Elizabeth Warren Bill Requiring Trade Deals Be Made Public Blocked By Republicans


Senate Republicans served their corporate masters today by blocking a bill from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) that would have required that the details of trade deals be made public.

The Hill reported:

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) blocked legislation from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Thursday that could have complicated ongoing trade talks by demanding public disclosure of deals before they get “fast-track” status.

Warren and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) pushed a measure that would have let the public see the details of a trade deal before lawmakers decide whether or not to designate it as fast-track, which allows for congressional approval by a simple majority vote and prohibits lawmakers from offering amendments.

But Hatch objected to her request, blocking Warren’s bill from passing. The trade promotion authority (TPA) legislation currently being considered by the Senate would require the president to have to post the details of any trade deal for 60 days before signing it.

Warren’s bill would have required that the details of trade agreements be made public before they are given fast track status. The difference is disclosure. If a president has to disclose the details before he/she gets fast track authority, the public would have a chance to weigh in on the deal.


The bill that is currently working its way through the Senate doesn’t contain a mechanism to allow people to mobilize against these agreements. Warren described the bill as, “The Trade Transparency Act would ensure that the public, experts, and the press can engage in meaningful debate over the terms of trade deals before Congress reduces its ability to shape, amend, or block those deals,” said Senator Warren. “Before Congress ties its hands on trade deals, the American people should be allowed to see for themselves whether these agreements are good for them.”

Senate Democrats are fighting the good fight, but the corporate Republican puppet masters denied Sen. Warren a vote on the floor.

35 Replies to “Elizabeth Warren Bill Requiring Trade Deals Be Made Public Blocked By Republicans”

  1. Why doesn’t Senator Warren trust President Obama? Does she prefer a Republican president negioating a trade bill? The bill will be available before the vote.

  2. Now she is just playing to the peanut gallery.

    Since when any treaty has ben made public for review. I am sorry but most Americans couldn’t pick their own country out on a map.

    Something as so important to the world as the START treaty never was debated in public so why should this be? I understand, workers of the world unite. For what though?

    I wish without the fear someone would answer this one question.

    If we are one and we have this one world to live in, should we move to a fortress America and shut out the world and just be by ourselves?

    Your answer will say a lot

  3. The TPP is a bad deal for the American people. We need fair trade, not free trade. The TPP will cost our nation it’s sovereignty.

  4. The GOP never misses an opportunity to prove they are America’s worst enemy. Attorney General Lynch needs to start indicting the 47 Senators who tried to sabotage the Iran negotiations for mutiny.

  5. Warren was an eyewitness to This President getting her the CFPB (when no one thought it was possible) and now she doubts that he can deliver on a trade deal?

  6. Far as I know there were 150 bills or so as of the other day, obviously some of them were ignored. And it was reported her bill was flawed by the WH press secretary.

    The purpose of fast track is to give private negotiation. TPA a standard part of gov’t since early 1970s, just expired recently and not controversial to pass.

    All the other presidents had it.

    Why not obama?

    Why does she still not know this?

    She was told, many times. Playing her fraud for the sheep pays well.

    And the deblasiowarrensanders cabal is out to cut somebody and control power.

    piggies. earn it…

  7. Did anybody read the interesting piece in politico on the progressives in the house – dozens of them supporting Hillary already but lots of them holding out but still planning on supporting her soon?

    With these two grabbing the “peanut gallery” attention (good one DJ) the serious people are starting to say WTF and call her out.

    She can’t be pleasing the bulk of the party. I hate to tell these two but it is not all about them.

    They must be getting loads of money from their fan kids.

  8. This is like watching a car wreck for the last month. And every day there is more damage. Interesting, I don’t have any skin in this site. I just got here not long ago and it means not much to me… But somebody should talk to the owner and do an intervention.

  9. You know what a lot of the problem is? The Hill. They have some ok writers and some that are bonkers. I don’t go there for more than a glance and now and then find a good one. Jason uses them a lot.

    Not a good place to borrow stories from unless you can tell what is crap or not.

  10. I’ve been asking that same question, Bill F. Why don’t Senate and House Democrats trust this president to get the best deal possible (considering his track record that’s pretty amazing) but had no trouble voting for the trade deals from President Clinton and President G.W.Bush? Hm.

  11. Jason quotes the problem himself….

    “on Thursday that could have complicated ongoing trade talks by demanding public disclosure of deals before they get “fast-track” status.”

    The purpose is it is poker. The president doesn’t show Vietnam his deal with Australia and he also doesn’t show it to the whole world to have a say before it is done. She is, a piece of work…

    And read the rest. Warren is either duplicitous or an idiot. There are no other options at this point.

    Last week she was screaming this at a fundraiser in California that it must be made public. I sat there with my jaw dropped laughing at how ridiculous it was.

    and the crowd cheered her. They gave that republican fraud way too much power way too fast. They want her for President!

    What. A. Joke.

  12. Just wondering if you’ve read S. 1900, articles on The Peoples View, The Daily Banter of even the Washington Post (of which I rarely agree with).

    I have the same question. Why is President Obama not trusted to work on behalf of the American people. Who else has done more?

    Also, maybe this article will help from the Seattle Times


  13. I so agree with you. It’s going to be a matter of time before the hair-on-fire crowd with once AGAIN have to eat crow. However, the NEVER admit to being wrong about anything. Just like Republicans. I’m willing to bet my last dollar they haven’t read S. 1900 or any of the really in depth articles on TPP.

    BTW, they never mention TTIP. Maybe because that’s dealing with Europe and not all those brown, black and yellow people. Yeah, I said it!

  14. @Djchefron, C’ mon man, you been in your BACARDI again! I for the most part don’t give a damn what Elizebeth Warren or even Bernie Sanders says about the TPA or the TPP!! COMMON SENSE tells ME, if the GOP, who SWORE before OBAMA got elected that they’d do ANYTHING to DESTROY him!! ANYTHING!, GET REAL Politicus!! The GOP has NO scruples! ZERO morality!, every since OBAMA’s been in office, they’ve spent ALL their time creating FALSE scandal after another!! DAMN! it’s been so many of them I’M getting a headache just thinking about it!! The GOP has even viciously attacked his wife!! his children!! republicans are lower than hyenas!! Oh but after 6 plus years of NON- STOP obstruction! now ALL THEM SUDDEN they’re with him??!! C’mon! there were only 3 republicans didn’t vote with OBAMA’s TPA!! THREE!! what else is there to know! even mitch mcconnell is smiling with OBAMA!! something STINKS HERE!!!

  15. Exactly. And with TTIP it will be reversed with the East Coast Congress critters wanting it and the West Coast not as eager.

    Massachusetts would do more trade with Europe than Asia so it would all change because the constituents would lose jobs for Mass.

    The push was done by Senators who need to KEEP jobs in their states and not have them go overseas.

    I am not backing the bill, till we see it and experts go over it, but I sure understand that Obama needs to negotiate this to TRY to help us.

    Blocking it from TPA was just not right. If it sucks then don’t allow the final vote months from now.

  16. knight, you are on fire tonight. Don’t stroke out. We are mad but life is too short to harm your health.

    History shows us the GOP traitors will be dealt with. I recently was with a bunch of middle aged comfortable white people and they are outraged with what the re thugs are doing to our country. Hang in there baby.

  17. Absolutely! If it sucks then we’re stuck with NAFTA.

    But I don’t believe Pres. Obama would negotiate in bad faith. The public will have 60 days to read the bill. Now how many will? How many even bothered to read the 2014 S.1900. Most are just parroting what their heroes and sheroes are saying. And they really don’t care whether their statements are credible or not.

  18. “There’s no record of Warren raising concerns about ISDS before the last few months, although others had back in 2000. Those include John Kerry — then a Massachusetts senator, now actively promoting Obama’s trade agenda as secretary of state — who offered an amendment during a 2002 fast-track trade debate that would have made it harder for foreign companies to file ISDS cases against the United States. That amendment failed.”

    LOL. She is copying Kerry’s homework. I think she pissed off a lot of people and there will be fallout. You don’t buck the President when he has a Buck-it List!

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/05/warren-was-paid-up-to-90000-as-witness-in-2000-trade-case-118199.html#ixzz3apchNFer

  19. After all of the GOP BS, Prez Obama hasn’t wavered in his policy goals, for the good of the people. It’s the damn carrot, that the jackass burger eating Republicans that are all for it. Now why would Prez Obama tease these slugs, after all the BS, with this damn carrot. I must stay tuned for this one, it just doesn’t seem possible for prez Obama to ruin his reputation by shafting America. When the GOP ends up getting stopped in mid climax, Mitch’s gonna die. Something is not kosher with the TPP. It’s like that carrot is wrapped in $100 bill’s, especially when he’s got Republicans drooling over it between jackass burgers.

  20. @Rin

    Talking of money, how much money do _you_ get from the Clinton campaign or pro-TPP groups for spamming comment sections with talking points?

  21. The same amount I got marching on DC for rights in the 60s and to impeach Nixon, and to end Nam and to dump Bush and stop him from his wars.

    I get a clean conscience. And I get a better world.

    I am retired. I was a union person, so actually have enough pension to survive.

    And I have been for Hillary since she was FLOTUS and as a woman, it is an added bonus that she is most qualified.

    Spam? That’s your new talking point?

    I don’t remember seeing you before Spill_Erix? Who do you support?

    Which part of my statements or links do you have a problem with?

    Anything that might clear false smears, perhaps? I think if I wasn’t here lots of this stuff would just be piling up all over the place like the garbage it is.

    Good morning. What lies do you have today?

  22. The simple fact that republicans blocked the bill- speaks volumes.

    What on earth are they afraid of?

    They always whine about a so called ‘lack of transparency’ from the Obama Administration.

    Yet when there is a call for some from them…

  23. Firstly,there isn’t a politician alive that would support your idea. Secondly,most Americans wouldn’t have a clue as to what you are suggesting. That being said,I agree 100% with you. We should secure our borders and leave the rest of the world to destroy itself. We have done ourselves irreparable harm with foolish wars,dumb-ass foreign aid,et al.. Once again….great idea.

  24. Yep. I read this. Not a fan of the Washington Post, but this is spot on. Warren’s 15 minutes of fame is just about up.

    She can’t trust the President? IMO, she’s acting like her old Republican self. They don’t know how to disagree without lying and making it all about them. She and Sherrod have managed to piss off a lot of people. If they can’t be professional, they need to just take a seat.

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