Scott Walker Plans To Kill 9,800 Americans A Year By Taking Away Their Health Insurance



Scott Walker has unveiled his plan to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a system that would kill an estimated 9,800 Americans a year who could no longer afford their health insurance.

Scott Walker’s plan to replace the ACA would roll back all of the patient protections in the law, and end subsidies for more than 13 million Americans. Walker replaces the subsidies with tax credits. According to Walker, “My plan would provide refundable tax credits to individuals who do not have employer-based coverage to make health insurance more affordable and more portable. This would strengthen health insurance markets by enabling individuals to use their tax credits to buy insurance outside the workplace.”


The Walker tax credit would range from $900-$3,000 a year. The problem with any plan that replaces Obamacare with tax credits is that it requires people to buy the health insurance before they get the tax credit. The reason the ACA has been so effective is that subsidies lower the purchase price of the policy. Health insurance becomes more affordable, and more people can buy coverage.

Before Obamacare, health insurance costs had increased 131% in ten years. Walker’s tax credits would not provide enough for an individual to purchase affordable health insurance if the market reverts to pre-Obamacare behavior. Under Walker, workers and individuals would have to make more money to afford their health insurance, and the tax credit would not cover the cost of the policy.

The result of the Walker plan would be an increase in the number of people who did not have health insurance because they could not afford it.

According to the American Public Health Association, 9,800 Americans will die each year from lack of health insurance if the subsidies are taken away.

Scott Walker’s plan would kill nearly 10,000 Americans a year because they could no longer afford health insurance. The majority of those deaths would come from the poor, low wage workers, and minorities.

Republicans wrap their Obamacare repeal plans around the rhetoric of freedom, but the only freedom that Republican ACA replacement plans give the American people is the freedom to die because they can’t afford to see a doctor.

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  1. …these Teatards don’t CARE if poor people die…makes it easier to enslave the survivors, so goes thier theory…
    …it ain’t gonna go according to plan…

  2. Just watch …some Koch/ALEC puppet will provide this dumb as a stump, walking disaster a euphemism for those 9,800 that means the same as “useless eaters”.

  3. The best option is single payer. On this I agree with both Trump and Sanders. if we can afford billions so Oil companies are tax free ,we can afford Medicare for all.
    Single payer is the best for all Except the greedy insurance companies and their rich owners. Wake up people!!!

  4. I am in favor of single payer but I have yet to see a plan on how to pay for it. In Sen.Sanders own state of Vermont tried to go single payer but failed because they couldn’t afford it and that was with Obamacare subsidies

  5. Oooh TAX CREDITS! What a plan Scott Walker! How long did it take you to think that up? Weeks? Months? Years even? Do you sit in your office all day twirling your evil moustache thinking “How can I screw Americans over even MORE?”

    This man is PURE EVIL. A filthy stinking liar, backed by billionaire liars who only want to suck the teat of the American taxpayers even more. In any other functional democracy this evil POS wouldn’t even be elected dogcatcher. But no, here in America, where educational standards are some of the lowest amongst industrialized nations, people are stupid enough to elect him THREE TIMES into office.

    And this is what we get. An evil Koch-sucking sycophant who looks dumber that dirt, promising to repeal our healthcare.

    Phuk you Walker.

  6. Once the DEA finishes castrating doctors, all poor people will go to ‘pain management’ clinics and wealthy people will go to trained nurse practitioner specialists.

    ERs are running away from even palliative care and doctors are put in the awful position of forcing poor people into a lifetime dependency on controlled substances, because cures and surgery are unaffordable.

    Here in Louisiana, and other Kingdom/fiefdoms, medicine has been totally privatized and segmented, rather like an assembly line.

    They have challenged the authority and right of doctors to practice medicine and established DEA overlords who keep physicians in fear.

    We are well on the road to back alley medicine. The rich kids who can afford to become doctors will not challenge the stripping away of their professionalism.

  7. In his plan he states that small businesses or farmers could join together to negotiate better rates.Well gee mr wizard isn’t that what unions do,get together and negotiate wages?W.T.F.

  8. Where did this brand of monsters emerge from? And why are they given the power to run this country as a Third World nation? Is it the money that are making them so evil?

  9. It didn’t succeed in Vermont for a couple of reasons: first, the population was too small, and second, the state tried to make it work within a for-profit system.

    If every person paid into a healthcare fund via their taxes (and this would mean that employer deductions from your paycheque would cease and your take-home pay would increase), AND if stringent cost restrictions were put on healthcare providers and healthcare institutions such as hospitals, AND if the government could negotiate with the drug companies on behalf of over 300 million Americans, YES, it can work!

    But until most Americans come to the belief that healthcare is a right, not a privilege, AND that everyone should be covered regardless of ability to pay, AND that socialism ceases to be a dirty word, AND that it means instead that your government has a duty towards the health and welfare of every citizen — then it won’t ever happen.

  10. Single-payer is astronomically expensive to implement. It took Canada thirty years to implement single-payer in their country. Most people in these United States can’t afford to wait thirty years for affordable health care. Thanks to Obama’s excellent insights, they don’t have to anymore.

    The World Health Organization places The Netherlands at 17, and they have what we have today since ObamaCare passed: private insurance companies overseen by the gov’t for quality.

    Canada, on the other hand, has single-payer and they’re at number 30.

    Be aware that those W.H.O. ratings are based on patient satisfaction. Apparently, Canadians aren’t as satisfied with their health care insurance as the Dutch are – and the Dutch are VERY difficult to please, let me tell you.

  11. Please see my post just below.

    Single-payer ain’t what most Liberals believe it to be…not according to the W.H.O.’s ranking of countries based on patient satisfaction.

    Canada with single-payer: #30;
    Holland with what we have via ObamaCare: #17.

  12. Walker’s plan: Only the rich can afford health insurance. The poor, elderly, and everyone not in the 1% can die.

    Plain and simple.

  13. Scott Walker, one good thing about Scott is ……………………………and that’s it in a Koch shell.

  14. Uhh ICH, universal healthcare was first implemented in the province of Saskatchewan in the early 60’s, and the docs hated it — but the citizens loved it. Based on the province’s experience, it was soon adopted by the other provinces and consolidated under the Canada Health Act of 1980 (don’t know where you got the 30-yrs stat OR how it was extremely expensive to implement)
    With a relatively small population but an extremely large geography it isn’t easy to provide the same healthcare accessibility to those folks in the sparsely populated north as it is in the largely urban south. Holland is mighty compact by comparison.
    But what is most significant is that any politician who dares suggest a two-tier system here (such as exists in Holland) might as well be prepared to face a firing squad! And believe me, some have tried (the conservatives, of course).
    Canadian satisfaction with universal healthcare consistently ranges between 85-90%.

  15. This is precisely why this is the preferred republican plan:

    *** The majority of those deaths would come from the poor, low wage workers, and minorities. ***

    Say it loud and proud:

  16. The Urban Institute’s Medicaid expansion proposal could help the ACA private plan market The Urban Institute has released a report* proposing that the federal government spend an extra half-trillion dollars over ten years to boost the affordability and uptake of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance offerings. The core premise is that for far too many uninsured Americans, private plans offered on ACA exchanges are either unaffordable or offer too-skimpy coverage. – See more at:

  17. This thing Walker is a good demonstration of the banality of evil. he destroys the good and elevates the bad. he reminds me of the type of things that worked the 4B-4 section of the old German Gestapo. The Walker seems mildly retarded to me but that could just be his set. mindless evil can go little further than this POS takes it. he is proud to destroy a fine old university because if we had an educated populace The Walker would be in a rest home for old Nazis. this thing is the total dirt bag thug just like the old gestapo boys.

  18. I can’t even think what state this pos is running in to the ground. this guy is a murderous thug plain for all to see. What sort of person votes this way? I’m almost wealthy. I’m not a killer. I want EVERYONE to have health care. Im not a sociopath though and Walker is.

  19. When asked what this country does about the uninsured the Teatards yelled out “Let em die”. I was surprised to say the least. these tea baggers are hard edged sociopaths people. they need to get somewhere the fuck away from me. I hate all the bastards. I’m done being nice. Fm em. Let THEMSELVES die.

  20. Anthony, being wealthy or near wealthy is not a prerequisite for being mean or a sociopath. You know as well as I do, there are wealthy people who are very in tune to fellow humans who have less, and those people with means try in their way to make life better for others.

    First of all, I don’t believe Walker has wealth, and if he does, it was not earned it was bribe money, blood money if you will from the Koch clan. He just can’t handle power, he thinks he is the supreme ruler of all; let his Koch blood money dry up and then he will be a big zero. He will just find another hustle to be in what he considers The Big Leagues. The guy is a sociopath and a dimwit.

  21. Many conservatives indignantly point out that the United States has the best medical care available anywhere in the world. This may or may not be true, but it totally misses the point.

    If people are denied or cannot afford to pay for health insurance coverage, let alone their own preventative health care or chronic illness medical treatment, then as far as medical care availability is concerned, there’s no THERE there.

    Walker and his fellow Republican politicos to constituents: “No health care coverage? It sucks to be you!”

  22. Most of the republican candidates are of one mind, they want to destroy or reduce social security, if they did that and opted for the Ryan medicare deal (give them a voucher) the death rate would go sky high –
    retirement – what retirement? for the poor it would just mean death.

  23. Most conservatives confused the best paid /the highest cost with the best care & service idea.
    Someone can be well paid & be the worst possible person for the job (i.e. Scott Walker). They confuse the idea of cost of training – the higher the cost the better the training – but that is also not true as their are many that just can afford the high price School, but don’t have the brains to do the work at the level to be the best.

    A Country can have the best trained doctors & medical staff in the world, but if it is not affordable for all it is not the best if the cost is too high for all but the wealthiest citizens.

  24. Walker, the GOP are just dupes and handmaidens for Fred Kock and his evil sons who require Society to become chaotic, then they will enslave you. YOU WILL WORK FOR THE CRUSTS THEY ALLOW YOU TO HAVE. They are the patient spiders weaving their webs, stay informed, alert and for gods sake vote Dem.

  25. The Countries that have instituted Healthcare for all, also instituted that people who go into the healthcare field do not graduate with school debt that would take 30 years to pay back. These require every student to complete x # of years in public service – something like the military academies. They give you an education, you agree to service for at least 4 years in the active military. They get paid but not at an exorbitant rate. This same plan for the medical field would work – x # years at public service at a set pay grade. For every year in service after the set pay grade the higher the pay grade is set.

    Medical Staff is guaranteed pay – no need for billing services (chg to bill), no large billing staff, instead better trained patient care personnel who get all the patient info & set the info into a patient database so the patient no matter what State they are in that info is there for the Docs & Hospital so they can care for the patient. This is PATIENT centered care.

  26. We don’t have a health care problem; we have a military industrial problem. Plenty of money for health care if we clean out the military contractor parasites. Heck, we would even have enough money to properly take care of our men and women vets destroyed by the GOP wars. Now, they want a new war so they can send the poorest Americans to die for the rich boys who stay home.

  27. This is typical of Scott Walker. He did the same to people in Wisconsin. There are many who were kicked off Medicaid in Wisc. and cannot afford to buy Health insurance because they don’t earn enough to be able to do so. He didn’t and doesn’t care. Rather than keeping the eligibility at 138% of poverty, he lowered it to 100%. The man has no clue what the cost of living is in Wisconsin. He considers $7.25 a living wage, and sees no purpose in the minimum wage. He will throw the elderly and poor under the bus to ensure insurance companies make their profits. That’s his only goal in repealing the ACA.

  28. I Read Scott Walker’s Health Care Plan So You Don’t Have To

    It’s the usual conservative mish-mash of HSAs, high-risk pools, tax credits, interstate insurance sales, tort reform, and block-granting of Medicaid….

    I figure the net cost, once you account for the end of Obamacare subsidies and other current outlays, is still in the neighborhood of $100 billion or so.1 That’s a lot, so I assume Walker explains pretty carefully how he’s going to pull this off without any new taxes.

    Indeed he does. Here’s the answer: “We would simplify and reform how the federal government helps people access health insurance.” Gee, I wonder why no one’s thought of that before….
    Read More

  29. I am under the impression that the Supreme Court held that future presidents could NOT destroy or get rid of The Affordable Care Act ever. I don’t know if that is true because the Thugs keep saying they will repeal it. I know the republican (thug for short) mind does not compute facts at all well and seemingly can not be truthful about anything except that they hate a lot. Fear, Hatred, ignorance and lies are the tools they use and it gets old. they seem to be evil, retarded children. children of the Con. so, can they get rid of ACA or is an empty threat. My ACA insurance policy has probably saved my life. I love not feeling like a criminal because I couldn’t get any insurance. it seems like the president helped my family and me out with this insurance. I know the thugs hate me and wish I were dead I just can’t figure out the WHY of it. i want to help my fellow Americans. I don’t want to see people kept in poverty by thug policy. they don’t even seem human.

  30. They could repeal it if they control of all 3 branches. This is why this election is so important and when people like that Charlotte say if Sen. Sanders don’t win the nomination they will do everything in their power to make sure the Democrats don’t win. I despise idiots that think that way

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