Fed Up With Vitter and Jindal, Louisiana Voters Might Elect Democratic Governor

A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on September 23rd shows that Democrat John Bel Edwards could capitalize on voter dissatisfaction with Republicans to become Louisiana’s next Governor. John Bel Edwards and current Republican Senator David Vitter are projected to advance from an October 24th runoff election to face each other on November 21st.

In the multi-candidate race, John Bel Edwards is supported by 28 percent of voters to 27 percent who favor Vitter. Republicans Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne poll 15 and 14 percent respectively. In Louisiana’s “jungle primary”, candidates from all parties run against each other simultaneously, and if no candidate secures a majority of the vote, a runoff election is held.

The good news for Democrats is that if John Bel Edwards and David Vitter face each other in a general election, Edwards would stand a strong chance of winning, despite Louisiana’s usually conservative tilt. Senator Vitter has become remarkably unpopular with his constituents, sporting an under water 34/51 unfavorable to favorable rating.

In a head to head contest, Louisiana voters prefer Edwards by a 50 to 38 margin. That represents a massive 30-point shift away from Vitter, who held a 50 to 32 lead over Edwards a year ago. Senator Vitter’s extreme right-wing agenda on issues important to women has cost him dearly with female voters. Women favor Edwards by a massive 57 to 30 percent margin.

While Vitter’s unpopularity is mostly self-inflicted, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal has not helped the Senator’s chances any, having run the state’s economy into the ground during his tenure in office. Jindal is extremely unpopular in the state, and his failure as Louisiana Governor is a drag on any Republicans chances to succeed him in office.

With a failed Republican Governor still making a fool of himself on the national presidential stage, and a back bench “family values” Senator whose most noteworthy achievement is getting caught soliciting prostitutes, as their likely candidate, the GOP may very well lose the Louisiana Governor’s race. Democrat John Bel Edwards is in a strong position to capitalize on the GOP’s failure, in order to become Louisiana’s next Governor.

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  1. Predictions like this for Dems in the Deep South have been made before. I’ll believe it when I see it. Cue the deep-pocket oil baron donors who want Louisiana (and Texas) politicians to owe them.

    Oh, heck, who am I kidding? Both GOP and Dems love deep-pocket donors.

  2. Vittner is a disgrace. His association with call girls suddenly doesn’t matter. How stunning conservatives can be!

  3. As time goes on I believe people will keep waking up to the fact that the current Republican party only cares about big corporations and the top 1% and could care less about the people of the United States of America!

  4. After eight years of Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal reducing Louisiana to smoking rubble, what would anyone expect? Both these men are stark staring mad, jindal is delusional and Vitter constantly throws screaming tantrums. We need a sane person to pick up the pieces down here. And find out where all the money went!

  5. I grew up in the south and still have relatives in Alabama and LA, friends in GA, MS and TN so I know a little about the area.

    The people who continue to vote for republicans and against their own best interest will continue to vote republican.

    They will drive over the neighborhood children to get to the polls to vote for the likes of Vitter and his ilk.

  6. Why do these people run “AKA” instead of using their legal name? My guess would be Piyush isn’t Mericun enough.

  7. Like KarenJ503 said “I’ll believe it if and when I see it.” Until then, I’ll continue to believe in the ignorance of the good people of Louisiana. I’ll be completely surprised if they elect a Dem governor.

  8. And so it begins..
    35 years of lies and deception are starting to show..
    Americans are waking up..Should have happened about 10 years ago

  9. Kentucky thought that it could get rid of Mitch last year and elect a dem. Didn’t happen ( for lots of reasons). Now the rethug who challenged Mitch in the primary is running for governor, and he just might win. The south has got a lock on stupid, so nothing surprises me anymore. Here’s his campaign platform, do away with Kynect, shit can common core, make Ky a right to work state, and make sure the Rowan Co clerk gets to keep on collecting $80,000 a year for refusing to do her job. People better show up to vote, and take a stand against these f’ing idiots!

  10. Just like my former Texas Governor Rick “Oops!” Perry, Republican Governors like Walker, Jindal, Christie and the rest have all been exposed nationwide to be losers and too racist, irrational and too stupid to be able to keep their jobs after their miserable and incompetently ran presidential bids flop.

    Perry turned himself into a national laughingstock during his 2012 presidential campaign, and had to finally give up the ghost as Governor after his supporters realized the governor had no clothes and was naked as a jaybird.

    Hopefully, the same will happen to the 2016 republican presidential candidates.

  11. Well that is one reason I hedged and used the word “might” in the title. Because it is still Louisiana after all. So while the outlook looks reasonably promising for the Democratic candidate, I’m not counting the chickens before they hatch.

  12. You don’t know KY politics, do you? Voters tend to elect Democratic Governors. Democrats are elected 9-10 for Governors. And, just so we are clear about this, it is white working class people that vote against their interest and elect Republicans, not black people

  13. Bobby is such a swell fellow. A devout Christian that wants to make sure women get no help from PP even thou they can’t do abortions anyway. He great for hospitals that are closing since he doesn’t want any of that nasty Medicaid to keep them open. What a Christian, he does everything that Christ would rail against. In addition he will be remembered as one of the dumbest Gov. of all time, Even dumber than Scotty Walker and that is saying a lot.

  14. I think I saw this movie before. I believe the character’s name was Walker though and he systematically destroyed his states economy and was reelected. I’ll believe this one will be different when I actually see it happen.

  15. David Vitter? The same Dave Vitter that was dealing with prostitutes but now just has so much religion he can’t bare to think women will have health services? I can’t believe he is even being considered for dog catcher.

  16. The government does not pay for abortions now but that doesn’t stop the right from constantly railing against all the other services. PP offers counseling, STD testing, pap smears and breast exams. Just where can women go for those things without PP? And then here comes Carly Fiorina to calm she saw this PP video that doesn’t exist! A flat out lie and no one is holding her feet to the fire.

  17. If the Dems run away from the President agenda then they will lose. Stick by his side, then they have a good chance of winning. Do not repeat 2014.

  18. If the people of LA elect another Repub to guide the ship of state for LA – that will make them dumber than a box of rocks.

  19. Yeah, I know Ky politics real well. I live in Louisville and travel the state as part of my territory with my job. Ky does tend to elect dem governors, until we elect another Ernie Fletcher, and that was a special four years for Ky, wasn’t it. Try getting out of Louisville or Lexington, and you’ll see how McConnell and Paul have brainwashed our state . Norther Ky in a teatard stronghold, and we only have one representative in the whole federal government from Ky who’s a democrat, Yarmuth represents the Louisville area. As close as Oldham county Bevin signs,

    everywhere you look. So I suggest you get out to vote and drag as many neighbors and friends as you can along and hope for the best! Oh and in case you aren’t aware, Ky is only somewhere around 8% black, and Bevin’s running mate is an African-American woman. I can’t imagine the that will get .

  20. I was going to add I can’t imagine this will get him the African-American vote, but just like Mitch say’s he’s an “east coast con man”. Kentucky is known for it’s dirty politcs, so Bevin found him a good home!

  21. {{{sigh}}} the last 30 or so years has caused Republican’ts to be what I call “Unconvicted Felons” and a lotta Dems to be world-weary cynics despairing of the destruction o’ this country…and this world by billionaires who wanna have it all…
    …the pendulum is still swingin’ though, and when it swings this way an awful lot o’ Tea-hadists-tards are gonna get knocked into the gutter…

  22. David M Hughes: The same thing could be said for the whole rethug party.
    Every one of the 19 and counting candidates of this party, was there for one reason… to make themselves richer!!! Not a thought from even one, to help our country or the people. All have hands buried deep in a pocket of Money. Not one, cares how much or who, is destroyed in the process.

  23. State governors and legislators keep themselves in power by starving their State’s elementary education systems.

    Grow your own peasants.

    Even if we escape the Vitter nightmare, our box o’ rocks legislators will will manage to destroy the little bits of common wealth Jindal hasn’t sold off.

  24. Francie, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Bevin standing on that stage with Kim Davis and Hucksterbee as she pretended to be a Messiah after her release from jail? Bevin made a fool of himself.

    I live on the other side of the Ohio River (barely) and used to travel quite extensively all over Kentucky in an outside sales job, and I have to agree with you. While Louisville is a pleasure to visit, the rest of the state is lacking in much sophistication or brainpower. (See Kim Davis)

    As I became familiar with eastern Kentucky (Daniel Boone Pkwy country) I went home and purchased a gun for protection. Governor Beshear had to fool the Kentuckians against “Obamacare” by taking the ACA money and naming it “KyNect,” right?

  25. Why does it always take two or three elections and extreme poverty for reslugs to realize they’ve been had?

  26. SarahG, your absolutely correct. That was Bevin on stage with Huck and Davis. This guy never misses an opportunity for publicity. Even though McConnell endorsed him it was tepid at best. I guess it’s hard to give a wholehearted pat on the back to the guy who gave a stump speach at a cock fight when he was campaigning against him. This guy is a carpetbagger from Conn. He’s trying to get elected to something, and he’ll use any dirty trick he can to pull it off. Even though I hate to say it, rural Ky gets taken in by these hate mongers all the time. All they have to do is strap a cross to their backs, say Jesus a few times, throw in hatefull anti-gay or anti-abortion retoric, reference Obama, and throw in NRA and guns and this guy will get elected!

  27. Look at it this way: allthe $100s of millions are good for the economy.

    It’s just sad that the $$$ aren’t finding their way into the pockets of people who need a decent wage, or into the coffers of charities like food banks, or non-profits like Planned Parenthood.

  28. Sammy a good investment is to read All those battling this should order & read “Deer Hunting with Jesus” (Dispatches from America’s class war) by Joe Bageant.

    Or buy a few dozen and pass out with the stipulation that it needs a chain of possession so you can get it back if it stalls with a person in possession.

    We have seen this before and some Brave Patriots have resolved this before.
    The results http://www.nisk.k12.ny.us/fdr/1937/37_scgifs/large/37012004.gif
    This link gives some history here, if only Obama followed up his Supreme Court Stare down! http://www.dol.gov/dol/aboutdol/history/flsa1938.htm
    1937 – The Supreme Court

  29. I thought Vitters was done when he was caught in that “Cat House.” However, the voters (and his Wife) of Louisiana gave him a pass.

    Same thing happened to Mark Sanford.

    GOPers are clearly hypocritical and do not care about it.

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