Bernie Sanders Raises $800,000 Off Of Martin O’Malley Super PAC Ad Attacking Him


Bernie Sanders took negative super PAC ad attacking him and turned it into $800,000 in campaign donations.

The Boston Globe reported:

On June 25 a super PAC linked to former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, another declared Democratic candidate, spent about $10,000 on online ads critical of Sanders’ record on gun control, which is, for a Democrat, notably friendly to gun owners.

Sanders’ team fought back, using the same rhetoric that Warren so effectively employs against her many critics: Frame the attack as an assault on the progressive movement and raise buckets of cash off of it.

The day after the ads began, Sanders’ campaign blasted an e-mail to supporters requesting help. Within 48 hours they’d raised more than $800,000, according to a source familiar with his fund-raising.

What the super PAC supporting Martin O’Malley quickly found out was that attacking Bernie Sanders makes him stronger. Hillary Clinton has the right strategy. Clinton respects Sen. Sanders and his supporters. Her campaign has said only nice things about Sanders. A few of Clinton’s supporters, namely Sen. Claire McCaskill, tried to attack Sanders, but their efforts have gone as well as the O’Malley supporting super PAC ad.

Bernie Sanders is running a grassroots insurgency campaign that by nature will only grow stronger if it is attacked through negative campaigning. The O’Malley campaign made the decision to go negative early because they appear to have been caught off guard by the quick rise of Sanders.

O’Malley has found his campaign turned into an afterthought that has been washed out to sea by the tidal wave of populist support for Bernie Sanders.

For years, a key theme for Sanders has been undoing Citizens United. Attacking Bernie Sanders with a super PAC ad played into his strengths. Any super PAC that tries to take down Sanders should expect their efforts to completely backfire.

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  1. This is a strange article:

    “Hillary Clinton has the right strategy. Clinton respects Sen. Sanders and his supporters. Her campaign has said only nice things about Sanders.”

    Not a good voice for a reporter.

  2. WTF!!!!! You people have truly lost it. Even an article supportive of your candidate you find fault with. I give up

  3. The Perversity of Politics.

    If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
    -O.W. Kenobi

  4. Taking down the super PACs, taking down wall street, free college tuition,and Bernie’s other ideas, are what is going to give this country back to the middle class. Bernie is solving problems. Go Bernie!

  5. Why would you be upset that Hillary says nice things about Bernie? She actually is a nice person. I commend them both for trying to keep things civil. Can it be that you are not really for Bernie, just against Hillary? What is it, do you want a republican in the White House?

  6. Ken, actually the opposite! Hillary knows her only chance is to keep it clean and respectful with The Bern! If he doesn’t get the nod in the primaries, she will need all of his supporters to win. She knows his honesty is a winning breathe of fresh air! Even she knows she is not AS honest as he is. She also knows the people supporting her financially aren’t exactly liked by her people. As for the reporters words, well, if had put it any differently, the reporter would have lost credibility.

  7. Hillary is still too busy running around collecting six and seven figure checks to be putting out attack ads. Give her time…

  8. For once, on the battleground of candidates, I completely agree with you. Some dumba$$es simply are too dense to learn.

  9. I live on Social Security but every month I send Bernie $10. Not very much but I think a lot of people are doing the same thing. If I have any money left over during the month, that goes to Bernie also. The US can not afford any more bought and paid for politicians. Any candidate who accepts “citizens united” money or corporate (including DNC/RNC) money is off my radar.

  10. Deborah, I’m afraid I see no difference between PAC/corporate sponsored Democrats and PAC/corporate sponsored Republicans. For years both parties have “threatened us with, “Do you really want a Republican/Democrat in the White House?” “What about the Supreme Court? We’ve ended up with a polarized country where the only voices heard are those of wealth and privilege. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We need to stop it now or, give up the remaining pretense of democracy. 42% of Americans choose not to belong to either major political party… there is a solid reason for that. Hopefully, these people will fight with Bernie to take their country back.

  11. Politics is a lot of things. Among those things is war. Wars are won by winning fights. The best way to win a fight is sung martial arts. (Eastern culture is 1/2-again was old as Western culture; and surviving is winning) Bernie seems to know how to win fights similarly to Eastern culture, which is how you win wars. MARTIAL ARTS is how/why an Eastern runt the size of Bruce Lee can kick Arnold Shwarzenegger’s ass. Bernie is likewise using Martial Arts, only this time in the battle of politics. He is using his opponents’ negative ads against them. BRILLIANT!

  12. Both Hillary and Bernie have accepted money from PACS. He even accepted money from HILLPAC three years running. I don’t really have a problem with that. It takes money to run a campaign. He did accept money from Krumme Oil too though, so I think all the mud slinging should just stop, don’t you?

  13. Bernie appeals to “Bleeding Hearts”…….underdogs…..those who believe life has dumped on them. He talks Pie-in-the-Sky…(and all his ideas are good and rational)……BUT…..He CANNOT deliver. More finesse and political/business saavy is required to deal with the “monsters”. Corporate America eats guys like “Bernie” for lunch. That is WHY the Republicans are backing him….BEHIND HIS BACK. He can’t win……but he CAN divide the Democratic Party……and all of those who think he is their savior……will be complicite in taking us back down the “republican” path. Want MORE war and LESS money….then he’s your guy.

  14. Good for you!

    I, too, am on Social Security albeit a small check. I pledged to support Bernie with $5/month for a year, and will raise the amount as soon as I can afford to do so.

    I attended the University of Maine and Bangor Theological Seminary and accrued a small loans bill, but am paying monthly installments on these loans. Bernie is just what we need for our country. He has faith in the American people, in government and in our ability to do the right thing for our nation and for each other.

    Check out: regarding overturning Citizens United.

    Thanks Jason Easley, for another well-written article about a statesman.

  15. I have a problem with a “writer” who has a headline with a GLARING grammatical error: “Off Of” instead of “From.” It was repeated again in the piece, itself. I do like the article and its message is great–I just wish writers/editors would write in correct English. I have trouble getting past the headline to read the information below it.

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