Bad News Republicans: Donald Trump’s More Popular In Iowa After He Attacked John McCain


The Republican Party’s attempts to stop Donald Trump are doing nothing in Iowa as the bigoted billionaire has seen his approval rating increase after his attack on John McCain.

According to a new Monmouth University poll of Iowa:

Trump’s statement about John McCain’s status as a war hero, made Saturday morning at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA, generated almost universal backlash from his rivals but does not seem to have had an immediate impact on his support among Hawkeye State Republicans. In interviews conducted Thursday and Friday, Trump garnered 13% of the vote to 19% for Walker. This is only slightly different than results from the Saturday and Sunday interviews, which put Trump at 13% to 25%
for Walker.


Donald Trump holds a positive 47% favorable to 35% unfavorable rating, which is better than the 40% favorable to 41% unfavorable rating he received from national Republicans last week. He has higher favorable ratings among very conservative caucusgoers (55%) than he does among somewhat conservative (41%) and moderate to liberal (37%) Iowa Republicans. He also has higher favorability ratings among Tea Party supporters (56%) compared to non-supporters (39%) and among men (51%) compared to women (41%).

In other words, the people who support Trump don’t like McCain and they are probably going to continue supporting the reality television personality no matter what the media and the Republican Party say.

Trump is playing into the Republican myth of the tough talker by refusing to apologize to McCain. Trump may be on a demented ego trip, but he is speaking the language of a segment of the Republican Party that abandoned reality years ago. The Republican plan to use his remarks about McCain to rid themselves of Donald Trump could be backfiring.

Republicans may have picked the wrong Senator to serve as their victim. McCain has long been distrusted and disliked by conservatives. John McCain is viewed in some corners of the political world as more a media creation than a beloved public figure. It could turn out that the right-wing is so crazy that attacking McCain could make Trump more popular.

If this is the case, Donald Trump may very well destroy the Republican Party.

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  1. Hehehe! The Republicans did this to themselves. I’ll sit back with my soda and popcorn and watch this comedy play out

  2. Looks like the GOP plan to energize the base by whipping up bigotry worked pretty much like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s scheme for cleaning house. Now the damned brooms won’t stop.

  3. Laugh at these a-wipes all you want but don’t forget that they are dead serious and can very well get elected if all of us superior feeling liberal progressives sit back on our collective fat butts with our soda and popcorn and don’t go vote. Then we will see just how funny and entertaining they really are as the bridges fall in, the pot holes get deeper and the water tastes worse and on and on.

  4. BREAKING NEWS: Oh please, please, let this rumor be true! (And God, please let one of the shows being slashed be Morning Joe!!)


  5. This gets even better… it’s like Christmas for Democrats and Liberals alike.

    All Trump has to do is keep it up and it’s going to be a major slam dunk next year.

  6. How Can This Be?

    “Walker leads Trump 27% to 14% among Tea Party supporters, with Ted
    Cruz in coming third at 12%. Among non-supporters of the Tea Party, Walker has a
    nominal lead (18%), followed by Trump
    (11%), Bush (11%), and Carson (9%).

    – Very conservative voters line up be
    hind Walker (22%), Trump (14%) and
    Cruz (12%) as their top picks. Somewhat conservative voters back Walker (23%),
    followed by Trump (12%), Carson (10%), and
    Bush (10%). Moderate to liberal voters
    choose Walker (19%), Bush (15%), Trump (10%), Rubio (10%), and Carson (10%) as
    their top tier.

    – Evangelical voters favor Walker
    (17%), Trump (13%), Cruz (10%),
    Carson (10%), and Huckabee (9%). Non-evangelical voters prefer Walker (26%), Trump
    (12%), and Bush (10%).

  7. How Can This Be?
    Walker lies and say he believes in the baby jesus. Trump says WTF is a jesus I’m rich bitch

  8. I like Chris Hayes and believe be appeals to the millennials.

    The comments are all from Fox News/tea bagger and are hysterical.

  9. Walker and Cruz are KOCHSUCKERS and will take us right to war with Iran on day 1.

    Trump is a RICH CELEBRITY and the tea baggers “believe” if they vote for him they inturn will become rich like him.
    Can you see him at a U7 meeting and telling Angela Merkle den Mund zu halten?
    (to shut up) WWIII would be down the road.

    All their candidates are like “gods” to them and hoping to be “saved” from the liberals.

    The conservatives have this “idea” of a no tax, but have everything, country.
    Roads and bridges are prayed to and built or fixed, food shows up on their dinner tables without any effort, companies are allowed to pollute but the water and air are always clean.

  10. When the loudest and least-capable candidate leads the pack, it says more about the GOP electorate’s perception of the rest of the field than it does about Trump’s viability in the long run.

  11. Frankenstein is now unleashed
    ABC / Washington Post Poll released today at 5:16 has Trump at 24%. Polling period included time after his remarks against McCain.

    They’ve created a monster and have no idea what to do about it. If they try to keep him off the debate stage he becomes the Ross Perot of 2016.

  12. And if they do let Trump on the debate stage, the rest all become the Herman Cains of 2016. Oh, what a tangled web we we’ve when our Party’s only purpose is to deceive.

  13. Trump is in the process of making himself indispensable to any path towards electoral success.

    This is how he makes his money. Holding hostages. The GOP right now has no apparent path to voters except through Trump.

    Suckers are born every minute. And educated in America.

    He’s imitating Madonna’s business model.

  14. I believe that Trump is saying exactly what the Republicans have been saying all along.They were really bad talking about our President and The First Family, the poor, and needy, our elders, the children, cutting programs that were implemented to help people of little means. He is just bringing up what they won’t say.They defend a coward and thrash Kerry as a war vet, they ain’t got nothing, and yes they want Trump to go away, I don’t..keep it up Trump, make them sweat, now, I wonder how they feel that someone has the conjones to call their asses out.They did this to themselves and he can do what the hell he wants, didn’t they? Talking under women’s clothing, which is none of their business, that’s downright embarrassing. The aspirin between the legs, man on dog, just down right filthy…and Trump don’t need Super-Pac money, he has his own..I want him to kick their natural ass, like Della Reese said…lol

  15. Give them hell Donald! You hit issues immediately with solutions!!! The other candidates can’t answer a question!

  16. An appreciated gift come early, pushing and verifying the extremism of these gun and ammo hoarding, climate denying, healthcare and contraception restricting, warmongering, deregulating, exploiting heathens of greed and inequality as Americans soon realize we need solutions and decency not extremism and insanity.

    Or, have we become another Conservative Greece, in believing wealth and profit actually trickles down by crushing workers and Conservatism actually cares about Americans, Vets, or the envy of the world in our struggling middle class? Or will we blame the poor and differences between us rather than embrace our likeness’s as we’ve done for centuries adding flavor to our most unique and productive melting pot? Is not the media giving us a gift as eventually the pain of Conservatism finally hits those even driven by fear and bigotry from fox and the church?

  17. Donald Trump has exposed the Republican Party for what it is: a group of racist warmongers moronic haters pretending to be followers of Christ but opposed to science, logic, reason, tolerance, kindness and compassion. If there was any doubt that America is very much a racist country controlled by white-supremacists after the killings of so many black youngsters by white policemen during the last two years, Trump’s support by the Republican base has proven that point beautifully. The “Celebrity Apprentice” has given the world a glimpse into the dark soul of the “Great” OLD party, and it’s really ugly. Democrats are far from perfect, but I rather side with them since they do care about America and its people, all of them without distinction of race, gender, sexual preference, political affiliation, or football team.

  18. Trump vs. McCain.

    Trump vs. The Republican Presidential candidates.

    Trump vs. Republicans.

    It’s A family fight.
    Let’s stay out of it. Remember if you get involved in a family flare up, they will turn on you eventually. So let them roll on the ground amongst themselves. Let’s just watch what the outcome will be. It will be to our advantage. For sure.

  19. The Tea Baggers, what is left of time, despise McCain. McCain is up for re-election again for the thousandth time, and I believe will have a primary challenger from the Tea Bagger. What it is, and I agree with a lot of people, including other liberals Trump speaks his mind and that is what people are attracted to. How many politicians are so careful what they say these days. Once they are in office, they do a 180 degree turn. Heck I’m looking at Trump in a more positive light. Not to say I would vote for the man, but he give the guy credit, he tells it like it is.

  20. Just stop with the fake outrage.

    You’re not fooling anybody, Republicans, not even yourselves.

    Donald Trump?

    You’re mad at Donald Trump?

    Because he disparaged John McCain’s military service.

    Saturday, during a campaign stop in Iowa, Trump took a shot at Senator John McCain

    “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

    Read More

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