In An Insane Rant Donald Trump Announces He Should Be President Because He’s Really Rich

donald trump 2016

Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign with a rambling, and insane rant that claimed that Mexicans are bringing rapists into the United States. Trump also declared his love for Chinese communism and said that he should be president because he is really rich.

Video of the first eight minutes of his racist rant:

Donald Trump brought the insane from the get-go. Trump claimed that because he knew the air conditioner in the venue worked, he was more prepared to defeat ISIS than other candidates. Trump asked, “When is the last time we beat Japan at anything?” He answered never. Trump claimed that Mexicans are bringing crimes, drugs and rapists to the United States. Trump went on to claim that America should have taken all of the oil out of Iraq so that ISIS and Iran didn’t get it.

Trump’s speech was an insane ramble fest. He seemed to rant about whatever came to his mind. Trump used one quarter of GDP to claim that the economy is horrible and that Obama is lying about the unemployment numbers. Trump said that the American people can’t get jobs because China and Mexico have all our jobs. Trump warned, “Our enemies are getting stronger and stronger by the day, and we are getting weaker.”

Donald Trump attacked Obamacare as a big lie, and then promptly lied about the increasing costs of the ACA. He brought up the ACA website and falsely claimed that it doesn’t work. Trump then claimed that he spends three dollars on building a website. Trump claimed that Obamacare really kicks in 2016, and it going to be “really destructive.” Trump claimed that Obamacare should be replaced with something better for everybody. This was the extent of his policy depth.

He said that politicians are controlled fully by lobbyists, donors, and special interests. He said, “Our country needs a truly great leader.” Trump officially announced that he is running for President Of The United States. Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World started blasting for no apparent reason and interrupted his speech. The lyrics were a criticism of the Republican policies of George H.W. Bush administration.

Trump later went on a rant about how much he loves China because the Communist leaders are smarter than America’s leaders.

Donald Trump said that he would install corporate bosses to run the government and negotiate with foreign countries. Trump admitted that he is running for president because he is really rich, and he has to make the country rich. Trump apparently got all of his information from Fox News, but he was so insane that not even the crazies in the Republican Party could keep up with him. A man who has been bankrupt numerous times claimed that the 2016 election is about competence.

Donald Trump makes Mitt Romney look humble and middle-class. Trump’s speech was insane, and if he gets on the debate stage. Trump spent lots of time talking about his assets and how much money he has. At a time when the country is moving left, Donald Trump is running for president because he is “really rich.”

He might be really rich, but Donald Trump is also really nuts. The racists in the Republican Party now have their candidate.

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  1. Trump is just a worthless sack of shyte.

    In the immortal words of Seth Myers, “Donald Trump announced the other day he’d be running for President as a Republican. That’s funny because I thought he was running as a joke”.

  2. He didn’t mention his clothing line (at least the ties) are made in China. We defeated Japan in WW II, Donald. This asshole is intolerable.

  3. He’ll be back out before the first primary debate. His fake-populist message will fall flat when he’s forced to defend his positions during a debate. These audience members will be republicans, remember

  4. “He said that politicians are controlled fully by lobbyists, donors, and special interests.”

    At least he said something that is true.

    “Trump said that the American people can’t get jobs because China and Mexico have all our jobs.” Pray tell who sent all our jobs to China and Mexico? Let me answer because he won’t – It was his rich buddies who want more profit! Greed is good in his world.

  5. I’ll give this to Trump…he came in first for giving the most God awful Presidential candidate announcement in my lifetime.

  6. Wowzers!

    The dude reminds me of many an old man muttering under their breath on the bus.

    Only (S)trump(et) makes less sense.

  7. Someone with that much ego and money, and so little wisdom is truly a volatile person!
    We can’t let this one get loose, no way, now how!

  8. America need’s Trump. Obama has our own people fighting against each other. Our own people working two three job’s so they can pay for the Obama Care. Our soldiers living crippled and those who did not come home lost in the cracks of our current administration’s very pour decisions. I felt that Trump said the right things. He may be exactly what we need. Republicans will not like him running and the reality is Trump should be accepted by the real public and not the fake public comments left on this site.

  9. this is utter madness. I really do hate republicans and conservatives. they are garbage. they are anti-American degenerates. they are HUMILIATING this country every single time they open their mouths. it is a travesty. again these idiots attack the economic recovery and obamacare. what planet do you righties live on? if anyone honestly thinks this economy is not far better then 7 years ago should be locked up in a mental asylum. anyone who thinks Obamacare has not surpassed every single optimistic prediction and has been an incredible success needs to be locked up as well. the rightwing simply does no live in reality. it is truly some sort of wacky world with pixie dust or some sort of alternate reality because I have know idea what these righties are talking about when they bash the economy and the ACA.

  10. fake public comments from the left? wow. you are looney toons buddy. just another bigoted, Obama obsessed moron who must have his head up his azz to believe the garbage you just spewed. you and those like you are now the enemy. you fools are the bad guy. you people are EXACTLY what is wrong with America. thank god this nation is more liberal than ever before and moving further to the left every day. conservatives and their numbers have plummeted to record lows in the country. look it up. several recent polls reflect this clearly. America is obviously rejecting the rightwing and conservative hate and agenda in massive numbers, yet the conservatives continue to move further right. your fate has been sealed for a while now righties. you will go the way of the dinosaur late next year. believe it.

  11. “Trump said that the American people can’t get jobs because China and Mexico have all our jobs.” ———

    REALLY? !!!!

    Then he should explain why so many Mexicans are coming across the border looking for jobs here? If our jobs are there, shouldn’t the Mexicans be happily and gainfully employed 100% ?

  12. Trump claimed that Mexicans are bringing crimes, drugs and rapists to the United States…

    All the more reason to do something about Immigration. As opposed to the status quo of turning a blind eye to it ever since Reagan.

  13. You wrote “should be accepted by the Public” AND HE ISN’T! And you Know Nothing Jon Snow

    It makes we wonder

    It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
    How I keep from going under
    It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
    How I keep from going under

    Broken glass everywhere
    People pissing on the stairs, you know they just dont care
    I can’t take the smell, I can’t take the noise no more
    Got no money to move out, I guess I got no choice
    Rats in the front room, cockroaches in the back
    Junkie’s in the alley with a baseball bat
    I tried to get away, but I couldn’t get far
    ‘Cause a man with a tow-truck repossessed my car

    Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge
    I’m trying not to lose my head, ah huh-huh-huh
    It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
    How I keep from going under
    It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
    How I keep from going under! [WINK]

  14. Question 1: you have run four companies into bankruptcy, why should we trust you to run a country?

    Game over.

  15. George W. Bu$h- ran two oil companies and a baseball team into the ground. Then screwed over the Texas Budget…

    Apparently this wasn’t a game changer for many.

  16. …”Trump claimed that Mexicans are bringing crimes, drugs and rapists to the United States”

    The crimes are being committed by the corporations who are recruiting Mexican men from their villages to bring them & exploit them, holding them in slave like conditions, collecting their pay & keeping it, as “recruitment fees”.

    The rapist/pimps are already here, abusing the female immigrants who are recruited to come to work as maids or kitchen workers, only to find themselves in a brothel.

    The drugs are coming because the drug abusers are already here, the Charlie Sheen “stars” with $$$ who glamourized drug abuse.

    The illegals are just the smoke screen for the illegal activities and crimes against humanity by the puppet masters of the human traffickers aka: slave trade.

  17. Precisely! Attack that which has little if anything to do with the problem; and when your policies do nothing to solve it- demand MOAR!

  18. The Donald’s blowup doll wife, Melania, will want him to run. While he is busy, she can do what Marla Maples did, find someone younger!! Donald might think he is great, but two ex wives do not agree.

  19. It’s true that the 1% continue to send our jobs elsewhere, but those are not the jobs Americans want, or can use to feed their families. The Chinese are working for peanuts, and if Mexico had available jobs, it’s people wouldn’t be so desperate to find crappy jobs in the US.

    As far as The Donald goes, you just can’t explain stupid. Nobody will take that windbag seriously. He needs to stick to real estate development, and count all those “riches” before his latest wife grows up and leaves. What a joke.

  20. I’m pretty sure it was actually Kennedy that fought for patient’s rights and let the loonies loose. Although he had a point, there was no safety net for them to fall. At least the mentally ill have an actual excuse for their confusion. I am not making fun of those with legitimate illness!

    Republicans and crazed far right wingnuts have no excuse, except perhaps all that inbreeding for the Lord. There isn’t a single stand out amongst them, Jeb included.

  21. This just isn’t news. Trump’s an attention whore who got a quick fix today. Nobody would seriously waste a vote on that moron. Can you imagine his purchased trophy wife as our First LADY? What a disgrace! He is the epitomy of all that is wrong with this Country. He is an embarassment to himself.

  22. America needs Trump to remind us of what we are trying to get away from: xenophobia, racism, classism, sexism, and oligarchy. While politicians are ultimately all wealthy, few of them “trump” up the fact they are soul sucking deviants who bend the American public over and rape them instead of the innocent Mexicans trying to flee the cartel. Trump is an embarrassment, but one that will help remind everyone we could be doing far worse.

  23. Guess what time it is, people…


    *Brings out a giant sign that reads, in bright neon lights, ‘DUMP THE TRUMP!’*

  24. why do people always blame mexicans? they are hard working people and the ones i know are really nice and speak the English language very well. Mexicans are not the only latin american group that comes here, its not fair to blame them only. Trump is a closeted racist.

  25. Charlie Pierce is right about Donald Trump:

    He is the inevitable result of 40 years of political conjuring, mainly by Republicans, but abetted by far too many Democrats as well. He is the inevitable product of anyone who ever argued that our political institutions should be run “like a business.” (Like whose businesses? Like Trump’s? Like Carly Fiorina’s Hewlett Packard?) He is the inevitable product of anyone who ever argued why the government can’t balance its books “the way any American family would.” He is the inevitable result of the deregulated economy that was deregulated out of a well-cultivated wonder and awe directed at the various masters of the universe. Sooner or later, all of this misbegotten magical thinking was going to burp up a clown like Donald Trump.

  26. Chris,

    How many times were you dropped on your head? Your ignorance and delusion shows clearly.

    Try reading.



  27. “Trump said that the American people can’t get jobs because China and Mexico have all our jobs.” ———

    That’s actually the height of irony considering Trump markets a line of suits and men’s wear… MADE IN CHINA..

    Does he actually believe no one would notice.?

  28. “America need’s Trump.”

    You can always tell a Trump fan by his inability to spell even the simplest of words. Anybody with a sixth-grade education and half a brain realizes what a joke Trump is.

  29. So, it seems everyone here is opposed to Trump.
    Please include in your comments who you feel is your top choice, or among your top choices for president.

  30. Apropos Scott’s request.

    Hillary and/or Sanders.

    But when it comes to Trump- Zippy the Pinhead would be a better choice.

  31. The only thing that was more comical than Trump’s speech was Jon Stewart’s reaction to it on The Daily Show last night.

    Can’t wait to see what Bill Maher has to say on Friday night!

  32. …gotta “Dump Trump”, ’cause if we try to dispose of him with a “Flush Rush” his ego would cause every toilet in the country to back up…[wink]

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