Trump’s Popularity Explained: Majority Of Republicans Think Obama Is A Foreign Muslim


trump at iowa state fair
A Public Policy Polling (PPP) national survey released on September 1st, finds Donald Trump still way ahead in the Republican race for president. Trump leads with 29 percent of the vote, followed by retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 15 percent. Jeb Bush is in a distant third place, polling just 9 percent.

Trump’s popularity has proven resilient all summer, and the PPP poll gives us clues as to why Trump is dominating the GOP field. To put it bluntly, Trump appeals to a xenophobic base of voters who live in an alternate reality, where Barack Obama is perceived as a foreign-born Muslim. To these bigoted and confused voters, “making America great again” means deposing the “foreign Muslim tyrant”, building a wall around the country, and putting a rich white guy back in charge.

That may sound like an exaggerated caricature of the GOP primary voter, but based on Republican responses to the PPP survey, it is all too real. According to the poll, 54 percent of Republican voters believe Barack Obama is Muslim, and only 29 percent of GOP voters think Barack Obama was born in the United States. Astonishingly a higher percentage of Republicans, 40 percent, think Ted Cruz was born in the United States than believe Obama was. Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.


However, not all GOP voters are alike. For example, a majority of John Kasich, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush supporters are reality-based enough to believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States. Yet, only 21 percent of Donald Trump supporters think Obama was born on American soil. Two-thirds of Trump supporters also incorrectly believe Barack Obama is a Muslim.

The entire Republican electorate struggles with reality, but Trump has mastered the art of appealing to the demented and the delusional. He has lured conspiracy theorists and low information voters into the pro-Trump fold, forming a dominant coalition within the ranks of the GOP.

While Republican strategists grow increasingly concerned that the Trump phenomena isn’t dying down, they have only themselves to blame. After years of trying to subtly whisper that Barack Obama isn’t a “real American”, by raising questions about his birth certificate and his faith, the Republican Party has cultivated a “know nothing” base. Like a pied piper, Donald Trump has tapped into that vast reservoir of bigotry and ignorance to attract a cavalcade of Republican followers. Given the GOP electorate’s disconnect from reality, Trump may be hard to stop in the Republican primaries.

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  1. Makes me wish the 54 percent that buy into that hog wash got automatic castrations so they cannot breed.


  2. Willful stupidity. How can the GOP even survive? None of their candidates offer any hope for the country and people will still vote for them. I just don’t get it.

  3. Anyone wanting to challenge POTUS citizenship needs to check his mothers birth certificate. It doesn’t matter where on the planet he was born. She is a citizen so he is a natural citizen.
    Sadly this also means Ted Cruz is.

  4. God Almighty this country is in DEEP TROUBLE! Ignorance like this is why! $10 dollar gas and war with Iran is our future.And goodbye Social Security and Medicare if ANY resickliccan gets in.

  5. We are in deep trouble. Our only hope is to elect Bernie Sanders & people like him for offices of governor, state & federal senate & congressional offices. Sanders has a voting record to prove he has been working for the middle class & poor for over 40 years. He can’t be bought by C-Paks, the wealthy or corporations! He tells them to keep their money & where to stick it! He is an honest man & I believe he will make a fabulous president BUT he can’t do it by himself. That’s why we have to elect people into office who will support & help him make his ideas come to life. The media is still ignoring Sanders & will probably do so throughout his campaign because the media is owned by Republicans & they dictate what stories their reporters write & where they are sent. Sad state for America to be in when you absolutely can’t trust the media to give you accurate news.

  6. This article would be laughable if it weren’t so ignorant. The article isn’t about why Trump is popular. It is actually just another typical leftist asinine rant of hating republicans because they’re “racistbigotshomohphobemysoginists”

    Anyway, let me explain to you why Trump is so popular:

    Many Americans are sick and tired of the Bush’s and Clintons. But mostly Washington politicians. Especially the ones who just tell us what they think we want to hear instead of what they actually think.

    Americans are fed up with this PC crap that’s constantly shoved down our throats.

    The conservatives in America are POed at Boehner, McConnel, McCain and their lies to those who voted for them.

    Donald Trump has no PC filter in his brain. He doesn’t care who likes him or who doesn’t. He’s not a politician who’s been “bought” by lobbyists or special interests.

    The writer hasn’t a damn clue as to why Trump is popular.

  7. My main sticking point of the article was the ignorance…For example, 40% believe Cruz was born in the Unites States.

  8. So in other words, Trump is NOT telling all these people exactly what they want to hear? Does he have any policy plans other than billion dollar fences that will never be built? What will he do exactly about the tax code? How does he feel about Israel and the money we send them? How will he fund schools, and our crumbling infrastructure that the GOP has let almost collapse? What about jobs? The man’s clothing lines are made in China, and you trust HIM to bring jobs back? He hires know, those rapists and thugs others in your party plane to drone or just shoot with their handy assault weapons, no questions asked. What will be do about the people who want to amend the Constitution, another thing is will not happen?
    We know how he views women: as gossips, whores, and arm candy. You too perhaps?
    And just a reminder: Hitler was ‘self-funded’ and didn’t care who agreed with him.Trump keeps a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed.

  9. “How can the GOP even survive?”
    Simple. It’s a toxic mixture of greed and stupidity. Corporations pump massive amounts of money into the GOP because they know Republicans will do their bidding for a price.
    The stupidity is provided by a core base of angry idiots that are too dumb and lazy to get off their asses and do any sort of research or fact checking.
    If we had an electoral system where elections were paid through our taxes, and media that actually cared about facts instead of profits, the GOP would have gone the way of the Whigs long ago…

  10. You are the one who is laughable, 54%er. You rubes think you know Trump. Hah, he laughs at you dumbasses and marvels how easy it was to get you to believe the crap he spews.

  11. I suppose that makes sense. They hate Muslims. The Birther-in-Chief certainly does, although his investigators has come up with nothing, zero, zilch, nada, to disapprove the birth of the President in Hawaii. They’ve called the President every name imaginable, and will continue to do so long after the President leaves office.

  12. It amazes me that there are so many fools in this country. These people will swear to you that “professional” wrestling is real and that Donald Trump is being honest with them, and that President Obama is a lying Muslim dictator. This is why there are so many nut-jobs in Congress such as Louis Gohmert, Steve King and “Senator” Cruz. Then they wonder why our government is so dysfunctional. The corporate owned media promotes it by no longer informing their viewers, they attempt to entertain them and sensationalize everything for ratings. Pathetic.

  13. How the Stupid Party Was Made
    It’s easy to get inured to polling results that demonstrate that a significant part of the American population barely has enough brain capacity to operate their lungs. It’s hard to imagine how a brain that can simultaneously hold that the president is a Muslim and that he is at fault for being a member of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s congregation can figure out how to simultaneously pump the heart and regulate body temperature.
    Read More

  14. Remember BushW was elected to two terms. Does that explain stupid? We are a country of clan like groups that follow the leader…..any leader. There are no independent thinkers aside from Bernie who have the capacity to govern. Take your two party system and trash it, it is destroying our country.

  15. That is not actually true. If an American parent has a child in a foreign country, the parent is required to file papers at the embassy with the American parent’s birth certificate and the child’s birth certificate and seek to have the baby’s citizenship notarized and recorded.

    President Obama was born in the USA. Cruz was born in Canada. John McCain was born of two American parents while his father served in the military in the Canal Zone and the Congress had to pass a bill allowing him to run for the presidency.

  16. The Berniebots are as misguided and idiotic as the Trumpbots. Bernie Sanders is a total fraud and the people supporting him are simply Trumpers from the left instead of the right. At least Trump has a tax proposal that is not a 90% tax rate in support of government redistribution of income. Neither man is qualified or suitable for the presidency and neither man will ever be elected POTUS.

  17. I admit I underestimated his base. I saw him go from low to high polls overnight and thought it would not be sustainable.

    They are that stupid, and we know how hard it is to fix stupid.

    He will not be the candidate, TPTB will not allow it, but he has more staying power than I can fathom.

    I thought his McCain remark would sink him. And it would have with the old base. This new base is pure dumfuk and has no redeemable merits.

  18. And, when you confront them with reality that this is a secular nation guided by the rule of law, they scream about their patriotism, belief in GOD, their 2nd amendment rights and you are a communist/socialist/liberal who wants to destroy their country. They’ll even say you should leave if you don’t love America the way they do.

    NAH, my reply – I like the fact that this is a secular nation and since you want to live in a Theocratic fascist nation there are all ready a few readily available. I think you are the ones that need to move.

  19. Yeah, let’s elect the new leader of the free world because he “tells it like it is”… you and the other Trump trolls all share the same diseased brain? That is NOT a reason to elect a POTUS, you moron!! The man has no policies other than throwing out 11 million foreigners, which you and your fellow Rethugs are obviously too daft to realize he can’t do in the first place. He’s not “non-pc”, he’s just an as*hole…that doesn’t make him special, it just makes him more like you and your party.

    For the record, I don’t agree with the writer of the article. I think Trump’s popularity is for one reason and one reason only. He wants rid of brown foreigners, and so do his white hillbilly masses, otherwise he wouldn’t keep harping on and on about it, to the exception of anything else.

  20. Thank you. That is, in fact, the law. Jus solis citizenship is automatic for anyone born under US jurisdiction. Jus sanguinis (by ancestry) is recognized for those born outside of US jurisdiction only as Congress provides. Though John McCain was undoubtedly born under U.S. jurisdiction (to a military family, with his father on active duty, in the then U.S.- governed Canal Zone), the Congressional resolution forestalled litigation on that matter.

    Ted Cruz may be a U.S. citizen, but facts indicate he is not a “natural born” one.

  21. I haven’t decided between Hillary or Bernie at this point, we still have a ways to go before the primaries, but you can for damned sure bet I’ll support whichever of the two is nominated. NOTHING is more important than shutting out the Republicans.

    Comparing Bernie and his supporters to Trump and his followers is WAY off. Trump and his followers are racist, xenophobic, sexist nuts that want to take us back to the dark ages and you CANNOT say the same about Bernie and his supporters, whatever else you might think. Bernie hasn’t taken ONE SHOT at Hillary, you might want to remember, or vice-versa. We should follow their example and make this the party of class, in sharp contrast to the Rethugs and their bitter in-fighting.

  22. Even if somehow Trump does win the R nomination, he will not be POTUS. All this skirmishing and brouhaha going on now is nothing compared to how intensely it will be ratcheted up next summer, and he has too much baggage to win nationally. the problem for the R’s is that he is independently wealthy and doesn’t need any knee-pads to pay homage to the $.
    In the end he will not win.
    “Some Americans are stupid all the time, and all Americans are stupid some of the time, but not all Americans are stupid all the time” – Somebody

  23. Look, the Trumpettes are bigots, xenophobic D.A.s Every chance they got (& I have a few in my family) would go out of their way to tell me that they were not prejudice, that they just did not like Obama’s policies & believe that he would destroy this country with his socialism. I have heard this for the entire time that President Obama has been in office. When I point out that the economy has improved, stock market up, unemployment down, standing in the world improved, etc., I am told I don’t know what I am talking about.

    Now Trump is spewing xenophobic rants, & slogans about making our country great again & my D.A. family members are in thrall. With the Trump candidacy they are not hiding their bigotry – they can’t wait to get that N out of office & get a real American in there A La Trumpet who tells it like it is. Yep, his going to be great negotiating with foreign leaders. If it doesn’t go his way he will scream that he is not being respected & leave.

  24. Yeah, Baron Trump is an anchor baby too. Is he going to deport his current wife and son? A non-hypocrite would.

  25. A woman I have known well for my whole life and who is one half Puerto Rican, thinks they should build a wall and is listening to Trump. She is terrified of Muslims coming in from Mexico and killing us all in our sleep. There is no reasoning with her.

    Yes, she is a faithful FOX viewer and reads the FOX Hispanic news site.

    Against her self interest. No clue. Even mentioned Huckabee seems like he’d be a good president.

    I hang up on her.

  26. So for someone who is a regular on here and speaks her mind she is a troll. That’s rich for someone who just started posting because she has the Bernie vapors. You people are ridiculous

  27. Jewel, are you a troll here or just completely misinformed?

    scroll to page 131. Most democratic party members want Hillary, the actual democrat.

    Clinton is over 60% with African Americans (65/14) and ‘very liberal’ voters (65/26), over 50% with ‘somewhat liberal’ voters (59/25), women (59/18), seniors (56/19), Hispanics (54/13), and white voters (52/24), and in the 40s with men, (49/24), younger voters (48/20), and moderates (47/19).

  28. —-xenophobic base of voters who live in an alternate reality, where Barack Obama is perceived as a foreign-born Muslim. To these bigoted and confused voters, “making America great again” means deposing the “foreign Muslim tyrant”, building a wall around the country, and putting a rich white guy back in charge.——

    Yup. That’s his base allright. A bunch of Idiots, who don’t reality. Can’t accept logic. It is just shows that they are willing to believe false notions to dismiss Obama and his presidency. Failing to realize that IF any of their beliefs were true, Obama would NOT have been elected, much less remain in office for two terms. It shows that these people are DUMB, racist and or both. I’m glad that they only belong to the Republican Party. The party of misfits, dysfunctional thinking, and in plain language =crazies.
    Who needs them? Trump. That’s all he’s gonna get. He talks about the “Silent Majority”….that’s us, and those that are laughing at him…

  29. Look, I am not one of the “Trumpettes” as someone stated. If I was asked if I trusted him, my answer would be no… given his convenient transformation from D to R.

    But he’s bringing up issues that are resonating and the other candidates need to pick up on it. Illegal immigration in particular. Building a fence is not feasible or practical. It’ll cost too much and illegal immigrants will find a way under, over or through it.

    But going after employers and hitting them with heavy fines for employing illegals would be a good start. If there is no work to be had for them here they will go back on their own. How about cracking down on plants like Hormell and Tyson?

    You want higher wages? We don’t need to raise the MW. Crack down on illegal immigration and employers will have to pay higher wages.

  30. …aye, I have a ton o’ Teatards in me family too {Mostly Paternal }
    …haven’t heard from any in years, since I wrote a treatise on why they were anti-Christian AND anti-American racist fascists…in full USNavy mode…

  31. You want higher wages? We don’t need to raise the MW. Crack down on illegal immigration and employers will have to pay higher wages.
    In states with more undocumented immigrants, Peri said, skilled workers made more money and worked more hours; the economy’s productivity grew. From 1990 to 2007, undocumented workers increased legal workers’ pay in complementary jobs by up to 10 percent.
    Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S. Economy?
    Facts just the facts

  32. Plutocrats are the problem, not the solution. America does not need Trump.

    GOP = Gods Of Plutocracy

    Plutocracy is the rule by the super-rich capitalists and their retainers. In a plutocracy the middle class is controlled though taxation, low-cost imports (free trade) and corrupt politicians and in a communist system the middle class is exterminated. The perfect plutocracy consists of two classes only—the plutocrats and their overseers and the subsistence-level poor. The degree of economic inequality is staggering as is the low level of social mobility.

    Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.
    —Theodore Roosevelt

  33. Hell, I’d even go for a maximum wage. No CEO is worth these 7 and 8 digit salaries they’re making.

  34. It’s not the case that Rethugs can’t see reality – rather it’s that they won’t see it. It’s impossible to view reality if your head constantly resides up your posterior.

  35. So, Troll, why are you here?

    Do you suppose that we will read your crap and suddenly change our political philosophy??

    The funny thing? Trump is a trojan horse for the right-wing and is sowing the seeds of its destruction. He is the best friend that the Democrats could ever hope to have.

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