vote these same fools in to screw us some more. They won’t stop until ALL OF OUR RIGHTS ARE GONE. You people who think you are in the same league, money wise, you better look out because you are next. WHY BOTHER.

  34. Wow. You are every bit as appalling and soulless as the Republicans. You would punish millions because some of them voted the Republicans in? You are of course prepared to financially secure those who did not support the Republicans, right? So their bills are paid and food purchased so they can cough up thousands for healthcare every month. This is what you are going to do, correct? And your phone number is…….

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