Thwarted By House Committee, Jindal Imposes Religion on Louisiana by Executive Order

I don’t know what’s more pathetic: Piyush Jindal thinking that changing his name to “Bobby” makes him a White Evangelical Christian, or Jeb Bush registering as a Hispanic. While Jeb pretty clearly can’t decide up from down, Jindal seems certain. He’s a believer, or so he’d have us believe.

I do know that while Bush has only talked about imposing theocracy on Americans, Piyush Jindal has already done it.

On Tuesday, The House Civil Law and Procedure Committee had just voted 10-2 to not advance his state’s “Religious Freedom” bill, The Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act (HB 707).

Piyush was having none of this democracy nonsense on his watch. In fact, though Republicans have been up in arms since Obama took office over Executive Orders, Piyush says his executive order will “accomplish the intent” of the legislation his legislature voted not to advance.

So Jindal, one of those calling Obama lawless, intends to govern by fiat, against the will of the people Republicans are always pretending to care about. You see, Republicans only like majorities when majorities go their way.

In a statement, Jindal expressed his disapproval:

We are disappointed by the committee’s action to return the Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act to the calendar. We will be issuing an Executive Order shortly that will accomplish the intent of HB 707 to prevent the state from discriminating against persons or entities with deeply held religious beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman.

This Executive Order will prohibit the state from denying or revoking a tax exemption, tax deduction, contract, cooperative agreement, loan, professional license, certification, accreditation, or employment on the basis the person acts in accordance with a religious belief that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Co-opting the legislature’s powers took Jindal a whole two hours.

The Times-Picayune explains the executive order’s effects:

The executive order means the 20 agencies that fall under the executive branch, including the Department of Revenue, Department of Insurance, Department of Transportation and Development and Department of Health and Hospitals, must abide by the order. Jindal spokeswoman Shannon Bates Dirmann said the executive order does not have the power to force local municipal or parish governments to enforce the rules set forth in the order.

In one stroke of his pen, perversely pretending to be a defender of the First Amendment, which forbids theocracies, Jindal turned Louisiana into a theocracy.

None of this comes as any surprise. We’ve had plenty of warning from Duck Dynasty’s BFF.

As Jindal wrote in a New York Times op-ed in April, “As the fight for religious liberty moves to Louisiana, I have a clear message for any corporation that contemplates bullying our state: Save your breath.”

If you’re looking for democracy, save your breath. It’s not wanted. Jindal likes to accuse liberals of being intolerant bullies, that “The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with,” but that is exactly the attitude he just expressed in his Executive Order.

What is funny is that he said to Iowa talk radio host Simon Conway just last week:

In America, there used to be a time with the left, and the media even, celebrated diversity and tolerated free speech and religious liberty. Simon, the sad truth is that’s no longer true. They tolerate anybody that agrees with them and nobody else.

A week later he is writing that you can’t do this and you can’t do that “on the basis the person acts in accordance with a religious belief that marriage is between one man and one woman.”

My viewpoint will be the only viewpoint that matters in Louisiana, he has effectively stated, which makes all his previous claims to be a champion of religious freedom, a lie.

White Evangelical tyranny is Jindal’s idea of religious freedom.

Back in February, in a speech at Ronald Reagan’s presidential library (a good setting from which to wage war on religious freedom), Piyush said,

The American people, whether they know it or not, are mired in a silent war. It threatens the fabric of our communities, the health of our public square and the endurance of our constitutional governance.

This war is waged in our courts and in the halls of political power. It is pursued with grim and relentless determination by a group of like-minded elites, determined to transform the country from a land sustained by faith into a land where faith is silenced, privatized and circumscribed.

You have to wonder if Piyush knows what “privatized” means. His, after all, is the party of enforced privatization, including our public schools, social security, and probably, ultimately, national defense. How do you privatize faith, anyway? I suspect he thought it gave more force to his words, so he used it.

Piyush went on to tell Simon that, “The only group, it seems like, that the left is willing to discriminate against today is evangelical Christians and others with traditional values and beliefs,” but that was right before he legalized discriminating against gays and lesbians based on those “traditional values and beliefs.”

At any rate, faith is not being silenced, though according to Jesus, the guy Piyush claims to follow, it should never have been publicized. Pray in private Jesus said. Only hypocrites pray in public.

Like Piyush Jindal.

48 Replies to “Thwarted By House Committee, Jindal Imposes Religion on Louisiana by Executive Order”

  1. I just posted about this in the last thread. This is going to be big. Keep it up Rs, don’t learn from your mistakes…

  2. my comment brought up from below:

    Big story of today: Jindal is trying to get some attention…

    “A Republican critic of President Obama’s executive orders will issue an executive order of his own that some say will allow Louisiana businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians.”

    “We will be issuing an Executive Order shortly that will … prevent the state from discriminating against persons or entities with deeply held religious beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman.”

    It is not the attention he is going to want though. Louisiana is going to get what the other state ending in “ana” got.

  3. Howdy Doody should run for President. They are talking first and second tier candidates. Jindal is solid third tier. He is delusional. This clown can also stick his bigoted religious beliefs up his ass. Or maybe up Phil’s, the duck clucker, since he seems to be so preoccupied with those areas.

  4. When preventing someone to discriminate is discrimination, you know that the GOP is morally bankrupt…

  5. We?
    No Gov. Jindal, the pronoun should say I.
    You decided, you will bear the responsibility for the results of your action and decision to make Louisiana a theocracy.

  6. Religious zealotry, unleashed,
    is inevitably a fatal poison to civilization.

    Jefferson knew this.
    Madison knew this.
    Franklin knew this.
    The GOP chooses to tempt this.

    1787 may, finally, be but a wet dream.

  7. True. It is all on little Bobby; that’s the way his masters want it. All he has to do is act out his role as a “True Believer” while they calculate their risk.

    Bobby take the inevitable “symbolic” fall, they take the corporate profits.

    This is the ticket price to play at the GOP political table…round and round she goes, where it stops only Adelson knows…

  8. Piyush Jindal is, for all intents & purposes, what conservatives would describe as an ‘anchor baby’. His parents were born in India; I don’t remember details of their immigration but it SEEMS there are questions surrounding … Also, if memory serves me, Piyush converted to Christianity from Hinduism. I would appreciate if media would interview his family members: did they all also convert? What do THEY think of his intolerant Christian ‘talibanesque’ beliefs and behaviors? Do they follow and agree with his beliefs? As far as his latest action – I guess to prove he’s as Christian, if not MORE Christian – than the ‘white’ person he’s trying so hard to be, can Louisiana legislators overturn his executive action? Will they?? One MIGHT think he would want up & coming generations to have same benefits & assistance he & his immigrant parents did. Instead he has turned out to be intolerant, hateful & judgmental. WE would have been better off if he had remained Hindu. La. FIX th…

  9. You just gotta love the Victim Mentality of American Evangelicals.

    Not being allowed to discriminate against someone else, is, in their mind (?) being discriminated against.

    Where in the Bible does it state that discriminating against Gay People is a Commandment from on High?

  10. I can’t wait for the Reich Wingers that post here to come here and defend this blatant violation of Church and State. But to the stupid crowd the 1st Amendment is ONLY a suggestion until it meets their purpose but the 2nd Amendment IS GOD’S LAW AND YOU MUST CARRY A GUN OR BE SMITED!!! or THOU MUST BE ARMED OR BE UNPATRIOTIC!!

  11. Well, there’s always Leviticus Ch 18 and 20, which specify that male homosexuality (Leviticus doesn’t address lesbianism) is an abomination, and that the men who engage in it are to be stoned to death. The problem for tealibangelicals is that the passages constitute only one of at least 76 prohibitions, all the rest of which they feel free to ignore. This makes them hypocritical bigots, cherry-picking the “inerrant word of God” to provide justification for their bigotry.

  12. I wonder which large corporation will be brave enough to tell this clown that they won’t do business within his state any longer. Once that starts, we’ll have another Indiana scenario. Maybe this idiot should have talked to Pence before he climbed into the pulpit.

  13. The problem with those two accounts: They refer to a sexual position being off limits to two guys. And like you said, nothing about female gays.

    That’s quite a stretch from an off limit sex position for two guys to discriminating against ALL gay folks in all aspects of their life.

  14. Can I say this AGAIN? I HATE republicans!! yeah yeah, many of my liberal friends think I’m being MEAN, NO! I telling you, trying to have a civil, ADULT, intelligent conversation with todays republican is IMPOSSIBLE!! these brainless IDIOTS LOVE quoting the “FOUNDING FATHERS” but two seconds into their LONG winded nonsense, you can tell EVERYTHING that SPEWS from their crooked WRINKLED up pieholes, is just RIGHT WING TALKING POINTS! the “FOUNDING FATHERS” were mostly DEIST!! HUMANIST!! Thomas Jefferson from ALL the things I’ve personally read about him, he despised organized religion!! MY GOD! for YOU LAZY, intellectually bankrupt TROLLING republicans that can’t READ the written WORD! try this, GO watch the damn “TUDORS”!! see what religion was doing to ENGLAND!! remember BLOODY MARY? and YOU republicans actually wonder WHY the rest of the world calls YOU IDIOTS. BTW your TOKEN PIYUSH JINDAL is a AS$CLOWN, so YOU just keep running with that one.

  15. I’d say, that should say it as many times as you can get away with it now, before the Republicans make it illegal.

    They axed the Fairness Doctrine, and they’re determined to control the internet.

  16. Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca 5 BC-65 AD

    Jindal firmly believes that religion is useful for his political goals and self-enrichment. He could care less about any religion since he never practices what he preaches.

    Clearly, he regards religion as a powerful brainwashing tool that makes the people easily controllable.That’s the motivation behind this unconstitutional E.O., and that’s why he’s so determined to force it down the throats of Louisianans.

  17. As Jindal wrote in a New York Times op-ed in April, “As the fight for religious liberty moves to Louisiana, I have a clear message for any corporation that contemplates bullying our state: Save your breath.”

    I say call his bluff and let the boycotts begin!!

  18. As Jindal wrote in a New York Times op-ed in April, “As the fight for religious liberty moves to Louisiana, I have a clear message for any corporation that contemplates bullying our state: Save your breath.”

    I say call his bluff and let the boycotts begin!

  19. There is another issue that little Bobby ignores: he is doing the bidding of the northern part of the state which is Southern Baptist, as opposed to the southern and New Orleans area which is Catholic. Southern Baptists believe that Catholics are heathen idol worshipers, not Christians. I have seen the first hand more than once, even had them hand me a little tract that breaks it down. If Bobby succeeds with this, there will be a Christians religious war in Louisiana. Further, there is a strong and active Jewish population in New Orleans and they will not stand for this sort of stuff. But he’s too dumb to see that.

  20. There are also many Afro-Carribean based faiths in LA, too. LA is as much a melting pot for religion as this country is. Hoodoo, Voodoun, Wicca, Santeria, etc. They are all there. Someone needs to put the whammy on this idiot!

  21. When the House Committee shoot down a bill with four Republicans being part of that, you know it’s a bad bill.

    To which Jindal says to them ‘Screw you, I have the power!’ and turns Louisiana from a state into a fiefdom that resembles something out of the Dark Ages.

  22. When the SCOTUS 6-3 decision is in FAVOR of same-sex marriages and Texas and Louisiana fail to abide by it, they will lose federal $$$$.
    If Texas and Louisiana grudgingly go with the decision, the pea-brains will still discriminate and living in these 2 states will be hell for the LBGT community.

    The religious nut cases are becoming unhinged and are all praying to blonde, blue eyed republican jesus.

    I believe the conservative so called christians have a mental illness.

    Republican polls have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness:
    Denial, Delusion, Hallucination, Disordered Thinking, Anger, Anti-social Behavior, Sexual Preoccupation, Grandiosity, General Oddness,Paranoia
    Conservatism as a Mental Illness
    Republican polls have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness:
    Denial, Delusion, Hallucination, Disordered Thinking, Anger, Anti-social Behavior, Sexual Preoccupation, Grandiosity, General Oddness, Paranoia

  23. I find it disturbing how politicians will use their power & supposed religious beliefs to enact laws & win votes. Most of these politicians are corrupt & liars. I don’t understand how they get voters when their past voting habits go against everything that is supposed to be Christian. Jindal, & the rest, each election, make promises to their voters & since Obama has been president, they have not followed through on any of their promises. Every budget they have passed, their goal was to help big banks, the wealthy & corporations. All the time & money wasted on fighting Obamacare in court over 50 times. We need some Dems. in the So. states to help educate them, instead of keeping them stupid. Keep them dumb & scared & nothing will change. Jindal is just one of the many ruining our country.

  24. Again, I feel compelled to say…there is no way in hell that underwear stain could possibly believe in God! NO WAY! Using God to manipulate the masses with propaganda and lies doesn’t get you on a fast track to Heaven. His actions betray his real belief-the belief in the almighty dollar! We, as the middle class, must band together and put an end to this crazy mess. I am a Christian. I can’t believe what has been allowed by the Republicans to pass as their believing in God! God wouldn’t be happy with what he sees from these evil clowns.

  25. I think this is actually a GOOD thing. Because now it can be tested in court, what exactly the religious right thinks the legally-admissible litmus test is for “deeply held religious conviction”.

    I can’t wait to see what they come up with…

  26. Funny thing about Leviticus is that it is written for, and aimed at, Levite Priests; thus, the stipulations, rules and guidelines are aimed at those within the priesthood. There are rules forbidding the wearing of mixed cloth, planting different grains and other such limitations. Given that it is a text aimed at priests, not lay people, the (mis)use of its’ text to persecute others is both irrelevant and completely at odds with the intent of the Book…

  27. All I can say is “holy cow” what has the climate changed to the gases some now breath, it certainly no pure H2O

  28. Critics of Jindal’s action say it is largely a toothless political ploy. Here’s Stephen Perry of the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau:

    Perry, a former chief of staff to one of the state’s previous Republican governors, said case law and even the state constitution limit the governor’s ability to rule by fiat. “No Executive Order of a governor may create substantive law, even in an emergency situation,” he said in a statement.

  29. I love the irony in his use of the royal “We,” when it’s been his party that has accused PBO of “ruling like a king.” I can’t count the number of times I’ve read comments from right-wingers calling this president “king obummer.” Someone on his “exploratory committee” needs to tell him that “”We” didn’t issue an EO shortly after the bill died in committee, Piyush Jindal did.

    And, BTW, to whom is he referring by using the word “We?” One seeks an answer because surely he doesn’t think he’s royalty or that the U.S. is a monarchy! That idea was rejected in the first few years of the first century of our nation’s history, and it became known as the U.S. Constitution.

  30. You are absolutely correct in your assessment. Leviticus was intended for the period of that time… we just need to read the historical background.

    Also – this is 2015. We know much more than was known at the time of the writing of Leviticus. Homosexuality is nature. It is NOT a “chosen” lifestyle, as these would like us to believe.

    It’s about time for the irreligious right, and so-called “Christians”, follow the Jesus whose name they now use for their convenience only.

  31. From Hindu to Acqua Budda to Catholicism? How is he going to keep all 3 of his religions separate? My bet is hiw wife wants a divorce and he’s refusing to give her one. No one in their right mind, would stay married to this lunatic.

  32. Piyush is trying SO hard to be a white boy, it’s comical. I haven’t seen it for a while, but I wish someone (DJ?) would post that link to piyush’s “Official Portrait” — the one where he’s completely white-washed!

    This boy is completely delusional if he thinks he’s got any chance of getting near the White House.

  33. Does he think this will improve his chance to become President? Someone take him off of his bad drugs. Make them a Schedule 1 substance!

  34. This pathetic little man is DESPERATELY trying to curry favor with the most extreme elements of the right-wing. The ironic thing is, the right-wing may TOLERATE him because of his politics, but they will NEVER elect him President because of his race.

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