Obama Blows Republicans Out Of The Water With Fastest Job Growth Pace Since Clinton


Another jobs report, another historic success for the Obama economy.

According to the White House,”Our economy has now added 8.0 million jobs over the past three years, a pace that has not been exceeded since 2000. And while the economy added jobs at a somewhat slower pace in August than in recent months, the unemployment rate fell to 5.1 percent—its lowest level since April 2008—and the labor force participation rate remained stable. Our businesses have now added 13.1 million jobs over 66 straight months, extending the longest streak on record. In addition, hourly earnings for American workers continued to rise.”

The Department of Labor announced in the August jobs report that the economy added 173,000 jobs. Businesses added 140,000 jobs. Over the past three months, an average of 221,000 jobs per month have been added due to upward revisions.

This is the 66th consecutive month of private sector job growth under President Obama, for a total of more than 13 million jobs. The longest running stretch of private sector job growth in our history.

That’s a lot of private sector growth, an area Republicans have historically claimed expertise over.

The unemployment rate dropped to 5.1 percent, the lowest unemployment rate since April 2008. We are now at what the Fed deems “full employment”. To make this even more encouraging, August numbers are usually revised up.

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 173,000 in August, and the unemployment rate edged down to 5.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in health care and social assistance and in financial activities. Manufacturing and mining lost jobs.

Democratic Leader Pelosi urged Congress to do more for the people, saying in a statement, “Our economy continues to make progress, adding another month to the longest uninterrupted period of private sector job growth in American history. However, it is clear more can and must be done to create good-paying jobs and grow the paychecks of America’s hard-working families.”

Part of what Pelosi might be referring to is that the unemployment rate declines for whites doesn’t mean all is well:

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for whites declined to 4.4 percent in August. The rates for adult men (4.7 percent), adult women (4.7 percent), teenagers (16.9 percent), blacks (9.5 percent), Asians (3.5 percent), and Hispanics (6.6 percent) showed little change in August.

Meanwhile Republicans continue to play games with business, continuing to block reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, refusing to pass a real jobs bill, denying investments in our infrastructure, and continuing on with their sequester temper tantrum. There’s even word on the street that Republicans are looking to another government shutdown, seeing as their previous efforts in shutting down the government harmed the country so much and cost so much.

Pelosi pointed out that there are only 12 legislative days left before the budget deadline. If Republicans stay true to form, they will stop at nothing, no matter the collateral damage, in order to empower their party to make unilateral decisions that help the 1%.

It took seven years for the unemployment rate to recover from the Bush stock market crash and related Great Recession.

For every inch forward we take, Republicans rock the boat and poke at the leak until we take on more water. In spite of them, the Obama economy has made history yet again, and in the private sector to boot. Expect more wailing and caterwauling from the backseat drivers who would rather America failed than see President Obama get any acknowledgement for anything.

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  1. …among the other sciences goppies reject is Mathematics…which is why they fail every time; EVEN WHEN THEY CHANGE THE RULES TO MAKE A NON-POLITICAL OFFICE POLITICAL IN THEIR FAVOR!!!

  2. Just saw the story on MSNBC but not once did they credit President Obama with the job growth! MSNBC is turning into FOX-LITE! I hope they fold! Joe, Andrea and Luke belong on FOX!

  3. I am a Canadian who follow the Political situation in the USA. It is strange that in a country that preaches to rest of the world about Democracy does not follow it own strictures.
    America elected a “Black” man as President. He inherited a rotten economy from a “White” man who was President before him.
    He has improved the economy of the United States beyond the wildest dreams of every man woman and child in America. In spite of this the Republicans see a “Black” man ruining the country. Notwithstanding the Republicans have been the “Defeat Obama” crowd Obama has created over Ten Million Jobs since becoming President. Lower un- employment, Higher Medical Insurance, numbers etc,etc, etc,
    Racism is alive and well in America. The land of the Not So Free.

  4. The rest of the world sees what is going on here in the USA, but the GOP refuses to acknowledge their hatred that is destroying our country.

    I have relatives and friends in foreign countries, they see the same thing you do.

  5. same here, I’m in Fiji and I have been a huge supporter of President Barack Obama since the 2007-2008 Campaign, his grace, dignity, humility in the face of opposition, racism and hatred is something I will always admire from this great man, I wish we in Fiji have a leader like him, unfortunately Fiji is the ‘Land of Coups’ (3Coups since ’87 and counting) and we have an authoritative Government and a stupid Prime Minister who likes to threaten anyone who disagrees with him, he reminds of the Tea Party and the crazies in the U.S. Congress, I wish POTUS all the very best in his remaining years in the White House.

  6. All this positive job growth with nothing but GOPer dead weight on his back. Imagine if Congress/Senate had worked WITH President Obama instead of asking for birth certificates and talking about Socialized “death squads” at Hospitals!

  7. Some will never give PBO credit for anything good because they have another agenda—hoping that he leaves a record of failure. They can keep disparaging his accomplishments, and at this point, I’m OK with it because history will give him his due, and it won’t compare to the meme they’re selling. History will show the end of DADT, the advent of gay marriage, a better economy, the P5+1 agreement with Iran, and many more very notable accomplishments.

  8. Evidently you don’t. So what do history and politics have do with the downturn of the Asian markets?

  9. I am not hostile I just don’t like bullshit. So if you have a case back it up with facts then we can we have a civil debate. So again state your links for your reasoning

  10. The Chinese over built and over borrowed. Now they are trying to keep their market from correcting by forceful intervention.
    The government is still communist, and they will be heavy handed against their people.

  11. Great Piece, Sarah Jones!

    Some Conservatives are even now saying,
    “Gosh, Jimmy Carter wasn’t such a bad President”


    Comment I saw on Politico:

    “I was Page for Jimmy Carter and I asked him ‘Why He became a Democrat?” And he said:

    “I came to realize that The Republican Party Loved America…
    But it is The Democrats Who Truly Love The American People”.

    Let that be our Passion…Love.
    And we can’t go wrong.

  12. Hold on didn’t the great bush the 2nd took out loans from the Chinese to finance his walk about in Iraq?

  13. I’m a President Obama fan as much as the next guy, but 140,000 private sector jobs isn’t that much. The jobs reports between now and November 2016 have to all be good if we want to keep the White House in Democratic hands.

  14. Barack Obama will go down in history as one of our best presidents. His accomplishments have been extraordinary, especially given the determination of the Republicans to see him fail. Remember as soon as he was elected the GOP leadership met and said out loud that their goal was to see President Obama fail even if it meant America failed. Well, they gave it their best shot and President Obama has prevailed. He has brought our economy back from the brink of the Bush Cheney near depression. And he has held his head high, kept his cool, and he has prevailed over the hatred and racism of the American conservative movement. I am applauding President Obama.

  15. How about we give President Obama for the additional Umpteen Million Jobs Lost after his Inauguration Jan 09 that was a direct cause of Consevatisms deregulation and free, self regulating, markets? These are ALL JOBS RETURNED as well that where lost because of the Gamers of sub prime and should not be left our as Millions per month where lost for nearly a year? So yes He is by Far the #1 best job creator in History W out a doubt…

  16. US citizens who do not own homes, have no savings and do not participate in retirement plants and who declare the economy is worse are only thinking that grocery prices go up, utilities, rent and their income has been stagnant. When the economy tanked in 2008 people were laid off or their work hours cut. It is easy for politicians to take advantage of economic ignorance of people who need someone to blame for their financial struggles. Trump wants people to believe almost half of the workforce is unemployed.

  17. Al Odena: ’m a President Obama fan as much as the next guy,

    Yeah. Sure you are. But you know that the GOP leaders are pissing in their pants right about now since it’s historical fact, that when unemployment numbers are close to 5 percent, the incumbent political Party – that would be the Democratic Party now – will keep the White House and control in a (not-gerrymandered) Congress.

    The Obama trend will bring the U.E. rate below 5 by the time the G.E. rolls around.

    You people are desperate, and it’s showing.

  18. President Jimmy Carter: “The Republican Party Loves America…but it is The Democrats who truly love the American people”.

    SPOT. ON.

  19. Thanks, djchefron. Both of my laptops went out and I had to send them back to the manufacturer. I received a new one from one of them on Thursday, haven’t heard from Dell yet. In the meantime, I bought an RCA laptop that turned out not to be a good fit for me, and I couldn’t post at Politicus. I’m giving it to my grand-niece, she probably has more patience and understands Android better that I do! I’ve been here everyday, but I was unable to post. Also, I’ve been painting rooms in my house. I also refinished my kitchen cabinets and had granite countertops installed. Plus, I’ve replaced all of the appliances in my kitchen and laundry room. I have painted five rooms, have more to go, though. Not to mention that I’ve also had quite a bit of landscaping done removing trees in my front and back yard. I will also refinish the furniture in my daughter’s bedroom and upgrade her bathroom. One thing about owning a house–you never finish working on it!

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