Jeb Bush Morphs Into Mitt Romney And Tells The American People To Get Over His Bushness


At a roundtable hosted by Republican activist and real estate developer Renee Plummer in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Wednesday, former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FLA) announced that his last name is not his problem, it’s yours. And you need to get over it.

Eli Stokols, covering the 2016 trail for Politico, quoted 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush going Romney by saying that folks are just going to have to get over his lineage.

“Jeb in Portsmouth, NH at Renee Plummer’s biz roundtable, he says re: family lineage ‘folks are just going to have to get over it.'”

Then, as if determined to prove that he can follow in Romney’s footsteps (Bush shoved Romney out of the 2016 field, clutching the title of the GOP establishment favorite so close to his breast not even Romney’s entitlement could wrest it away), Bush set out to show just how out of touch he is.

Remember his brother W telling you that there was no recession in 2007 and 2008, even as jobs were evaporating and the stock market crash ate your IRA? Republicans only admitted there was a problem when a Democrat was in office, at which point they decided that pointing their fingers and howling “It’s his fault!” was the single most productive thing they could do for their country. Somehow while doing this, they also managed to ignore actual job losses while bemoaning the pain of Wall Street, so that their solutions cost Main Street in order to subsidize Wall Street.

But all is not lost! Republicans are finally going to come to the table and at least pretend to care about people. This, they learned from Mitt Romney, is a necessity, because it turns out people don’t vote for someone who openly disdains them. So 2016 is going to be the time of compassion from Republicans. They are in touch, babies.

So next up, Stokols observed Jeb saying, “People don’t need to be told how bad it is.” Stokols followed this up with a link to the Nashua Telegraph with the note, “NH unemployment drops to 4%.” Oh, dear.

Stokols linked to this little tidbit by David Brooks, which shows that in New Hampshire, jobs are actually better than pre-recession days now:

The number of people with jobs in New Hampshire topped its pre-recession peak in April, according to data from the state Department of Employment Security, as the unemployment rate fell under 4 percent.

So that’s awkward. But still, it’s important to show he cares. Bush’s family might not have cared, but he does. Better late than never.

All of this goes to show that we had it all wrong. Jeb Bush isn’t his brother. He’s the perfect Republican specimen — He’s Mitt Romney meets George W. Bush.

Jeb is not the guy you want to have a beer with. He’s pure 1%er cluelessness with a large dollop of Mitt Romney arrogance, topped off with an entourage that reads like a who’s who from his brother’s disastrous eight years in the White House. In other words, the first choice of many in the Republican establishment to show you just how different they are this time around.

It is a duty incumbent upon upon y’all to get over Jeb Bush’s lineage. Forget about his family’s dynasty. Forget about his father being in the White House and really, really forget about his brother’s time in the White House. This is your task.

So says the guy who is instructing you to forget his lineage. ‘Cuz that’s the kind of privilege that comes from his lineage.

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  1. The real problem for the GOP is that unemployment is falling, they don’t like that one bit… They try hard as they can to tell us how bad things are, but we remember how bad things REALLY WERE in 2008, and the mess the democrats had to CLEAN UP AGAIN!!!

  2. I need to get over his name eh? Just like a Republican: Patronising the rest of us because we have memories.

  3. The only thing left for Mr. Jeb Bush to do in order to quitclaim to his brother Bush’s follies is to, here goes: CHANGE HIS LAST NAME! Use his Mother’s Maiden name or something. ;) Or get a facial do-over. Otherwise, you are George W’s brother. Get over it.

  4. Jethro’s dilemma boils down to the few voters who are
    undecided on election day being able to recognize the
    difference in a turd rolled in powdered sugar and a
    chocolate eclair. Bush pastry will never again pass the
    smell test. EVER!

  5. He is dumber because he is getting advise from the same people who fuked up the country during his brother I mean Cheney reign of terror

  6. Every one of the Bush “boys” used the name for jobs and business connections. Not qualified? No problem, their name was Bush, that was all that was needed. How many corporation boards did they join, just because of their name. No work needed. Now this pudge wants everyone to forget he is a Bush? Every interview gives him away, with his blank stare looking just like his brother. Jeb is the “smart one” in a very shallow gene pool.

  7. “Jeb … says re: family lineage ‘folks are just going to have to get over it.’”
    Uh, no, Jebby. I don’t have to get over it. And I won’t.

  8. Shakespeare said it best:

    ….a (rose) BUSH by any other name would smell as (sweet) NASTY….

    The nature of a thing or a person is more important than what it is called…

    Jeb, get another life, another name, another brain & then you can be your own person, meanwhile you are just another BUSH.

  9. Get over your family name, I don’t think so
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    That fellow on the right is your grandfather. I am not sure who that is on the left

  10. This sounds a lot like Ms. Ann’s comment on national TV in regard to Mitt disclosing more of his income tax returns: “We’ve given you people all you’re going to get.” Such hubris, such out-of touch with reality behavior! Jeb knows his brother was one of the worst POTUS in our nation’s history, but he wants us to dismiss it, elect him, and let him screw us, our nation, and the world all over again. Not on my watch. I’m going to be working to register new voters and get them to the polls in 2016 so that he won’t have to worry about us “getting over” him being GWB’s little brother because he won’t be residing in the WH after Jan. 20, 2019.

  11. Don’t you get the feeling that Jeb doesn’t really want the job his family is pushing him into? So he’s saying the things he needs to say to turn off all the voters and let him go back to his quiet little life.

  12. The cliche of forgive but never forget do not fits any kind of way here. Forgiving the entire Bush family men, including the old Nazi P. Bush for the damage they have inflicted on this nation can not be forgiven until they openly admit their failures. Forgetting the Bush men it likening going to the bathroom and forgetting one has diarrhea. What arrogance the privilege class will exhibit when exposed for what it really are.. Evil and contempt for those that don’t belong. Bush will be a Bush no matter what cloaking device they want to hid behind. Their curse is old grand daddy and his evil friend Adolf. Evil personifies evil…

  13. Oh what fun it is to read about…


    And when he tries to state his Bushness…


    Go Dum, Dum there and Dum, Dum here…


  14. Jeb Bush begging: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick me to be president, it’s my turn. Jeb says his wife would support a presidential run and now so does his mother, but right thinking Americans do NOT. Jeb Bush said he would strive to be like Lyndon Johnson. So, like LBJ, is Jeb saying he wants to “Have Those Niggers Voting Democratic (or in his case Republican) For The Next 200 Years?” Why did Jeb Bush speak at CPAC, a Conservative convention? Jeb Bush is NO Conservative, he is a PHONY! This country does not need an Establishment RINO running for president. Jeb supports amnesty and Common Core. Do us all a favor Jeb, STFU and get off the stage.

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