Hypocrisy Alert: Patriarchal Glenn Beck Says Gay Marriage is About Power


You remember when Glenn Beck complained college brainwashed his daughter into thinking he was a hater of gays, when, in fact, like all haters, he has lots of friends among the hated group?

In fact, Glenn assured his wayward child, he was only protecting Christianity from all his gay friends, because much as he loved them, they only wanted to force him and other Christians to violate their beliefs.

So Glenn convinced his daughter that “This had nothing to do with love. This had everything to do with power.” He assures his audience, who no doubt let out a collective sigh of relief, “She sees it now. “If the youth begins to see that…the agenda is control and the destruction of anyone else who disagrees,” everything will be okay.


Because Sodom and Gomorrah.

Yes, here we go again. The myth that rampant sodomy is what got those cities destroyed. When in fact, as I said here recently, it was rampant Republicanism.

From the actual Bible, as opposed to the voices Beck hears in his head:

This was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her sisters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but they did not aid the poor and needy. They were haughty, and did abominable things before me. (Ezekiel 16:49-50).

Yeah. Sodom got taken down for doing what the Republicans and the Religious Right are doing now, for treating the poor like unwanted stepchildren.

On that other occasion, I pointed out that in the story of Lot and his angel-in-disguise friends, there is indeed a mob who wants to get to “know” the angles, if you know what I mean, but Lot offers to exercise some Family Values and says,

“Look, I have two daughters who have not known a man; let me bring them out to you, and you can do to them as you please.”

But Beck isn’t horrified by this. What horrifies Beck is that poor Lot might have been forced to comply with the gay agenda. On his radio show Monday, he said,


Lot has said in his language of his day, ‘Guys, don’t force us to comply. Don’t force us to comply. No, you will comply! It shows that even back then, the religious were willing to — they didn’t want to fight, they’re not trying to control everybody — they’re just saying, no, I don’t want to participate.

Think of the people who won’t do floral arrangements for gay weddings. Think about the people who are bakers. Now there’s another one with a DJ. They just say, ‘I don’t want to participate.’ That’s what Lot was saying, we don’t want to participate. And in exchange for not participating, I’ll give you something I shouldn’t be offering, but I’ll comprise this far but no further. We’re making exactly the same mistakes and they are making exactly the same demands as were happening in Sodom and Gomorrah.

So Beck claims gays are making ‘the same demands as were happening In Sodom and Gomorrah’ while the real problem is that Republicans are making the same demands as were happening Sodom and Gomorrah.

It isn’t gay mobs that get #1 Billing for old Ezekiel, but haughty, well-fed people who despised the poor.

So Beck is right in a way. We’re treating the poor just like they were treated in Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s just that Beck would rather blame-shift, would rather throw gays under the bus than his wealthy friends.

And now Republicans want to force us to violate our beliefs; they want to force us to treat the poor like they were treated in Sodom and Gomorrah.

When Beck complains that “the agenda is control and the destruction of anyone else who disagrees,” he is outlining the agenda of the Church – of Christianity itself – for the past sixteen centuries. And the church largely succeeded in this, diligently destroying every alternative to itself, from other Christianities that had sprung up since Jesus’ death (like Gnostics) to Classical Paganism to Bogomils and Cathars and others until enough people started to say “No.”

Having done this, and still desiring to do this, Beck instead hoists these crimes on the backs of the gays who are in actuality, just victims. Beck says it has nothing to do with love but it has everything to do with love.

And Beck has shown that, unlike the guy he pretends to follow in all this – Jesus – he has none.

So here we have a Mormon spokesman for patriarchy, for ultimate male control over the practice of marriage, of who can get married and who cannot. And he’s complaining that people who want to add themselves to the list are the ones who want to be in power.

Right. My hypocrisy meter is in a million pieces now.

I know better at this point than to complain that people like Beck are liars and hypocrites.

Yet I still find myself wishing that even a single right-wing demagogue would pick up his or her Bible and actually read it.

I’ve been reading mine since I was a kid. Upon the recommendation of Bart Ehrman, I now have a copy of the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) on my shelf. I must pull it off there nearly daily in order to fact check the words of the alleged experts on the Religious Right.

If Beck’s daughter can’t see the truth of this, college educations aren’t what they used to be.

30 Replies to “Hypocrisy Alert: Patriarchal Glenn Beck Says Gay Marriage is About Power”

  1. I bet Beck’s daughter went to Brigham Young (where all the Mormon kids go if they have the grades) and thus, was indoctrinated not in the Bible, but in The MORMON texts of Joe Smith, who advocated that girls and women were second class citizens, good only for being one of many wives so the husband will prosper. Now, Glenn, who is forcing what on whom exactly? No gay person I know wants anything but the same rights as you have in this country. No one is forcing anything on YOU. YOU are forcing your screwed up beliefs on an entire country.

  2. Man I Am SOOOOOO Glad I left that Mormon Cult behind.

    Sadly- Beck’s viewpoint is part and parcel of the Morg. Even female Law Professors of the BYU (Breed’em Young University) endorse this ludicrous mindset.

    “The Glory of God is Intelligence”- sayeth a Mormon phrase, which explains why few Morg glorify their god.

    Beck’s Jealous.

  3. The religious right position on LBGT rights is indeed about power… the power to exclude based on their reptile thinking gut feel opinion.

  4. Harf said: “We’re treating the poor just like they were treated in Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s just that Beck would rather blame-shift, would rather throw gays under the bus than his wealthy friends.”

    There ya’ have it! The “Becking Order”:
    2.white male
    The rest: the wyafe, key’ids, people considered the NIMBY caste.

    Anyone or thing below #6 is fodder used for the sake of throwing under the bus to maintain #1-5.

    Wouldn’t be fantastic if some woman of color with abundant wealthy would offer Beck’s daughter an offer she couldn’t refuse? A tell-all series of articles in her magazine, plus, an exclusive interview on her TV show that would be shown repeatedly on her personal cable /satellite stations.

    Of course, what a ridiculous fairy tale! I mean, a women of color with that kind of power and wealth? In America??

    Pray people–gawd’s lips to Oprah’s ears.

    **(#7 should read, “gas-guzzler vehicles”)

  5. You know, I really don’t understand the religious right’s hysteria over an issue that affects them not at all, except insofar as they’re all perverts who have obsessive interest in other people’s sex lives, and seem to ‘think’ it’s their right to tell those other people how to live.

  6. If Beck’s taking Lot as a role model for how to deal with gay men, that young daughter of his better run like the wind now.

  7. Hopefully Beck’s daughter just said she sees his point to get him to shut up. Otherwise, that college education was for moot.

  8. Beck is all about power and control. He weaves his lies in order to rile up his listeners into a hate frenzy and gives them a way out of blaming themselves for their hatred by twisting the blame to others. He twists logic so the oppressed become the oppressors. Hypocrite is too mild a word for this scum.

  9. they don’t really care about what people do, they are whipping up fear as a means of undercutting Federal Constitutional rights. The goal is to strip Constitutional protections by making them dependent on the whim of Governors.

    Refusal to ‘accept’ ACA subsidies denies their residents the benefit of their Federal taxes while building the fallacy that a subordinate authority may deny those rights and benefits. The George Wallace theory of fungible rights.

    Governors are not

  10. This delusional fear mongering slime ball is about to learn a very, very expensive lesson in Federal Court. Mark your calendars gang: December 9th, 2015 is the date.

  11. Wow, just plain wow. There needs to be an amendment to outlaw this level of stupid. And he actually gets paid for it as well. Maybe it is the End Times.

  12. I am getting so sick of Mr. Beck. He wants to say this is about power. Ok I will agree with him. It is about gays and lesbians taking the power away from the establishment who has institutionalized, ostracized, incarcerated, denied employment, banned from military service, expelled from colleges, denied housing…do I need to go on. What these big cry babies are saying is that they are losing the power to control and harm their fellow citizens. And if it hurts…well it usually does when you get punched back.

  13. NO CHURCH HAS EVER PERFORMED A MARRIAGE IN THIS COUNTRY. Marriage is a “civil right” because it’s a civil ceremony and contract. Churches cannot perform marriages, they can only perform weddings. WEDDINGS ARE NOT MARRIAGES. Marriage is a “permit” you pay for at the county or city clerk’s office that says your marriage is legal in a civil court. Many couples don’t get married in churches, but rather in courthouses. NO CHURCH HAS EVER BEEN FORCED TO APPROVE ANY WEDDING—EVER.

    If they’re so high and mighty, let’s BAN divorce and adultry!!!!

  14. The gasguzzlers come before dogs, who, if they can’t hunt or fight or won’t chase icky brown people out of the neighborhood, get treated like…dogs.

  15. Lot said:
    “Look, I have two daughters who have not known a man; let me bring them out to you, and you can do to them as you please.”

    We have female virgins here, come & get them!
    cheap price!
    Treat them any way you want!

    The religious groups are willing to tolerate female human trafficking but so horrified @ gayness…
    Are we in the Middle East?

  16. Yes Trackdude there should be some legislation against stupidity however there IS an amendment FOR the stupid! It’s called the 2nd Amendment.

  17. you’re right…sloppy on my part.

    I apologies to all wealthy, white males who guzzle fumes and kick dogs, brown people, et al., for my insensitivity, my failure to recite the proper order of white patriarchal privileges. I swear on my Uncles’ xylophone (choking back the sobs) that this will never, ever happen again!

  18. Agreed. Until proven otherwise, I give Beck’s daughter the benefit of the doubt. I mean, imagine being around Glenn all the time… I bet you’d pretend to go along with a LOT of crazy just to avoid having to deal with him.

  19. AndyCA, I am so glad to read your response. Not many people understand the difference between a marriage and a wedding. I’m glad to find someone else who does.

    It used to be, a couple were married on the steps of the church, signing the legal documents there, then they would go into the church to have it solemnized. That is where most people got the impression that the marriage/wedding were the same thing.

    It’s too bad others don’t read history books. And not just those written by the winners. They might learn a few things.

  20. The careful and accurate, consistent and verified research from serious scholars of texts relating and including biblical texts has what has convinced me of its being a library of fortuitous writings of many authoring peoples.

    A very useful text with NO CHANGES, but with 1,000’s of cross-references in an unchanged KJV, is THE SKEPTIC’S BIBLE. Pro or Con, the references are wonderful!

  21. …correct me if I’m wrong; but just a few verses from where the Bible sez homosexuality is an abomination, don’t it say adultery is punishable by stoning??? Just askin’…

  22. Actually, you are wrong. The 17th century translation of a document bastardized in the 4th century claims that homosexuality is an abomination.

    If also claims the same for newts. In both Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

    The bible says nothing. Its translators do.

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