donald trump 2016

In An Insane Rant Donald Trump Announces He Should Be President Because He’s Really Rich

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:06 pm

donald trump 2016

Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign with a rambling, and insane rant that claimed that Mexicans are bringing rapists into the United States. Trump also declared his love for Chinese communism and said that he should be president because he is really rich.

Video of the first eight minutes of his racist rant:

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Donald Trump brought the insane from the get-go. Trump claimed that because he knew the air conditioner in the venue worked, he was more prepared to defeat ISIS than other candidates. Trump asked, “When is the last time we beat Japan at anything?” He answered never. Trump claimed that Mexicans are bringing crimes, drugs and rapists to the United States. Trump went on to claim that America should have taken all of the oil out of Iraq so that ISIS and Iran didn’t get it.

Trump’s speech was an insane ramble fest. He seemed to rant about whatever came to his mind. Trump used one quarter of GDP to claim that the economy is horrible and that Obama is lying about the unemployment numbers. Trump said that the American people can’t get jobs because China and Mexico have all our jobs. Trump warned, “Our enemies are getting stronger and stronger by the day, and we are getting weaker.”

Donald Trump attacked Obamacare as a big lie, and then promptly lied about the increasing costs of the ACA. He brought up the ACA website and falsely claimed that it doesn’t work. Trump then claimed that he spends three dollars on building a website. Trump claimed that Obamacare really kicks in 2016, and it going to be “really destructive.” Trump claimed that Obamacare should be replaced with something better for everybody. This was the extent of his policy depth.

He said that politicians are controlled fully by lobbyists, donors, and special interests. He said, “Our country needs a truly great leader.” Trump officially announced that he is running for President Of The United States. Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World started blasting for no apparent reason and interrupted his speech. The lyrics were a criticism of the Republican policies of George H.W. Bush administration.

Trump later went on a rant about how much he loves China because the Communist leaders are smarter than America’s leaders.

Donald Trump said that he would install corporate bosses to run the government and negotiate with foreign countries. Trump admitted that he is running for president because he is really rich, and he has to make the country rich. Trump apparently got all of his information from Fox News, but he was so insane that not even the crazies in the Republican Party could keep up with him. A man who has been bankrupt numerous times claimed that the 2016 election is about competence.

Donald Trump makes Mitt Romney look humble and middle-class. Trump’s speech was insane, and if he gets on the debate stage. Trump spent lots of time talking about his assets and how much money he has. At a time when the country is moving left, Donald Trump is running for president because he is “really rich.”

He might be really rich, but Donald Trump is also really nuts. The racists in the Republican Party now have their candidate.

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