Democrats Turn The Tables On Mitch McConnell As Republican Begs Don’t Filibuster Iran Vote

mitch mcconnell iran resolution of disapproval

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) spent years filibustering Democrats when he was in the minority, but as Majority Leader, McConnell is begging Democrats not to filibuster the Iran deal resolution of disapproval.

On the Senate floor, McConnell said, “The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act passed the Senate by a vote of 98-1 earlier this year. It provided each of us with the opportunity to truly represent our constituents on this important issue. I expect that every senator who voted for that measure is now entitled to an up-or-down vote. Not a filibuster or artificial limits on passage, but an important vote on this resolution. The Senate should not hide behind procedural obfuscation to shield the president or our individual views.”

Mitch McConnell offered an entirely different take when he filibustered his own bill in 2012:

“What we have is here a case of Republicans not taking yes for an answer… The Republican leader objects to his own idea,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) announced on the floor. “So I guess we have a filibuster of his own bill.”

This left McConnell sputtering that he didn’t want the vote, and he suggested that he now presumes every single bill needs a filibuster-proof majority to pass instead of a straight up and down vote. “What we’re talking about here is a perpetual debt ceiling grant, in effect, to the president, ” McConnell said. “Matters of this level of controversy always require 60 votes.”

When Mitch McConnell is in the minority, filibusters are good. When McConnell is in the majority filibusters are bad.

McConnell’s complaints are hypocritical for another reason. He agreed to the 60 vote threshold for resolution of disapproval. Republicans were so confident that they could get the votes that they agreed that the resolution would not be passed by a majority vote.

Mitch McConnell is complaining about a process that he negotiated and signed off on.

For years, Mitch McConnell obstructed nearly every piece of legislation that came to the Senate floor. After Republicans became the majority party, Democrats have chosen to use their power more carefully. Senate Democrats have not gone tit for tat with McConnell, but they have turned the tables and paid him back in the most painful way possible.

Democrats have refused to let any piece of the Republican agenda that they object to pass. While McConnell gummed up the Senate as a matter of strategy, Democrats are stopping McConnell based on policy.

The roles have been reversed, and Mitch McConnell is begging Democrats to play nice. It all could have been so different if the Majority Leader had not chosen to burn every bridge.

Mitch McConnell has made his bed of failure. Now he must lie in it.

29 Replies to “Democrats Turn The Tables On Mitch McConnell As Republican Begs Don’t Filibuster Iran Vote”

  1. You’re the ones who have NEVER played nice, why does the DEMOCRATIC PARTY have to help you now??????

    Mitch McConnell: Top Priority, Make Obama a One Term President

    Senate Republicans Block Democrats’ Anti-Outsourcing Plan

    Senate GOP kills measure to curb job ‘outsourcing’

  2. The turtle might get his wish. At least one dummycrat Coons have said he wont go along with a filibuster. He wants an up and down vote

  3. Dem’should make the rethugs crawl, beg, pled then give them nothing. Pay back is a real bitch isn’t it McConnell???

  4. The danged “post-turtle” is stuck on that post. He can’t figure out how he got up there and can’t figure out how to get down.

  5. Democrats should just tell this old ass wipe that they wouldn’t give him flies to eat if he were starving to death. But they will be more than happy to serve him up a tasty filibuster!

  6. Yet again, the Republicans are playing checkers and Obama is playing chess and he has check-mated them again. They fight every single thing he does and he wins almost every time. And everything he does they talk like it’s the apocalypse if it doesn’t go their way and yet NONE of the stuff they’ve said would happen has come to pass. They’re pathetic.

  7. Record Breaking: Senate Conservatives Use Filibuster for 62nd Time in This Session of Congress

    “The new report outlines every bill filibustered, vetoed or threatened
    to be vetoed by President Bush. Conservatives filibustered bills to end the
    occupation of Iraq, provide soldiers in Iraq rest time equal to their
    deployments, support renewable energy and grant residents of the District
    of Columbia representation in Congress. Today’s record-breaker involved a
    $516 billion budget package passed by the House to fund the federal
    government in 2008. The conservative minority demanded $20 billion
    additional funding for the war and opposed House language to bring troops
    home, and threatened a filibuster to prevent the bill from getting an up or
    down vote.”

  8. Not sure all the rude and crude is helpful, useful or even beneficial. But I do think Senator McConnell could have predicted this for himself. I recall a complaint that they weren’t being consulted when the Democrats had a super majority (which they really had in name only). When he’d had a super majority during the Bush years, his response to the same complaint was essentially, “Do the Democrats imagine anything they might have to say would make a difference?”

    So my response to your whining, Senator McConnell is, “… and the horse you rode in on, Sir… and the horse you rode in on.”

    Why don’t you and Mr. Cheney go duck hunting together this fall when the waterfowl season opens up?

  9. …you DO remember the Golden Rule…NO-NO Not the Republican’t Golden Rule:”Those who have the Gold make the Rules.
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”{Jesus Christ}
    We are just following the logical conclusion by doing unto you what you have done unto us…

  10. I can see it now:

    Mitch: ‘Please don’t filibuster this. I need this to keep my political life afloat’

    Harry: ‘Nope.’

    Mitch: ‘Oh, come on Harry… you’re my friend here! Help me out.’

    Harry: ‘Help you? After all you and your fellow Republicans did when I ran the Senate, you should be glad I didn’t leave you to the wolves. Now, if you excuse me.. I have a filibuster to plan for’

  11. Aaawwww let ’em vote. They don’t have the 60 votes they need so they wind up looking like jacka$$es.

  12. My first thought reading this story — Where’s Jon Stewart when we need him and his ‘Turtle’ impression!! Loved him doing that as he was spot on naming him ‘Turtle’!!

  13. We just need one more Democrat to sign on then it won’t matter. There won’t be an up and down vote.

  14. THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Well, Senator McConnell, how does it feel to be another side of a filibuster? Pay back for your past record filibusters is a b-tch, huh?

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