Boehner And McConnell Rocked As Republican Disapproval Hits A Record High


A new Quinnipiac Poll has revealed that disapproval of Congressional Republicans has reached a record high and voters will blame the GOP if the government shuts down.

According to the Quinnipiac poll, “Voters disapprove 81 – 12 percent of the way Republicans in Congress are doing their job and give the Republican Party a negative 31 – 58 percent favorability.” Democrats are also in negative territory, but they are more than twice as popular as Republicans in Congress (27% approval), and a net 17 points better than the Republican Party (40%-50% approval/disapproval).

The Congressional Republican disapproval rating today is 14 points higher (88%) today than when they shut the government down in October 2013 (74%). Republicans have managed to register their lowest approval rating since in since the question was first asked in February 2009. The previous low for Congressional Republicans was 76% disapproval in January 2014.

Boehner and McConnell could drive their party even deeper into the hole if they don’t prevent a government shutdown at the end of September. The Quinnipiac poll found that by a margin of 41%-33% Republicans will be blamed if the government shuts down. Independents will blame Republicans 37%-33%.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner’s leadership has taken the Republican Party to new lows. Voters are not supporting the Republican agenda, and they have little to no confidence that Republicans in Congress will do the right thing.

Republicans have long treated the American people like they are not paying attention, but results like this demonstrate that while the vast majority of American voters don’t follow the day to day details of politics, they have a general sense of what is going on.

If Boehner and McConnell believe that they can survive a government shutdown by blaming President Obama, they are in for a big surprise. A Republican-caused government shutdown could be the tipping point where a fed up electorate takes control of the Senate away from the Republican Party.

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  1. Even with all these numbers, they don’t care… the idiots within the party just eat up the blame game and their Anti-American ways.

    Dude, 4 out of 5 Americans think you suck at your job. That would be, for the rest of us, grounds for being fired on the spot!

    These idiots are more then likely capable of keeping their job because there are too many people who have fell for their blame game tactics and their Anti-American ways. If they get the shutdown that they want because, you know, no way in hell the President will allow anything they want in the budget, then we can see the ultimate in voter dissatisfaction: 100% disapproval.

  2. They are so stupid and do not deserve to stay in the house and senate. People, let’s get off our ass and get out the vote so we can flip the house and senate.

  3. It doesn’t matter. The voters will keep re-election them. It embarrasses me that McConnell and Paul represent my state. We have very ignorant white voters in this state. They’re discussing

  4. Well the turtle and the drunk don’t want a shutdown because they know who will be blamed. But the crazies led by the Cuban-Canadian is itching to close down the government if the budget doesn’t defund Planned Parenthood and the ACA

  5. When was a kid, there was a man on the radio who opened with,
    “Good evening Americans.
    There’s good news tonight.”

    His name was Gabriel Heater and, if he was alive today, he would say that about this.

  6. Mr. McConnell will just say that the polls were skewed by liberal bias. Mr. Boehner won’t give a sh** because the districts are so gerrymandered that Republicans have the House locked up for the foreseeable future.

  7. You mean the “terrorist” group Al Quaeda? They are very sensitive about that word the last few days. Very thin skins these losers have.

  8. Just after the elections last year, I wrote a Facebook note where I (correctly) predicted what the Fascist GOP would try to do with their Congressional majorities.
    I guess even Progressive and Moderate Republicans needed to see it for themselves how unwilling and incapable the Fascist GOP truly are in governing this country.

  9. BTW: the fact that the GOP’s negative rating of 27% (31% approval; 58% disapproval) is only 17% lower than that of the Democrats (40%-50%) tells you two things:
    “Liberals control the media” is Fascist GOP propaganda and nowhere close to the truth;
    The GOP’s Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda campaign, through the use of the “false equivalency” narrative and now in its 96th year, is still going strong thanks to the Fascist GOP’s control of 98% of the media :( ssmdh

  10. Yep…false equivalency, which I correctly call the “Siren Song of the GOP Progressives/ Moderates and Firebaggers” (Libertarians) rears its ugly head yet again :(

  11. They shut it down before and got bigger majorities in both houses in 2014. Trump is on trajectory to be the republican nominee in 2016. The American people are now in Idiocracy territory. And we sane informed people are helpless to stop this direction. I think they will shut down the congress with no consequences if history is an indicator. The media is in the bank for them. They can get away with murder. I am feeling hopeless more and more.

  12. They oppose Everything and have no alternatives, just a bunch of empty angry rhetoric at Obama. Bitching and stomping their feet producing nothing and creating gridlock. No wonder Obama takes a detour around their roadblocks and gets to where he intended to go.

    Their true colors have been shown up, by the one person, The President, who they swore to oppose from the git-go. It is and HAS backfired in their faces. Nobody seems to be applauding them for opposing and doing Nothing these past six and a half years. They don’t seem to get it, still. Digging themselves deeper and deeper into the OUT HOUSE.

  13. Pardon my skepticism, 2013 government shutdown was a giant slapped in the face to workers. While these hillbillies strutted on TV sprouting delusional rambling of “the evil one” destroying the economy. Their paranoid schizophrenic display cost taxpayers $$$ Billions, GDP took a hit. Immigration got buried never to be seem again. And the majority of the electoral never held them accountable, but they did made the democrats paid the price.
    With the msm burying facts and running after shining objects ( emails, borders walls, changing the constitutions, impeachment). In other words, dumbsh**. We will see if the voting electoral really are paying attention.

  14. complete LOSERS who can’t friggin govern, but the liberals always knew they couldn’t.
    They have wasted time and $$$$ and have NEVER helped the middle class or poor.

    McConnell and Boehner’s goals for the 114th Congress

    Here Is What The GOP Promises To Do With Its New Senate Majority

    GOP’s broken promises: Gridlock & dysfunction still rule the day despite congressional control

  15. Republicans will be unhappy no matter who they elect. Playing victim is just too important to them. They’re bitching and moaning about the people THEY have elected, and their solution is unqualified buffoons like Trump and Carson that will send us back to the dark ages of politics. I’m so SICK of hearing about Republican anger! That’s all you hear from them online, as if they have a monopoly on anger, as if Democrats and Independents don’t have a shit-ton to be angry about, too. It’s a bloody miracle this country manages to function at all, at this point.

  16. the stupid and uneducated will continue to vote for them. This is why the tea bag/repubs want to GUT education; keep ’em stupid to stay in office

  17. They’re also paying the price politically after bashing Washington politicians, those evil insiders, for all of President Obama’s two terms……now what do they get? Three non politicans leading in their polls, lol, they’ve brainwashed their voters well.

  18. I have it straight from our State Senator’s mouth that “the first thing we will do when we are back in session in September is to look at defunding Planned Parenthood.”

    He’s a moron. They’re all morons, and anyone who votes for them is a moron.

  19. Now listen everyone. You’ve been told umpteen times and know dang well that the only reason jobs jobs jobs and infrastructure bills haven’t been passed is because they are sitting on Reid’s desk.

  20. Maxie, as a native Kentuckian and two time graduate of the University of Kentucky (undergraduate and law), I could not agree with you more. When I read about Kentucky, I feel like I am a refugee.

  21. I totally agree. They don’t approve of common core minimum education standards, because they prefer the masses are kept stupid. They want to continue to manipulate their agenda.

    The GOP Party is the Party of NO and Obstructionism … They do not know governance and are the undoing of the middle class and America as we know it…. They need to become extinct like the dead dinosaurs… The good old boys, white, bigoted , hatful , prejudiced ,extreme, religious right , conservative party…. They do not represent America or its people … Only the 1% and their controllers….

  23. Maybe we should try to resurrect Harry Reid. They guy could get more done with a seeing eye dog. At least he listened and actually worked for constituents.

  24. …sorry mate; these days it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s humor, and what’s not…
    {changed me vote}

  25. Congress is undeniably stupid, Republicans and some Democrats, alike. I realize any bumbling idiot in this Country can get elected with the right amount of money and lobbyists in their back pocket, but these people are supposed to be employed by US. We see that they have good jobs, great benefits and decent paychecks. They don’t give one legitimate iota about this Country. They don’t even work full time. They have held the Country hostage for 6.5 years because we elected an African American. Now we share a responsibility to vote them out of office. These crazy’s cause permanent brain damage, voter disgust, and apathy. Don’t go numb. Don’t let your vote go to waste. Vote for the mentally stable, P-L-E-A-S-E.

  26. “There is no such thing as helplessness. It’s just another word for giving up.” ― Jefferson Smith, Strange Places

    Which is why we sane informed people can’t afford to sit back, wringing our hands and moaning that the end is here!

    We are neither helpless nor impotent. The very least we can do is to use the power we have in our own hands: vote.

    And there’s more if we’re willing to do more. Donate to the party, to the candidates, and to the causes we support. Make your voice heard: sign petitions, write your elected officials; post on your Facebook page and other social media. Participate in (peaceful) protests. Volunteer for voter registration drives. Join activist groups.

    Anything but giving up without a fight.

  27. The pictures of two corporate house leaders IS WORTH MORE THAN ALL THE RICHES IN THE WORLD!!!

    *Bernie2016* We The People of America have spoken!!!

  28. the repubs are over dosing on the funny kool_- aid way to long. its a pure display of educated stupity.

  29. Well, no shart, Sherlock. When you don’t do any d**n work, and can’t control your own party, & the factions within it, what did you expect?

  30. Com’on folks, they’er the inspiration for car payments, got to get to the polling place. Otherwise, there won’t be enough fraud. They cain’t guvun’, they lie too much. And what the hell are they doing in aunt Bee’s private parts. Damn perverts. They better damn well know I need my gardener, whether he’s registered or not. Get the hell out of the American people’s personal afairs. I’m talking OBGYN business and health needs men and women benefit from. No good M*&*$#@!*rs. The Iron gates will not save you, and the Mexicans damn sure won’t, they’ll be with us, tearing out the iron gates to get to you bastards. Rule of thumb, the hood is the least of your worries, keep it up scum members. Mitch, you’re the main perpetrator.

  31. If Democrats would get out and vote, we would dump these republican losers out on their asses where they belong.

    When we vote, we win.

  32. Republicans just don’t get it. Angry white men are becoming passe as the country browns and matures. America is ready to join the civilized world of equality, workers’ rights, free education and health care, etc. Bernie Sanders is the logical choice, has the platform and the momentum. Go Bernie!

  33. That’s ok Shadowolf. After thousands who always claimed the thing about “Reid’s desk”, we now know the scapegoat was false. I think the GOP governance record will be reflected in the next vote.

  34. What I read here is about Dems and Repubs. I don’t see anyone being represented in congress, its about what is good for them!! The reason Trump is leading and not a politician is we are tired of the same old lies. Dems don’t lie?? How’s the hope and change going for you bubba?? We need a leader who is concerned about the USA!!!

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