Upset with #IranDeal, Ted Cruz Vows for the Fourth Time to Block Obama Nominees


Chad Pegram, who covers Capitol Hill for Fox News, tweeted yesterday afternoon,

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz immediately pointed out that this is not the first time Cruz has stomped his little feet and held his breath to get what he wants:


Oops. Done this before, huh Ted? Maybe you should threaten to light yourself on fire next time.

Schultz tweeted newspaper editorial after newspaper editorial yesterday, all showing support of the president’s Iran deal, including a Haaretz op-ed asking that the nuclear agreement be given a chance. He pointed also to an article by Dafna Linzer on MSNBC: On Iran, no need to speculate about the alternative. We’ve already lived it.

Though Jeb Bush condemns the Iran deal, calling it “appeasement,” it was his own brother, as Alan Rappeport points out in The New York Times, who brought the United States to the negotiating table nine years ago. Since Jeb says Dubya is his key advisor, there must be a memory lapse going on there somewhere. Given the intellects involved, that’s hardly a leap, however convenient for Jeb.

You would think this would all be self-evident. It’s all part of the record. Furthermore, you would think it would be obvious to even ideological hidebound Republicans in Congress that editorials aside, polling shows the American people do not want to go to war over Iran. We don’t even want to go back into Iraq to clean up the mess Bush left there, a mess called the Islamic State.

To listen to Republicans, war is the only option:

Given widespread support for diplomacy, something that will neither kill a lot of Americans or destroy our economy – AGAIN – it is difficult to see what Republicans think they can get out of opposition to the nuclear deal, but that is presuming that Republicans are thinking at all. After all, what could be more amusing than listenig to the right wing media claim Obama’s actions will lead to war, when war is what the Republicans are demanding? Can the GOP get more absurd?

We have to remember that it is not only the nuclear deal they are opposing and Israel they are supporting: If Obama is for it, they are against it. In fact, given the history of the past six-and-a-half years, it is difficult to imagine they would support the Iran deal even if Israel did.

The Republican Party, when the results of Election night 2008 came in, swore to do all in their power to nullify our first black president, to oppose him at every turn, and they have done that. They have shut down the government, they have refused to create a single job or to participate in any meaningful way in the business of government. If anything, identical election results in 2012 just made their reaction worse.

This is the party, after all, which, having lost the presidential election, acted like the president now had to do exactly what the House of Representatives said, as though the Executive Branch – the abode of the “decider” when a Republican occupies it – was suddenly an adjunct to the Legislative Branch. How much less significant a president when both houses of Congress are Republican?

And no, they haven’t read the United States Constitution, or they would see that is not how this works. It is not how any of this works. The Republicans have all history back to the ratification of the Constitution in 1789 to look for examples of how the government works – three independent branches, executive, legislative, and judicial – balancing each other out to prevent tyranny. But they are too busy listening to David Barton and Fox News invent facts to actually figure out what their job is.

And it is not to nullify the presidency as a branch of government. While Cruz claims the president is trying to circumvent Congress, Obama has the authority, and what is actually happening is that Cruz is trying to circumvent the executive branch.

Ted Cruz’s stunts are all part of their sworn opposition to all things Obama, just another excuse to refuse to do his job as an elected official and to put himself in the spotlight. The grandstanding Ted Cruz is a disgrace to the United States Senate, and to the United States of America.

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  1. This sniveling weasel who bows before Mr. Drump, will never accomplish anything. Rafael is too chicken to even use his real name. Hes kissing major orange ass hoping for a veep opportunity. He has orange on his lips. Cruz is pointless in the Senate and life.

  2. Ted Cruz should pay back the 24 billion dollars he cost the economy the last time he threw a temper tantrum. Pretty cool to observe how effective Obama is at pissing him (and most other Republicans) off.

  3. “Ted Cruz is a disgrace to the United States Senate And the United States of America”
    Truer words have never been stated by anyone. He is at the bottom of the rethug polling however.4% Hope he stays there.

  4. Ted Cruz is a fifth columnist bent on destroying the United States. First he wants to delegitimize the SCOTUS when votes don’t go his way and now this, blocking the Presidents nominees to important positions that maintains US power.

  5. You have to understand, Cruz doesn’t believe in a federal government, even though he is running for GOP presidential nomination. So he will do anything to make government not function, from filibustering, blocking presidential appointments to shutting it down.

  6. The definition of Insanity: To keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

    Considering Mr. Crud’s last block inadvertently helped Democrats…

  7. Cruz has a simultaneously smarmy and condescending, smug smirk on his face.

    I would not leave my children alone in a room with him.

    He has a creeper demeanor.

  8. Republicans are dooshcanoes .
    What do we do with crazy, dangerous, destructive people ? Ones that can’t be ‘reformed’ ? Sociopaths that are civilization killers ?

    I’m not cruel, but really… these are walking cancers that serve no useful purpose.

  9. He’s nothing but a man of destruction, the frontman of the Rethuglican Party. No different than the SSS who Hitler hired to carry out his disgusting, dirty work.

  10. Though Jeb Bush condemns the Iran deal, calling it “appeasement,” it was his own brother, as Alan Rappeport points out in The New York Times, who brought the United States to the negotiating table nine years ago. Since Jeb says Dubya is his key advisor, there must be a memory lapse going on there somewhere. Given the intellects involved, that’s hardly a leap, however convenient for Jeb.

    “Memory lapse” is one of the things Republicans do best. Especially those that vote Republican. They have completely forgotten the financial collapse in 2008 that occurred during Bush’s time in office. And a great many other disasters during the Bush Presidency.

    As for Cruz, he’s not Presidential material. If he is petulant as a Senator when he doesn’t get his wage, he will be the same way as President. He will start WW 3,4,5, and 6!!!

  11. Forced secession …exile …relocation…hell, PAY them to GO AWAY. It would be cheap in the long run !

    Let them have their libertarian Shangri-La, and leave them to their own devices. In ten years or less it will be vacant !

  12. Where is the moderator? ? And the 15 “likes” for a united states senator getting killed by a nutjob? Sick

  13. And where has been the Tea Party Moderators for their own when they keep trumpeting “taking out’ Obama?

  14. To me, Cruz is the “spittin’ image” of Joe McCarthy — a duplicate of the senator that brought grief and sorrow to so many Americans – until Margaret Chase Smith spoke out.

    Each time his image appears in an article and I continue to read — so I don’t have to look at his petulant face.

  15. Regime change in Iran would be more palatable for it’s citizens if they weren’t under the constant threat of Uncle Sugar’s saber rattling.

    It doesn’t take a student of history to note that America’s ham handed approach has often been counterproductive. It’s human nature to be stubbornly contrary. Witness the Tea Party.

    But even the Iranian equivalent of the Tea Party, loses street cred when the U.S. acts like an adult- for a change.

    Thus necessitating the importance of our own regime change. Do we want another war in the Middle East- involving inspired insurgents who go to Iran just for the chance to kill Americans- just like Iraq?

  16. …more stooges on the Republican side than Joe Howard ever dreamed of: and THESE stooges ain’t funny!!!

  17. {{{the vaudeville act “Joe Howard and his Three Stooges” later dropped Joe and went on the talkies…as “The Three Stooges}}}

  18. I vow to smack this genetic defective with a large dead carp.

    1st Generation BITCH.

    Screw Ted “The Sludge”, every time he tries a power chord he breaks a string., again.

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