Bill Maher Calls Out Republican Real Americans For Being Creeps

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Bill Maher called out Republican real American heroes like George Zimmerman and Josh Duggar for what they really are. Maher called the GOP’s “Real Americans” a group of creeps.


Maher asked Republicans, “If these better than the rest of us real Americans really do exist, how come when they find one, they turn out to be a creep? Either you’re a terrible judge of character, or there’s nobody home at the good people house.”

The Real Time host ran down the list. Kim Davis turns out to be everything Republicans hate. Cliven Bundy is a racist. George Zimmerman is an angry racist who keeps getting in trouble with the police. Joe The Plumber was a totally fabricated lie.

Maher’s also singled out Josh Duggar:

But the Republican mascot who takes the prize for my money is Josh Duggar. One of the famed 19 and Counting Duggar kids beloved by conservatives for their homespun values, their modest clothing and their mother’s womb nicknamed Old Faithful.

Josh traded on his family’s image to work as a lobbyist for the ultra-conservative Family Research Council, and all of the Republican presidential candidates wanted a picture with him. Until it turned out, he had two Ashley Madison accounts, had paid for rough sex with porn stars and had molested his sisters.

Not only are all of these people that Republicans hold up as real Americans creepy, but they are also criminals. Kim Davis broke the law. Cliven Bundy broke the law. George Zimmerman has broken the law numerous times, including the killing of an unarmed black teenager, and Josh Duggar’s parents helped to cover up his crimes.

Real Americans apparently lack ethics, morals, and the ability to follow the laws of society. In short, the five people that Maher listed are models for Republican behavior. Republicans are consistently touting real American heroes who either aren’t real (Joe The Plumber) or are the opposite of heroic.

The Republican habit of elevating morally dubious people to hero status reflects on the value and character of the members of the party. What these people find heroic, the majority of the country views as wrong.

When conservatives try to shoehorn Kim Davis into the same category as civil rights leaders Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, they are intentionally muddying the definition of civil rights for partisan political purposes.

Those who are held up as heroes are anything but. They are a creepy group that represents much of the ugliness of American society. The Republican Party’s choice of “heroes” reveals the villainy behind the conservative agenda.

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  1. …Bill nails it again…but tell me Bill…how much Government Grass would YOU have to “graze” to nail Kim Davis???

  2. Well, what else is new? ALL the creeps and bottom feeders gravitate to the Republican tent. Republicans have ALL the bat-shit crazy politicians. Republicans welcome these creeps and protect them. You notice that when these creeps and bigots need PR help, they run to FOX. Hannity and the rest will cover, defend and protect them up in BS spin. Oh, one more thing. When you look at the crowd faces in a Republican event crowd, what do you see? Scowling faces, angry looking faces, frowns, sad faces. They hoot and holler and applaud at the most despicable things a Republican speaker says. Many examples of that are in news film archives. Some of you can recall some of those moments.

  3. Spot on, Bill.

    Call the miscreants out;they are the most dysfunctional and destructive elements in our society today.

  4. The toxic loons deserve to be singled out. I couldn’t begin to support the Republican party. I don’t know how any self respecting person could. The GOP is nothing more than a well endorsed hate group.

  5. It’s hard to single out toxic Republicans as nearly all are toxic to the American Way of Life & pursuit of happiness unless it’s dictated by them . I was head of The Young Republicans when I returned home from Vietnam in 1968 , because of Nixon’s promise to end the war . While it was a more open party then , it has truly turned into the party of hate and intolerance . America & our way of life are truly threatened by them today . Stay engaged & help keep them from total domination of our country .

  6. The reich-wing hate group/Koch criminal enterprise appeals to the lowest in people. I have found that most people automatically gravitate to the “dark side” for some insane reason. It appeals to their lack of self-esteem, ignorance, hate and lack of personal responsibility. They always have to find a scapegoat, a person or group of persons to blame their misery on. Yet, they are so comfortable in their misery they will fight tooth and nail to keep it. They disdain and villify true heroes, such as The Pope, President Carter and Martin Luther King. They identify with a leader who is as ignorant and narrow-minded as they are, i.e., George Bush, $arah Palin and Trump. However, their hatred destroys themselves in the end. Small minds can never comprehend great spirits.

  7. Well the Exceptional Republicans are “Exceptional Americans” because they want Exceptions to everything….

    They are a Special breed you know and should be pampered.

  8. I love studying the faces of rightwingers at events, they all look defective, or like they could all be members of about 8 bloodlines…Borderlanders, people whose ancestors came here in the 3rd wave of European immigrants, who left Europe not to find a better life, but because their neighbors couldn’t stand them. People who define themselves almost exclusively by what they oppose, whose frown lines are as deep as the Grand Canyon.

  9. This is unrelated but I have to throw it in as I think it is important. The subject is Nixon’s Oil Shocks.
    As I remember things, Henry Kissinger whispered in Arab ears that if you raise the price of Oil, you can buy all American made goods you want.
    Tricky thought if a little inflation is good, a lot of inflation is better. Overnight the cost of oil quadrupled. Do you remember waiting for hours to buy gasoline?
    Arthur Burns was happy to crank up the money supply. Carter’s inflation was on and galloping hard.
    Henry Kissinger completely screwed up the Middle East. The Shrub didn’t help when he started the Iraq war by telling us about WMDs.
    Thank God for Jimmy Carter. Carter appointed Paul Volker who slammed on the brakes stopping the rampant inflation.
    If the nation had followed Carter’s energy policy, we wouldn’t be ready to go back into the Oil Dumpster. Watch your wallet. Unless I am mistaken, we are in for a repeat. And tis time the Arctic is melting.
    Laudato Si.

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