A Tidal Wave Of Good News In Iowa: Hillary Clinton Soaring and Obama Beloved by Democrats


There’s nothing but good news in a new Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll conducted May 25-29 of likely Democratic caucus-goers.

Starting off with asking likely Democratic caucus-goers to rate their feelings from very favorable, mostly favorable, mostly unfavorable, or very unfavorable about prominent Democrats, President Obama topped the list of 89% favorable to 9% unfavorable.

Not to be totally cruel, but Democrats really messed up when they avoided standing with their President in 2014 (and I said it then, too before it was cool). POTUS is beloved by the Democratic base.

But obviously he is not running for office again, so let’s dig into what the future looks like right now. Here’s how 2016 looks: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rated 86% favorable to just 12% unfavorable and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 47% favorable to 12% unfavorable.

Who do you want for President? Contrary to what the media keeps reporting, there’s a clear front-runner and very popular candidate in Hillary Clinton, with 57% of Democrats choosing her as their first choice, with a strong 16% choosing new-comer to the race Bernie Sanders. This means that all of the “scandals” and faux controversies/conspiracies about the Democratic front-runner have had no impact on the Democratic base in this poll — in fact, Clinton is up one point from January as noted by Margaret Talev.

It also means that there is nothing but good news here.

Senator Sanders just started his campaign and he’s pushing for earlier debates, so many Democrats are still not as aware of him as they are even of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Democrats will have a bounty of riches between the two 2016 candidates, who are both determined to debate issues and not personalities and mud.

If that holds true, Democrats are in for a real treat as Sanders models what the real left looks like (not disrespectful hysteria of the backseaters, but calm, civilized debate grounded in the best interest of the people) and Hillary Clinton introduces folks to her more liberal side, which is not a new side for her but is new to many Democrats.

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  1. 19 times she was the most admired. But not in a row.

    She loves people and it is mutual.

    The polls have stayed up in the stratosphere for her for many years. She was most voted for candidate in history too. No candidate in either party has ever had more votes in a primary.

    She beat Bill, Obama, Bush, them all.

  2. I’m looking forward to some good intelligent debates on the Democrats side. I’ve also got lots of popcorn for the tragical comedy that will happen when the Republican clown car cruizes in for their debates. It will be interesting watching them trip all over each other saying the most ridiculous things in order to pander to the ultra right wing nut jobs.

  3. What are Hillary’s numbers with AA now?

    It was around 87% last time I looked!

    Same with Hispanics 80% or so.

    They have history of being there – no room to argue there, period.

    I remember Toni Morrison and what she said. It still makes me get choked up.

  4. Good news! Nice to see Iowans are waking up after their Joni “pig squealing” fiasco. Think they are realizing there is no one in that clown car that can make our country better than the Dems can. The Repugs have skimmed the cream off the top and you have been left with the shaft! Please let me be proud once again of my home state and vote for the Dems. Take back the best schools in America and learn to think for yourself again. You have been brain-washed by the GOP!

  5. Why does Hillary have an 86% approval rate, and yet only 57% of Iowa dems plan to vote for her? Is that a problem? Is 57% enough of a cushion? It’s a long time to the primary…

  6. Well when the Primary comes, we’ll undoubtedly have a few to choose from in the field of Democratic Cream of the Crop.

    As opposed to what the Republicans have to offer- it floats too, but it ain’t cream.

  7. I hope Hilary chooses Sen. Bernie Sanders or Sen. Elizabeth Warren as her VP running mate! Sanders and Warren are better on the campaign trail in my opinion.

  8. I live in a red state and most of the people here are republicans but I have heard some saying how much this president has done and they would also love to see a female president before they leave this earth. I doubt they would ever vote for a democrat.

  9. If Iowa was today, she would win it by 41%

    She has approval rate among voters for all the candidates – mostly as a first choice but also as a second choice – they like her even when they choose her second.

    Don’t you worry, Bobbie. You said you don’t want Bush so I look forward to you supporting Hilz.

  10. On polls they break it down from liberal to moderate to conservative etc. views and by party.

    She gets 10% approx of some Republican voters. I assume a lot of them are women who are utterly fed up with their party still stuck in the past and also the enticement of finally, after a lifetime of waiting, a credible woman.

    Even Republicans had happy wallets under Bill and many of them griped about him but… considering what a bunch of sex scandal involved people impeached Bill, they don’t freak out about it any longer.

    Bill and Hillary are not who they were led to believe, and they see that now.

    Not all, but some of them, 10% of them according to polls.

  11. No, they are great on the campaign trail, but we need them in the Senate. If we’ve learned anything with Obama, its the President has trouble getting much done with the Congress fighting him/her every step of the way. If Hillary is President, she’s going to need strong voices in the Congress. You know the Republicans are just warming up with Mr. Obama. They’ve hated Hillary a lot longer.

  12. I will go read that link now, but the other day Trumka was on a video clip and he was saying the union could choose not to back… etc. but then he pointed out, well maybe they are just bluffing…

    He is. They are. This always happens.

    When we are in primary season at some point they will fall in line, like they always do.

    First of all, we would each get one vote, every member of the union and that vote gets added and then they back that candidate. It will be Hillary by landslide (as AFSCME was in 07 when I was a member) and in the general they will roll out the big guns for her with full fire power all systems go to beat Bush.

    He got all glassy eyed the other day talking about her and was defending her on TPP against the rhetoric. He said – she didn’t read it yet!

    I will go look for the video I saw.

  13. Those union Bosses are creative, self imposed shafting. No grease required. They’re mad so they’ll accelerate the demise of not only their jobs, but their way of life. Again, no grease required when self inflicted and always in a bent over position. Pitiful.

  14. That is interesting. The black, brown and yellow people against the thugs.

    Obama should be given TPA, I said that from the start. TPP is another story.

    The CBC is right to say “hey wait a minute and push back.

    The unions are bluffing. The article sort of suggests they don’t have that much money – and they don’t. They didn’t have it to fight for dem seats last time. Only so much can go to pushing agenda.

    They aren’t going to spend $2 million against Peters because they’d have to go full bore against all the dems and that would be STUPID to bite the hand that feeds them.

    Tactics. They can push but most of the votes will be on the R side anyway and they aren’t going to win this by threats.

    Empty threats but ugly ones.

  15. Like I said a while ago.

    TPA will pass. TPP will be negotiated and finished. It will be public for months.

    We will all read it and have opinions.

    Then House and Senate votes the final deal.

    If it sucks the protests will be huge.

    If it is good the unions will be smiling and glad they will be getting new jobs in the US.

    btw – union related – did anyone see the deal the unions were pushing for in Cali about the raise increase to $15? They want to make it $15 minimum but they want an expemption from the law.

    They want to be able to hire at any price so they can get members to join them and pay dues! They need to increase their numbers after losing so many and came up with this crazy plan. Including health, etc. negotiated with an employer and to be in a union – you agree to accept less than the $15 (with an allowable exemption in the contract with the city!) they are a crafty lot.

    Good and bad. Two sides.

  16. I…As A Black American…CANNOT WAIT to Vote for Ms.Hillary Clinton in November,2016..GOD BLESS…AS THE FIRST MADAME PRESIDENT….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. HILLARY has lived in the white house for 8 years and she has campaigned for over 7 years, unless some catastrophic political occurrence SHE GOT THIS ONE,,,,,DEMOCRATS,need to put effort into the governors and congressmen right now republicans can OVERIDE AN OBAMA VETO with just two votes ,we cannot have this we need more congressmen ,or you may as well turn over the country to the republicans… rely hope that Bernie and Hilary do not trash each other so badly that neither wins the white house,,,had Ralph Nader not slit John Kerry throat,, it would have been a very different story in 2004

  18. Don’t really believe Hillary or Bernie will trash each other. Both think, (I believe) that is the wrong road to take. Hope I’m right. The thugs have that road pretty well packed anyway. Trashing each other. Then throwing anything left over,at the Dem’s.

  19. One of the reasons Democrats lost big in 2014, and they didnt’ stand with Obama. Unlike Republicans, who will stand with a Republican president, democrats don’t. But then look at our Democrat leaders, Pelosi (who is my rep in congress), Reid, spineless jellyfish.
    We need more Elizabeth Warrens.

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