Republicans Reeling After ObamaCare Enrollment Surges To 17.6 Million



President Obama’s signature health care law is surging past 2015 expectations as 17.6 million Americans have signed up under Obamacare.

HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell announced the new numbers during a speech at Howard University today:


According to a study we are releasing today, as the ACA’s coverage provisions took effect, an estimated 17.6 million Americans have gained coverage. And this progress has been even bigger for people of color: The uninsured rate among African-American adults has declined by more than 10 percentage points, compared to about 7.7 for the total population.”


The ACA is about more than the Marketplace. People are beginning to understand that the ACA is improving their care no matter where they buy their insurance. With new protections and required benefits, like preventive services at no extra cost, it’s improved the quality of coverage for all Americans.

The promises made by Republican presidential candidates to repeal and replace Obamacare are looking like a political suicide mission as ACA enrollment continues to grow. By Election Day 2016, it is possible that the Republican nominee will be running on a platform of taking health care away from 20 million Americans.

President Obama’s health care law has not only been a political victory, but the President has changed health care delivery in a historic way. Thanks to the election of Barack Obama to the White House tens of millions of people have access to healthcare that they didn’t have before.

Hundreds of millions of Americans are benefiting from the protections offered to consumers under the ACA. Obamacare has been a raging success, and Republicans are reeling as they to figure how to reconcile their repeal and replace rhetoric with the real life outcome of taking access to health care away from 17.6 million people.

Republicans have been captured in their own Obamacare trap, and the biggest winners aren’t Democrats, but the 17.6 million people who now have access to affordable health care.

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  1. Darn that Muslim/commie/socialist black yellow Kenyan! He just made it impossible for the ‘we love you’ GOP to take away our healthcare. Just try it, you fools!
    Our premiums are going up, but not because of the ACA, because the company my husband retired from is charging us more…but since we are only paying $28 a month pre-Medicare (another three years) we are getting a bargain. We’re putting the max into our HSA, which we are spending on an unexpected medical emergency and dental care, but regular care is covered, immunizations are covered, and we are happy campers.

  2. It matters not how many people sign up for it, it matters not how many lives and livelyhoods are saved, it matters not how many people like it. In the future you can bet your bottom dollar that they will claim ALL the credit for the ACA!

  3. The same can be said for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. If you want to keep these programs, vote!!!!!

  4. Americans everywhere are laughing in delight at the welcome success of this nation’s first National Healthcare Plan! Another great achievement by our President against the treasonous Right Wing political terrorists in the worst Congresses our government has ever known since our government’s first Congress. Congratulations, Sir! Our love and respect to you. Our thanks and gratitude to you. And our hope and joy to you for being there for us, We the People.

  5. I’m ROTFLMBO because Obamacare is one of the nation’s most successful “failures!” GOP/TPers are the worst fortunetellers because they’re always wrong.

  6. I benefit from the medicaid expansion in my state.

    I’d have nothing without that as my(r)leaning employer does not provide coverage.

  7. I wish I still had a copy of the letter I sent AARP telling them where AARP could shove my membership when AARP was instrumental in helping The Shrub pass an unfunded Medicare Part D. For those that don’t know, AARP has some kind of incestuous relationship with the health insurance industry, being nothing but a shill for them. Then you throw in the “I scratch your back” relationship between the Health Insurance Industry and Big Pharma. That is why you can buy USA made pharmaceutical drugs cheaper through the mail from Canada than you can at the corner drug store.

    But Obama wanted health insurance to be his legacy. So he went with Romneycare which the Heritage Foundation had thought up long before the Harry and Louise ads torpedoed Hillarycare. Surely there would be bipartisan agreement. Not a single republican voted for Romneycare er Obamacare.

    Obamacare is so much better than letting the insurance companies run amok. But “Single Payer” or “Medicare for all” would b…

  8. Continued:

    I knew that Single Payer didn’t stand a chance after the Baucus Raucous Caucus when Max Baucus had some doctors and nurses who wanted Single Payer to be on the table for discussion thrown in the pokey.

    Have you noticed how US Pharmaceutical stock has increased since Obamacare came in because of the millions of new customers, many subsidized, Obamacare brought them? For the life of me, I cannot understand why the GOP, the party of big business, wants to dump Obamacare.

    If I were king for a day, I would install a “Canada Deluxe” system. Canada does not have socialized medicine. The UK does.

    BTW, the US already has socialized medicine in the military and the VA. Do I hear a boo or a hiss?


  9. Yes, plenty of ways to expand and improve it. Need costs lowered; we’re still being screwed by insurance companies.

    VOTE if you want to keep it. Rethuglicans have already said they will repeal it if they get in the WH. They promised it would be insurance where we could pick our own doctors–and they’d put everyone with pre-existing conditions in a high-risk pool!!!

  10. I have to believe that rethuglicans would have a country-wide riot on their hands if they ever really tried to repeal.

  11. Do you know this for sure because from all I read not once did they say what his political views are. That being said even if he is so what. An asshole is an asshole

  12. How many of the 17 million are in Medicaid? I suspect most of them, which would follow the trend since ObamaCare was first implemented. Medicaid is a terrible healthcare program, many doctors do not see Medicaid patients because the bureaucracy is horrible to deal with and it pays so low, doctors couldn’t keep their doors open. More than likely, most Medicaid patients may think they have insurance but will still be visiting ER to get care.

  13. I don’t even know how to answer this claptrap since the article you link to is under a paywall and I doubt you paid for it when those trailer park fees are due

  14. I agree with DJ, the Okie.

    I wish I had the time to get into the Medicare and Medicaid thing but I have to go somewhere.

    Right now all I am going to say is that every time you check yourself out at the grocery store, you are depriving somebody of a job. Bye Bye Social Security taxable income. Bye Bye Medicare taxes. Goody Goody for you. Goody goody for me.

    S/ Master of Minutiae

  15. I just completed treatment with Harvoni, a Hep C drug. I’ve been living with this virus since I was around 22, I’m now 56 and it’s done a lot of damage to my liver. After two unsuccessful treatment regimens, the 1st with Pegalated Interferon and Riboviren and the 2nd with Solvoldi I’ve cleared the virus, in other words I’m cured.
    the cost of both Solvoldi and Harvoni is above 1K per pill. I had to fight like hell with Humana to get coverage. Even with the Ins. I’d still be stuck with a co-pay of around $3,500.00 a month. I found a non profit, The PAN Foundation that paid that and I paid Zero for the treatment.
    The costs’ of medication has skyrocketed and without this Tx. I’d be screwed.
    the idea that Dr’s. won’t see patients on Medicaid comes from people that aren’t on Medicaid. I’ve had no problems seeing the best Dr’s my state has to offer and I’m living in a Red State that didn’t sign onto the Medicaid expansion. That is also a reason my premiums are going up.

  16. Maybe and I say maybe but, if the cap were lifted on those making over 118K a yr. that boogieman would pretty much vanish. Ya might also consider the fact that the Bush Admin dipped heavily into SS and Medicaid to attempt to fund their fake war in Iraq which has caused the VA to overload. They had no exit plan from Iraq and they had no strategy set up to cope with the troops returning home that would need care for a long time to come. The VA has never been anywhere close to perfect but when you dump thousands into an already troubled sys you break it.

  17. After they cured Polio, DJ, they found out just how much more profitable it is, to keep people on drugs than it is to find a cure for diseases and illnesses.

    In spite of never-ending telethons, walks, running, wristbands, ribbons, organizations, companies and countless funds raised, only a few dimes were needed to find a cure for Polio. Now, the best they seem to be able to come up with is to manage your pain by being pill pushers.

    It’s a racket and, not only are we being fleeced, we’re the guinea pigs.

  18. It’s a Wall Street Journal article. Sadly, the WSJ has lost much of its objectivity and influence since falling into the maw of Rupert Murdoch, so the true worth of the article is dubious at best.

    But my personal take regarding the GOP on this issue is that they are the only political party among ALL parties in the world of modern western-style democracies that is actively campaigning to deny its very own citizens access to affordable health care. THAT is how extreme a party today’s GOP has become.

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