Republicans Are Self-Destructing By Convincing Themselves That Trump Could Beat Clinton


According to a new CNN poll, Donald Trump is now competitive with Hillary Clinton in a general election contest because white male Republicans are convincing themselves that Trump could win.

CNN reported, “The poll finds Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton ahead of Trump by just 6 points, a dramatic tightening since July. Trump is the one of three Republican candidates who have been matched against Clinton multiple times in CNN/ORC polling to significantly whittle the gap between himself and the Democratic frontrunner. He trailed Clinton by 16 points in a July poll, and narrowed that gap by boosting his standing among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (from 67% support in July to 79% now), men (from 46% in July to 53% now) and white voters (from 50% to 55%).”

Trump isn’t picking up support from the broader electorate. His rise in general election performance is directly connected to growth in support for him by the Republican base. The numbers indicate that Republican voters are engaging in behavior that has become common over the last three presidential election cycles.

Republicans have become prone to picking the candidate that they think can win in November, nominating that candidate, and brainwashing themselves into believing that a candidate that doesn’t appeal to the rest of the electorate WILL win.

In 2012, Republicans convinced themselves that all of the polls were “skewed.” They threw out all signs of reality and delusionally believed that Mitt Romney was certain to win against Obama. When Obama cleaned Romney’s clock on election night, Karl Rove melted down on Fox News, the Koch brothers wasted a ton of money, and Barack Obama was a two-term president.

Republicans are repeating the same behavior as the nation moves into 2016. Mitt Romney has been replaced by the unelectable Donald Trump, but the other factors are largely the same. Donald Trump, like Mitt Romney, is promising victory on an extremist ideological agenda, and Republican voters are buying it.

The cause of this self-destructiveness among the GOP can be traced back to the party’s search for another Ronald Reagan. Republicans love Trump, who like Reagan, is an actor who knows how to use over the top rhetoric to get maximum attention. Unlike Reagan, Trump can’t win.

The reality is that Hillary Clinton leads all of the Republican candidates in the new CNN/ORC poll. Trump’s anti-immigrant statements are only making the Democratic coalition stronger.

This poll is good news for Democrats because it is evidence that Republicans are in the process of convincing themselves to make another horrible choice that will doom them to defeat in 2016.

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  1. Trump couldn’t beat a dead rotting skunk found in the middle of Central Park for City Janitor, let alone Clinton or Sanders in an election.

  2. Trump isn’t an actor. The part he’s playing is always HIM!!! Reagan would be considered a RINO with today’s GOP. They would boo him off the stage

  3. …the “Tea Party Revolution” is over…they tried to destroy too much o’ our country too fast, the billionaires behind the “movement” too greedy, and now we got thier number we will {hopefully!!!} shut these GD anti-American MF’ers down, and get them the Hell outta government…”D’OH!!! Elect us so we can destroy EVERYTHING really great about this Country, and we’ll promote a false “Exceptionalism” that will make us the laughingstock of the WORLD!!!”
    {The ‘truth in advertising version o’ the Teatard screed}

  4. The Koch brothers must be fuming. Their chosen candidate, Scott Walker is sinking in the polls. They didn’t want to spend tens of millions in the primaries. They want to spend that money on the general election. Trump threw a wrench into that scenario. It’s going to get interesting between now and next August. Either way, I don’t see Scott Walker in the picture. Hillary Clinton should beat any of them resoundingly regardless of who the Republican nominee is and I would think the same of Senator Sanders.

  5. are they polling the same people that deluded Republicans into thinking that Mitt Romney was a sure thing in 2012?

  6. Pity Reagan was elected. He put the country on a path that we are still recovering from and will be for sometime. Elections have consequences.

  7. Remember the Republican base gets out and vote where as the Democrat base sits on their asses, and when their candidate loses they whine.

    don’t vote, no right to complain!

  8. “Take America Back” is a favorite slogan amongst the Racist Right, and Trump promises to “Make America Great Again”. How? Why by ensuring racial purity of course!

    Now who was the last world leader that guaranteed racial purity for his countryfolk, I mean volk?

    Trump is tapping into the exact same sense of racial grievance that drove Germany into the hands of the Nazis. People who believe that white skin denotes superiority, and they’re not even being subtle about it.

    THIS is their agenda: drive out the Latinos and make black people subservient to whites. Keep women under control of their husbands, and punish any woman who dares to have sex. Make the Bible more important than the Constitution, and if you disagree, you’re either locked up or kicked out.

    “Make America Great Again” is more like “Make America More Fascist” because under Trump, we’ll have a fascist police state. No question.

  9. Here’s the deal: When your enemy ( Republicans ) are in the process of committing suicide DON’T STOP THEM !

    BUT, now is the time to forcefully and boldly attack them while they’re looking so obviously stupid, and not relent.
    Democrats often are too polite, and won’t seize an opportunity when it’s handed to them.
    Now, we don’t have to be AS mean and outrageous as them, but for FSM’s sake, CALL THEM OUT, and point out the major differences between the parties and individual candidates about why the Republicans are WRONG ! ALWAYS WRONG !

    Bernie Sanders has declared that Trump is an embarrassment, but the fact is that ALL Republicans are ! There’s not a reasonable or sane one in the lot, except for Bruce Bartlett and maybe David Frum.

    Republicans are ENEMIES of America and humankind. The one’s with power are sociopaths; and the bulk of their cult followers are suckers, stooges, and idiots.

  10. People. Do not trust any poll. Trust voter registration and voter turnout on Election Day.

    GOPers will rally behind whoever.

    I am not sure if these numbers (Gallup 2014) still hold, but 41% of voters Support/Lean Democratic and 42% Support/Lean Republican.

    Total Voter turnout in 2012 was about 58%, in 2014 it was 42%.

    Hispanic Voter turnout in 2006 was about 31%, in 2014 it was 27% (while Hispanic population and potential voting registration had grown).

    If like me, you want to volunteer for voter registration this election cycle, it may help to have some volunteers with you that speak Spanish.

  11. Trump is Rabble-Rousing CONs into a Frenzy of Rage/Hatred!

    Iowa Radio Host to Immigrants:
    Leave Or Become Our Slaves

    “Taking the concept of self-deportation to new heights, Iowa radio host and conservative kingmaker Jan Mickelson openly advocated enslaving undocumented immigrants who don’t voluntarily exit the United States, citing the legal, financial and bureaucratic inconvenience that would come with mass deportations”.

    CA GOP would be thrilled putting Mexican Immigrants in Box-Cars and send them Home.

    This is the horrible result of FOX and RightWing Hate Radio!
    Radio *Funded* by The Kochs Citizens United:

    Democrats should be SCREAMING…
    For a New Fairness Doctrine.
    They Are Brainwashing America!

  12. Democrats don’t have to scream. We just need to be precise and relentless.

    Our message is that Republicans are nuts. They’re mean and stupid haters.
    Their ‘leaders’ are incapable of governing, have no desire to do so, and are just incompetent at everything except lying and cheating.

  13. Says you which is your opinion. Trump is the best chance the republicans have to get back the party they have destroyed.

  14. There Goes the Electability Argument!
    One of my working hypotheses this year is the possibility that partisan polarization has made a hash of traditional “electability” arguments for this or that “moderate” presidential candidate for the simple reason that swing voters are harder to find and harder to sway than in the past.

    The data are a bit unclear on the subject just yet, and the cycle is still young. But new CNN/ORC poll findings today should provide a very rude shock to those who think Republican voters will finally wake up and realize Donald Trump would be a disaster as a general election candidate and stampede instead to a “grown-up” like Establishment fave Jeb Bush.
    Read More

  15. Also this is not static look at how Trump’s poll numbers keep increasing in all categories.

    You are like so many in denial.

  16. This sideshow gets nuttier every cycle. Who could have predicted things would go this way? If this persists the GOP convention may feature Bronco Billy shooting an empty chair.

  17. I hope Trump wins the nomination. I mean could you just see the first debate?

    Hillary answers that she travels to all these countries and twists arms to get them to impose sanctions that brought on the deal with Iran, which was true.

    Trump says he gets his intel from Chuck Todd, and by the way, I am really rich and smart, and you are fat and ugly.

    Yeah. I see that winning the general election.

  18. What’s your point? Romney was the gov of Mass….did he ever become POTUS??

    Also polls don’t mean crap!

  19. Say, Sal – why don’t you actually dig a tad deeper into that CNN “Poll”.

    Here, I’ll help you UNSKEW it:

    If you look at their own numbers, you’ll see their Poll was based on …




    Pretty sure that polling ONE-THIRD MORE Rethuglicans than Democrats is going to SKEW that “Poll” pretty significantly.

  20. Where did you get this info about College Kids being gung-ho for Trump? Just interested in how you know this

  21. Maybe you saw that Harvard Students endorsed the Trump Presidency. You might like to learn that it was a prank.

    Harvard Student Humor Magazine Tricks Donald Trump with Fake Presidential Endorsement.

  22. Hey Republicans if you think “the Donald” can beat Hillary as the man I admire most would say PLEASE PROCEED and nominate him!The Democratic Party will thank you for giving us a LANDSLIDE VICTORY!

  23. What about Bernie Sanders? No mention of the fact he is putting a huge dent in the Hill’s lead on the democratic side……media must do their part to be democratic in this struggling democracy. The risk becoming irrelevant, some say they already are.

  24. Quinnipiac poll OHIO PENN FLORIDA
    HC 47 45 48
    BS 17 19 15
    JB 14 17 19

    If Joe declines to run it would look like this:

    HC above 60
    BS below 20

    Any questions?

  25. And I should add Bernie will beat any one of those crazies on the Republican side,If I’m wrong and a republican wins the people deserve what they get, lower wages,less in Social Security benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, more costly Health Care, on & on,so all you progressives lets get to work for Bernie and if he looses the Primary get behind Hilary, we cant endure another Republican President,

  26. Pathetically, the Republicans, with no leader, spent way too much time trying to knock President Obama down, in their all too obvious envy of leadership they never see in their failed party any more, that they “forgot”? to even groom ANYONE to challenge ANY Democrat.

    Thinking politicians, unless they are already multi-millionaires, will obviously be Democrats. Republican don’t think! They just HATE!

  27. Yes, I remember! It was the day that I lost all respect for Clint Eastwood, as the person I THOUGHT he was, and resigned myself to the fact that he is actually only the typical, brainless, Republican hater, BESIDES being sickly, racially prejudiced! His only reprieve could be that he has become senile, except NOBODY gets racially prejudiced and hateful just because of senility. The seeds had to be there before, and racial prejudice equals ignorance! NONE of us chooses race, color, gender, etc., BEFORE we are even planted!

  28. I agree 1000%. I can’t believe the Kochs were ever really FOOLED by Scott Walker’s con job. They obviously know Walker is NOT presidential material. I think they just wanted a dunce figure-head in the presidential seat, who would do their every beck and call, as he’s done a good job, so far, by getting rid of unions FOR THEM. But, did they actually believe he was a good enough con artist to FOOL the entire nation?? That wouldn’t say too much for THEIR brains either!

  29. Jewel,
    You are so right, but…

    You forgot the worst prediction…war… To be continued to make the friends of the GOP more money, perhaps to the extent that conscription of American youth would be necessary…again.


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