Poll Reveals Bernie Sanders Shocking The World By Pulling Close To Clinton In New Hampshire

bernie sanders new hampshire

The latest Morning Consult poll of New Hampshire found that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is running closer than the experts expected to Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. Sanders trails Clinton by just ten points, 42%-32% in the Granite State.

According to Morning Consult, “But in the state that provided Clinton her biggest boost in 2008, the margin is much closer: Among voters who say they will participate in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary, 44 percent choose Clinton, while 32 percent pick Sanders, who hails from neighboring Vermont.”

This is definitely some of the neighboring state effect happening in New Hampshire, but the polling also shows that the support for Sanders is very real. Sanders is polling at 12% in Iowa and 10% in South Carolina. Those numbers on their own aren’t good enough, but if he pulls a New Hampshire surprise, the primaries in South Carolina and beyond could tighten up a bit.

To the surprise of many in the pundit class, Democrats may have a contest in New Hampshire. None of this is surprising to Sanders himself, who said earlier this month that he was going to win New Hampshire, “Let me tell you a secret: We’re going to win New Hampshire.”

The Clintoncentric media will try to turn Sanders’ strength into a story about Hillary Clinton’s weakness, but they will be missing the point. Sen. Sanders is tapping into a very real feeling in this country right now. It isn’t that Hillary Clinton is strong or weak, but that there are millions of people who are still reeling from the Great Recession. Bernie Sanders is speaking to them.

Bernie Sanders could win New Hampshire, and I believe it will take a primary win in order for the media to take his campaign seriously. The message is the reason why Sen. Sanders has a chance to pull off a primary upset. The messenger may not win the nomination, but the message could change America.

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  1. Go Bernie Go!

    Who’d a thought that NOT being a War Trumpeter could prove to be so popular?

    Not Republicans that’s for sure!

  2. the more america hears sanders, even the baggers, they will like him. his rallys in iowa are doing very well, he has zero superpacs, and his whole thing will be message. should give hillary much consternation, good. but soon fox and the rw will find a way to vilify him, and start the ‘jewish’ code words. you watch.

  3. its just going to make the left stronger. it will only make the left more informed, and it will make the gop klown kar that you love, to be even more ridiculous than it already is. cant wait for trump to really complete the gop ignorance, like yours.

    but keep on voting against yourself and your family. its worked so well for you rw trailer types.

  4. I like Bernie a lot but the headlines about “shocking” who writes this crap. Sorry Bernie has no chance. You know why? It’s called who has the big bucks and I doubt very much that big donors are going to contribute. He may be getting small donations but that will not help catch up to Hillary. A presidential campaign these days need a $1 billion to run. Sorry we need to get real.

  5. That’s some twisted logic sarahbeth. HRC isn’t ordained the dem nominee. Hope you’re not a republican bc you have little to no chance of wining the WH and little just left town. May sound great smashing unions and cutting benefits to seniors but with each backwards bill you are pushing the moderates away in droves and nobody wins w/o the moderates. The repubs will have no one left to blame and I would like to thank them in advance

  6. It’s why we need to get money out of politics, starting with overturning Citizens United. Don’t you just love that title? Rightwingers love to give their antiAmerican bills and lawsuits names that are completely opposite of their purpose.

  7. I’m not surprised that the most sane candidate is doing well. He would help 98% of the country directly. He would also increase profits further for the remaining 2%.

  8. Please elaborate! The last time I checked you need voters to go to the polls to get elected just like POTUS Barack Obama.

  9. Hypothetical situation:

    You are a small businessman, generally conservative. You own a small paving company and do work on water and wastewater systems as well. You employ 10 full time workers, down from 25 before the 2008 crisis. It is really tough . You have two kids ready to go to college soon, and you hate the thought of having to cosign those notes. Your father, who worked hard all his life is stretched thin on Social Security, and you worry about your own retirement. The politicians run their mouths over trivial topics. The Republicans want more tax cuts for corporations which will not help you much, but will cut government revenue when there is not many paving contracts and nobody is serious about replacing water mains and sewers, which you know from experience, are in bad shape.

    So Bernie Sanders comes along with his infrastructure college programs. You don’t want to vote for a socialist, but you need a reason not to. Help him out, give him a reson to vote against Bern…

  10. The man has some amazing, common sense ideas to get this country back on track. Question is, if he was ever elected, can he get The House and The Senate to cooperate in order to put those ideas into action?

  11. From what I’ve seen- the generally conservative small businessmen- LOVE governments, when it comes to doing business with them.

    But here in Oregon, they’ll vote down anything that might help the hypothetical ‘welfare queen’.

    In short- they’ll cut their nose off to spite their face, vote for a loser like Art Robinson, and then complain about the government’s onerous rules that ‘destroyed their business’.

  12. A Sanders candidacy will pull a wave of new and previously dispirited voters into the polling booths electing populists at all levels, including the House and Senate, across the entire United States.

  13. In all seriousness, how? He’s showing her weakness in economics and the hypocrisy of a candidate that wants to fund raise 2 billion while breaking campaign finance laws? I don’t think Sanders would want to be the VP in a Clinton presidency. I’d be disgusted if he joined the Clinton ticket.

    I don’t think he’s going to ruin the chances, I think Clinton can do that without any help whatsoever. I registered Democrat just so I could vote for Bernie in Iowa. He’d be the first presidential candidate of a major party I’ve ever voted for in my 12 or so years of voting consistently. I won’t vote for any of the other Democratic hopefuls at the moment.

  14. I think Bernie is shocking the moneyed interests who thought Bernie’s candidacy is just an appeal to the leftists. Because he is not wooing them, the Moneyed, they figure he has zero chance of getting elected let lone win the Dem Primaries. After all they have fought a long hard battle to be the arbiters of who gets elected.

    For the average voter who actually does their research before going into the voting booth – Bernie sounds like a breathe of fresh air. His campaign is about the Country and the people of the USA, not who has the biggest wallet.

  15. Bernie’s problem if elected will be who wins the House and Senate. If we put back in the same GOP naysayers and conservative Dems then little or nothing will happen to move us forward and this would go for Hillary too.

    Too many weak-kneed, let’s not make the TPGOP upset Dems and Our way or the Highway GOPPERs will make any legislation that would actually get the economy moving, help rebuild infrastructure, as well as, move us into a more sustainable environment will all be null and void. And, that is not even touching on sensible immigration reform that does not criminalize people for wanting to enter into the USA.

    Let’s be honest – keeping immigrants out helps breed illegal immigration, thus lots of people to exploit for businesses to pay low wages to people they hire under the table so they do not pay SS, Fed or State taxes.

  16. the media treats presidential politics like baseball play by play announcing………….who s up who s down in the polls at any given moment, weighing the odds. Its too bad they don’t spend more time with in depth analysis of each candidates policy views/backgrounds/vetting the candidates.

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