30% of The Participants In Fox News’ Sham Debate Are Former Fox Employees


Fox News has announced the ten Republicans who will be participating in the network’s first debate, and the hypocrisy of the situation was illustrated by the fact that 30% of the GOP field used to work at Fox News.

Via Fox News:

Real estate magnate Donald Trump; former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush; Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker; former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson; Texas Sen. Ted Cruz; Florida Sen. Marco Rubio; Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

But former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and several others will not be on the prime-time, 9 p.m. ET stage. The seven who did not make the top 10 will be invited to a separate 5 p.m. ET debate. Aside from Perry and Santorum, this includes Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal; former HP head Carly Fiorina; South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham; former New York Gov. George Pataki; and former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore.

Ben Carson, John Kasich, and Mike Huckabee are all former Fox News employees. Donald Trump was such a regular on Fox News that he had a special Monday morning segment on Fox and Friends. All told, 40% of the Republican debate field were regularly featured on Fox, but only 30% were paid employees.

The entire setup of the debate demonstrates how deeply intertwined Fox News and the Republican Party are. It is not a coincidence that the debate lineup is populated with former Fox employees and Fox favorites like Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio.

One can only imagine the outcry from conservative and establishment media if CNN hosted a presidential debate where 30% of the field were former employees of the network, but the mainstream press is so terrified of Fox that no one will utter a peep about the obvious hypocrisy and conflict of interest that surrounds this debate.

A news network should not be selecting the candidates who will be participating in a debate. Fox News does not practice journalism, and the conservative media bubble was made even smaller by this con job of a debate selection process.

Fox News has moved from being a partisan advocate for the Republican Party to picking who will get to audition to be the nominee. The fact that Fox News has gotten away with this speaks volumes about the sorry state of what passed for media in the United States.

32 Replies to “30% of The Participants In Fox News’ Sham Debate Are Former Fox Employees”

  1. On the other hand, aren’t these the same people and the same network that were blindsided by Romney’s loss? They might not actually be aware of all the people who voted for Obama twice.

  2. The World is laughing at US Republicans’ atrocious Political Performance, it’s a Sham!

    The GOP in the past always ran excellent Campaigns…
    They’re over-killing everything now.

  3. This whole Faux debate is RIGGED and is a complete waste of time, except for the feable minded, scared shitless tea bags.

    “Given Fox’s power to shape the 2016 GOP primary, campaigns are taking an aggressive approach to lobbying Ailes before Thursday’s debates. According to a source close to the Trump campaign, Trump’s friend Rudy Giuliani called the Fox chief the other day and asked Ailes to make sure Megyn Kelly doesn’t go after Trump in her questioning. The feeling inside the Trump campaign — following an on-air grilling in May — is that Kelly doesn’t like Trump.”

    Welcome to the circus

    and send in the clowns

  4. Okay 10 clowns talking for 2 hours. I wonder what issues gets covered

    Repeal Obamacare
    Who will fire the first shot at Iran
    Defund Planned Parenthood
    Say no to science
    And each candidate will have 5 minutes to see who loves the baby jesus the most and 3 minutes to see who gives the best money shot for being a kochsucker

  5. …Rachel Maddow explains how Faux Spews rigged thier own selection process by throwing out at least one of the “most recent polls” to allow Kasich into main debate…I smell lawsuits…

  6. I’ll finally get to meet DJ, as we both embark on the pathway to rotting in hell for that one. Funny as can be. Good one DJ.

  7. Is anyone surprised who really calls the shots for the RNC? Fox claims to be fair and balanced. They don’t claim to have any integrity, morals, respect, or loyalty to anyone except the almighty dollar and the power it buys. I find the whole situation amusing. Go Trump! Dirty these ingnorant bastards up some more.

  8. 30% of the chosen ones worked for and were paid by Faux Noise. The other 70% have been regular guests, invited to express their views. So what else is new? Why is there such outrage? Did anybody with a brain larger than a gnat’s expect anything different?


  9. I would say make into a drinking game. Every time one of the clowns say Obama Bad, Benghazi ,emails take a drink. Take 2 drinks when one says god spoke too me

  10. Here are some of the questions I think the moderators will throw at the lions in the ring:
    1. Do you like this Iran Nuclear deal?
    2. If you become President, will you attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, even the ones NOT making Da Bombs?
    3. Will you put boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq?
    4. Will you repeal Obama Care? Get rid of Medicare?
    5. Will you build a Bigger and longer wall on the southern border between the US and Mexico?
    6. How will you deal with the migration from Mexico? Stop the illegals?
    7. What is your beef about Obama
    8. How many guns do you own?
    9. How will you deal with gun violence in the USA?
    10. Do you think we should put a female on the $20.00 dollar bill, if yes, who?
    11. Who do you think your Democratic Opponent will be?

  11. Fox Host Compares Jeb Bush To A ‘Metrosexual Purse Dog’

    Here’s your daily dose of Vitamin Bizarro, courtesy of dumbass Fox Host Todd Starnes.

    Via Media Matters:

    This is the guy who is saying what the American working man and American working woman want to hear. And here it is in a nutshell. And I get what Jeb Bush is doing. Everybody is trying to be the kinder, gentler, you know, the compassionate conservative. But you know what, Jamie? The average American, they don’t want one of those metrosexual purse dogs, they want a pit bull in the White House.

  12. Bad Obama – One near beer.
    Benghazi- One real beer.
    God told me- one whiskey shot.
    Lawless- one fortified wine.
    Birth Certificate- one sip of Rumplemintz.
    Restoration/Greatness- one shot of ever clear.

    Within 10 minutes, even Palin will start to look good.

  13. Grim – I notice you list second rate booze for 3d rate charlatans.
    My head is pounding from a sympathy hangover….

  14. My proposed questions:

    1) Describe the Constitutional reasoning behind 3 separate and equal branches of government.

    2) Do you support the Supreme Court’s 1954 ‘Brown v. Board of Education’ decision. Do you believe the States have implemented that ruling adequately?

    3) Are women citizens or property? Explain your opinion.

    4) Do you prefer government by the People, or by the contractor? What is the role of a middleman in government operations?

    5) Who is your biggest donor?

    Special bonus question: Do you support transferring public wealth into private hands? Why?

  15. On a fox sponsored debate? Surely you jest. This is the same clowns that said Jade Helm is coming for your guns

  16. I watched the republican “Voters First Forum” on CSPAN on Monday night. While only 14 out of 17 republican candidates participated, they came across as a ridiculous group of misfits and has-beens. Not one of them seemed to inspire any confidence.

    After watching this, I can understand why republicans are in such a panic . . . . and they have every reason to be.

  17. This no new news considering how GOP/TP conservatives chose to undermine the office of The President of the United States. These people along with undercover conspirators have provided money, ads, bribery, false documents, testimony, people to influence resentment against any and every thing to help America on purpose. This is to show the world how much Hate, Bigotry, Discrimination and Intoralance is a determining factor of the American culture unfortunately by a few that have fooled many to follow them. Reminds me Lucifer(Satan) the author of lies seeking to destroy all and going to Hell with as many as will follow.

    excuse any miss spelling for content

  18. FOX is plaYing it smart and will make more money in this election cycle than ever, particularly from the Republican party. Didn’t you every wonder what happens to the billions of campaign funds spent during the election season?.. TV ads. That’s when FOX Wil make its fortune.

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