Bernie Sanders Drops A Liberal Bomb On CNN’s Republican Talking Points


CNN tried to slow-down Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) with a slew of Republican talking points, but all they got for their efforts was heavy dose of the liberal policies that reflect the leftward shift of the country.


Transcript via CNN’s New Day:

CUOMO: So you’re saying you’re not going to be about the big money, but you have that big Supreme Court case, Citizens United. I mean that – that says that money is speech and they can play the game and it seems like everybody takes money in politics these days. You’ll never change it.

SANDERS: No, Chris, we – look, Chris, let’s be very clear. When you have a handful of billionaires able to spend as much money as they want, supporting their candidates, so people like the Koch who are extreme right wing, what you are looking – and let’s be clear – is the undermining of American democracy and moving our nation to an oligarchic form of society – and I mean that very seriously – where a handful of billionaires will determine who are elected officials are. We’re not going to do that. I’m not going to take – establish a super PAC. We’re getting small contributions from working people. I think we can raise the kinds of money we need, not to outspend our opponents, that won’t happen, but to run a credible and, in fact, winning campaign.


CUOMO: How do you get them out on the polls?


CUOMO: Because when you say things about expanding entitlements and giving more to the have nots, that’s unpopular. It sounds like it’s expensive. And the people who vote may not like it.

SANDERS: I disagree with you, Chris. First of all, it is not expensive in the sense that if you say to people all over this country, should large profitable multinational corporations, who today are not paying a nickel in federal taxes because they’re stashing their money in Cayman Islands and other tax havens, start paying their fair share? The American people, across the political spectrum, say, yes, they should.

We’re losing well over $100 billion every single year because of those taxes. I’ve introduced legislation that would end that. Talk to Warren Buffett, one of the richest guys in the world. He says, you know, it’s absurd. My effective tax rate is lower than my secretaries. The American people understand that. So what we have got to do is spend money intelligently.

We have got to make college affordable for our young people if we’re going to compete in the global economy. I’ll tell you what else we need to do. Real unemployment in this country is not 5.5 percent, it’s 11 percent. We need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. And when we do that, in terms of roads, bridges, water systems, rail, airports, we can put some 13 million people back to work. And that’s the kind of agenda that I’m going to be fighting for.

Chris Cuomo’s questions were completely detached from reality. There is no polling anywhere that shows that expanding entitlements is unpopular. A September 2014 poll revealed that 73% of Republicans support expanding Social Security benefits. The idea that the American people would hate it because it would be “expensive” is straight out of the Republican talking points.

The attitude that Citizens United money can’t be removed from politics is exactly what Sanders and everyone who is trying to prevent the conservative billionaire purchase of the government is fighting against. There was a time when elections were publicly funded. The idea that the dark money can’t be removed from the system is absurd.

Anytime a Democrat or a liberal is on national television, the anchor feels compelled to “balance out” the program by asking questions that are based on Republican talking points.

One of the benefits of Hillary Clinton’s move to the left and also of the Sanders presidential campaign is that the corporate media is being forced to give airtime to popular Democratic positions. CNN tried their best to knock down any momentum for liberal ideas that are popular with the American people, but the truth did shine through.

The reality that the media hasn’t caught up to yet is that Republicans are claiming that America is a conservative nation while the ground is moving left beneath their feet.

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  1. It is very hard for the MSM to move to the left themselves and be supportive. When the owners of the MSM are mainly Republicans and dictate what is to be allowed to support and do. We have the best bought,paid for and biased to the right MSM.

  2. WASHINGTON (AP) — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is hiring veterans of President Barack Obama’s highly regarded digital operation for his 2016 White House campaign.
    The goal is to help Sanders reach small donors online and harness the energy of liberals who want an alternative to Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic race.

    Sanders’ campaign said Wednesday that it was hiring the Revolution Messaging firm to run online fundraising, social media and digital advertising. The firm’s leader is Scott Goodstein, who developed social networking and mobile platforms for Obama’s 2008 campaign.

  3. It won’t be long before the MSM shuns Bernie Sanders because he won’t play their game. Bernie will be a great President of the United States of America.

  4. It won’t be long before the MSM shuns Bernie Sanders because he won’t play their game. Bernie will be a great President of the United States of America.

  5. “Give um hell” Bernie is exactly what we need. It’s time somebody opens the eyes of the American people, since they are getting nothing from the crooked GOP politicians and their big money pimps. The truth of the matter is, Bernie reports the facts and they think it is hell. Because they can only lie and deny so much before the truth will set them free to go back to their home states and see the damage they have done to this country.

  6. Remember that 90% of the media in this country are owned and controlled by six large corporations…. guess who owns and operates those six large corporations? Yep, you guessed it: the Fascist GOP Con psychopaths.
    So, when they’re not ordering their media stooges to employ projection or false equivalency, they’re doing something even worse: simply ignore the corrupt GOP and their criminality. If the media would simply do their jobs, the GOP would die a quick and painful death.

  7. “There is no polling anywhere that shows that expanding entitlements is unpopular”

    I would disagree- as Republicans have demonstrated countless times that they are against expanding ‘entitlements’ to non-rich folks.
    After all, a dollar given out to an ‘undeserving’ Veteran or such, is a dollar that could’ve gone into the already voluminous pocket of a Rich Man.

  8. Great job cutting through the crap and telling it like it is. I get very annoyed when people bring up ageist remarks, he is sharp as a tack and clear well thought out convictions. It is discrimination to mention age. My first choice is Hillary, but Bernie is doing a great job of telling TPTB to screw off.

    The media corporations are going to flip out and the talking heads will get their detailed orders of what to say. We can bank on it.

  9. “Because when you say things about expanding entitlements and giving more to the have nots, that’s unpopular.”

    Unpopular to whom? Republicans? Large corporations? The Koch brothers? Of course. To the educated American people? Not so much, but then coming from a corporate owned media talking head, it is expected. Republican talking points and opinions stated as facts are typical in Republican world and the corporate owned MSM.

  10. I.O.W., we no longer have a press Fourth Estate. What we now have is pure propaganda on all levels of journalism and news outlets that only benefit the view of millionaires and billionaires in the United States. They happily abuse the mantel of being the Fourth Estate as they propagate their lies to the American people.

    The sooner the American people understands this, the better off they’ll be.

  11. Jeffrey, Since before their days campaigning for McGovern they’ve been known for their democratic ideals. But please, enlighten me as to what issues Hillary is blowing in the wind about, to quote Dylan.

    And Bill hasn’t run for anything in 20 years. So leave him out of it.

  12. Spot on Andrew! I am so sick and tired of hearing about the “liberal media” in this country. What a crock! We must change this perception with the 90% if we’re going to shine a light on GOP corruption and the Billionaires (Koch’s, etc.) that drive it, since, as you mention, they own 90%+ of MSM.

  13. I don’t know who agrees on this or not, but I for one, am really sick and tired of my Social Security and Medicare being called “entitlements”. They are NOT entitlements. They are EARNED BENEFITS, paid for out of every paycheck I ever earned. The only entitlement is that I am entitled to them because I EARNED them. Did those entities that stole(borrowed?)from that fund EARN that trillions of dollars??? Entitlements are some things that some people are born being owed whatever the entitlement IS. No one, starting with St. Ronnie, is entitled to any money that was stolen from the fund. Stolen, because it has never been paid back, and as far as I know, there is no intention to ever pay it back. I wish I didn’t have to keep reminding those dolts in the RW MSM about that. Even some Dems call Earned Benefits “entitlements”. SMDH!

  14. 680 likes….3 dislikes.

    Well I guess we know where people stand on this issue.

    Aside from the 3 millionaires that disliked it that is.

  15. BUT…But…but…MSN is supposed to by “LIBURAL” media! They have the Rachel Madow Show, the Ed Show, & Chris Hayes. Truth be told when only 6 corps own all the media there is no balance and putting a few liberal opinion shows on does not make one liberal media.

  16. Social Security is not an entitlement as it is paid into. Medicaid however is an entitlement as there is not a direct fund paid into like SS. en entitlement is something given to people without it being earned or paid into. You should learn the difference. If we all paid into a Medicaid fund like we pay into a SS fund then there would be no need to purchase individual insurance unless you chose to, however since that isn’t the case your idiotic leftist leaders have decided everyone has to purchase insurance.This govt was NOT designed to take care of you or anyone else in this country. It was designed to allow you to take care of YOURSELF without the shadow of an overreaching ruler. YOU need to reread the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I would love for you to point out where it is the GOVT’s job to provide anything but the common defense.

  17. We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  18. Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Bid Is Part of a Long Tradition of American Socialism

    Labeling someone a “socialist” has long been conservatives’ convenient way of attacking anyone who espouses even liberal views. In Sanders’s case, however, the label fits. He is a socialist. But don’t expect him to call for government ownership of banks and drug companies. His views fall squarely within the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, similar to those of his Senate colleagues Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Barbara Boxer of California and the late Paul Wellstone of Minnesota.

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