President Obama Hammers Putin, Donald Trump, and Dick Cheney In UN Address

obama addresses UN

President Obama laid out his comprehensive foreign policy ideology while hammering a diverse group of critics that ranged from Dick Cheney to Vladimir Putin, to Donald Trump.


Obama used Bush/Cheney’s failed Iraq war to illustrate the old and incorrect way of thinking, “No matter how powerful our military, how strong our economy, we understand the United States cannot solve the world’s problems alone. In Iraq, the United States learned the hard lesson that even hundreds of thousands of brave, effective troops, trillions of dollars from our Treasury, cannot by itself impose stability on a foreign land. Unless we work with other nations under the mantle of international norms and principles and law that offer legitimacy to our efforts, we will not succeed. And unless we work together to defeat the ideas that drive different communities in a country like Iraq into conflict, any order that our militaries can impose will be temporary.”

The President mocked Putin and the Republicans in this country who cheerlead for him, “Now, within Russia, state-controlled media may describe these events as an example of a resurgent Russia — a view shared, by the way, by a number of U.S. politicians and commentators who have always been deeply skeptical of Russia, and seem to be convinced a new Cold War is, in fact, upon us. And yet, look at the results. The Ukrainian people are more interested than ever in aligning with Europe instead of Russia. Sanctions have led to capital flight, a contracting economy, a fallen ruble, and the emigration of more educated Russians.”

President Obama accused Donald Trump and the Republican Party of exploiting and manipulating people’s fears, “The increasing skepticism of our international order can also be found in the most advanced democracies. We see greater polarization, more frequent gridlock; movements on the far right, and sometimes the left, that insist on stopping the trade that binds our fates to other nations, calling for the building of walls to keep out immigrants. Most ominously, we see the fears of ordinary people being exploited through appeals to sectarianism, or tribalism, or racism, or anti-Semitism; appeals to a glorious past before the body politic was infected by those who look different or worship God differently; a politics of us versus them.”

The critics of the President who claim that he does not have a foreign policy vision need to watch this speech. President Obama’s foreign policy places diplomacy and international cooperation first.

The one element that Putin, Trump, and Cheney all have in common is that their policies are exploiting fears, acting alone, and rejecting cooperation. Trump’s idea of building a wall along the Southern border is a unilateral action that plays on the conservative fear of immigrants. Cheney’s entire foreign policy worldview is based on ignoring diplomacy and imposing US will through military strength alone. Putin wants to be the great Russian strongman who imposes his will without negotiation.

Obama is suggesting that the United States should lead, but not bully. The President has embraced the path to peace and global stability that doesn’t come from the barrel of a gun. The military option should be a last resort, not a first option.

Disagreement is not the same as absence. Republicans don’t like it, but President Obama has a successful foreign policy.

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  1. Mayhaps POTUS should reduce his rhetoric to the level of a preschool teacher. They might have the capacity to understand him then.

  2. If I were our POTUS I would greet Putin with a knuckle sandwich! I would LOVE to see Obama hit Putin with a haymaker right in his KGB mugg!! NOW you soviet SOB!! Call me weak now as you pick your sorry ass off of the floor!!

  3. Now, now, that’s the way Trump would do it. Obama, and the rest of us, have more class than that. Easy there, big guy.

  4. I agree Betsy L, BUT Putin only understands violence! Sometimes having class means doing things that SORELY needs to be done. Hell I would gladly be the proxy for that haymaker that Obama should give Putin, can you imagine the total embarrassment of not only the Russian people AND the Conservative Reich Wing who just loves them some “Manly Putin” To cold-cock Putin would certainly make the fascist Reich Wing go Whoa!…perhaps he’s serious!

  5. Betsy L…Trump would have the balls to hit Putin! He would just yell at him and call him a loser or ignorant or “terrible”…THEN Putin would slug T-Rump!! And Darth Cheney would just sic his trained attack dog his daughter on Putin but THAT wouldn’t work because she would love it!

  6. Putin don’t think Obama is weak. That’s just the BS republicans put out their hype by all the media (incl. msnbc). In fact, Putin stated that on 60 minutes.
    Between Putin and Rouhani called the republicans ignorant imbecile that are a source of entertainment.
    So you see, the Int’l leaders have a completely different opinion of PBO. That’s just what US media and republicans is selling the general public and the people is sucking it up, hook, line and sinker.

  7. No way the radical right would recognize PBO’s strategy as a policy, much less a successful one.

    The President’s foreign policy eschews imperialism, armed conflict, assassination of world leaders, and nuclear face-off. He refuses to demonstrate our military, moral, and religious superiority over the rest of the world!

    Instead this POTUS is all about diplomacy. Just a sissy word for trying to talk the bad guys out of beating you up. Real men say it with lead! Shoot first and you don’t have to answer questions later. Yep, that’s the Republican way.

  8. I think regarding his remarks on Putin and Syria the President while saying the obligating words of disapproval he is not going to touch this clusterfuk with a ten foot pole. He has tried arming the rebels only to find our weapons giving away to ISIS. He knows Putin will not cut Assad loose because then Russia will lose its only military base in the mid-east. He also knows as bad as Assad is the people who are fighting him will be only worse. And as a bonus if Russia goes all in, Russian forces will be in a quagmire with no easy escape routes

  9. Regardless of how entertaining that punch might be.. I’d rather see someone “cold-Cock” some of those rethugs Joe.

  10. U.S. Sovereignty has been signed away, yet the majority of Americans have no idea! Agenda 21 aka 2030 Agenda; Obama’s “Redistribution of Wealth”

    “It is the system of nationalist individualism that has to go…. We are living at the end of the sovereign states…. In the great struggle to evoke a Westernized World Socialism, contemporary Governments may vanish…. Countless people will… Hate the New World Order…. and will die protesting against it.” The New World Order, H.G. Wells, 1940

    Many in CA have been fighting this for awhile now, many YouTube videos on the price ‘we’ all will pay!

  11. Obama had troops already in Syria, why? Take out Assad so Syria could have their Arab Spring…. Caliphate! Why was Obama so eager for a war with Syria? Get ALL the story!

  12. I’ve been hearing that LAUGHABLE HORSESHIT since I was an elementary school kid in the 60’s.

  13. Great speech by Obama. Putin and the Republicans have a hard time keeping up with Obama as he calls them out and all they can do is stand there with their #$%@# in their hands and try to piss on each other.

  14. The Associated Press ‏@AP · 21m21 minutes ago
    BREAKING: After Obama meeting, Putin doesn’t rule out joining air attacks on Islamic state.

  15. didn’t you get the message, the UN will exist at the will of the people, who all have the same respect for democracy and each other? Not the old way when refugees are turned away and the little boy lies dead on the beach. If you didn’t watch the whole thing maybe you had better, it’s worth listening to. Maybe you won’t hate President Obama so much.

  16. …think about it Joseph…totalitarian rulers frequently say shit even in international settings that is intended for DOMESTIC consumption…remember Saddam???…he’d been talkin’ the same shit for decades, he was an asshole, but he was OUR asshole…then along comes LeShrubbie…who on the excuse that “Saddam threatened my Dad; so I’m gonna “Fk” up Iraq.” started us down the road to the Iraq War…Saddam thought it was the same Kubuki Theater…boy was HE wrong!!!

  17. “…..Putin, ever delighted in his ability to troll the Americans, smiling at having forced himself back to the grownups’ table.”

    Or is it the sanctions imposed on Russia that has brought him back with his tail tucked between his legs?

    Plus, PBO’s wing span is much longer than the diminutive Putin’s so he probably had to be the one to reach further.

    I’ve never seen our President look at anyone like that before! To see his usual smiling face frozen like that chilled my blood!

    That was a good article. Thanks DJ.

  18. How DARE YOU! She “walks alone” for a reason! sure, sure people say it’s because she showers once a year, but she KNOWS it’s because she is smurt to believe BS on the internet!

  19. You’re right, Tani. On the 60 Minutes interview with Putin, that slime Charlie Rose, who looked smitten with Putin and giggled so hard throughout the interview he probably pissed his pants, actually asked Putin if he thought President Obama was weak!

    Besides the fact that the media are no damn good, it’s not about the President. It’s about doing what’s best for the American people, the U.S. and the world.

  20. It was a wonderful, intelectual and wise speech..
    But unfortunately that’s it. As an European I assure you, the world, neither Asia nor Europa felt confident in his words, simple because he didn’t act on them. The diplomatic, wise way to deal on a global level isn’t his at all. He was prized all over the world and welcomed warmly but at the end of the day, he never delivered. Libya is just one example. He hesitated (right so!) finally gave in because France and Italy wanted the military action too badly and he failed catastrophaly. He didn’t took the responsibility to do in Libya a better job than bush in Iraq. He even wasn’t able to stabilize Iraq, his action escalated what was already complicated but at least hopeful.

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  22. BTCH why don’t you take your drunk a** away from here, you have no intelligence, and you are an empty vessel. The way you talk maybe you’re mad because you can’t have a fine man like that in your bed. Catch up with your crowd why don’t you..

  23. Satyr….Now comes the stupid. Whatever you do you need to “get” understanding and maybe you need to go back to school..SHEESE!!!

  24. So if you compare his speech to what happens in Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, Jemen and Syria over the last two years, you seriously see that things improved?
    The fact that Russia seems to b always ahead while Obama preaches doesn’t concern you?
    Don’t get me wrong, I would feel save in a word that sees more USA involvement, but unfortunately, it’s less and less.
    Compare Putins speech to Obamas and then take a look on the international media and take a look at Syria.
    Even USA media are concerned, that it is Putin who force Obama to react and finally follow Russia’s will. That’s disturbing.

  25. Even more saddening is the fact that also Asia lost faith in the USA over time. Obama came in power in a time when even Vietnam reached out for western help. Alongside long term partners like Thailand, Philippines, Japan and Korea, vietnam felt threatened by China and still do. Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia… Every single one of these stats opened up to the west… And now they’re deeply disturbed. Obama addressed that too, in an, I repeat myself, wonderful speech, but look at the situation. That’s sad and disturbing. How you think about that?
    I don’t want to troll at all, I came here, hoping for an insight on your opinion about global politics.

  26. First, dial the hostility waaaaaay down, sweets.

    Second, to quote another Politicus poster: you need to turn your sarcasm detector on.

    See the little lol? The peculiar spelling of “Muslim,” as if it were being spoken by a red neck Islamaphobe? Did you even get the irony of President Obama drinking wine, which ought to be further proof that he isn’t Muslim? Or the jab at Republicans, who reject the truth no matter how well documented or demonstrated?

    Honestly, I didn’t think I was being that subtle.

    Oh well, research shows a positive correlation between intelligence and sense of humor. I can laugh at us both. Because while I may not be as funny as I think I am, I’m sure you couldn’t possibly be as dumb as I think you are.

    Feel free to unleash your hostility now, if you still feel like it.

    (Same to you, Scottie.)

  27. President Obama brings out the “little man syndrome” in Putin. Therefore, Putin overcompensates with threats. Thats what “little” men do, just like Trump. These men have no penises.

  28. Let’s start with some Obama reality…. All this ruckus in the middle east was caused by a Youtube video… remember?

    It then progressed to Obama in Syria in which US weapons have now bee surrendered to Al Qaeda and ISIS. Nice work. If you think this is successful foreign policy then you are brainwashed.

  29. Another dumbass teabagger. NYT: Captured Suspect Said Benghazi Attack Was Revenge For Anti-Islam Video

    What happen in Syria was there was a drought caused by climate change and the people moved to the cities and demanded more freedom and Assad started killing them.
    Drought helped cause Syria’s war. Will climate change bring more like it?

    And dummy try to keep up. ISIS is the effect of bush policy of kicking out all the Baathist out of government and the army and it is Iraq not Syria
    Who Is More Responsible for the Rise of ISIS? Bush or Obama?

    I hate people saying anything stupid. I don’t really suffer fools very well at all. When people are acting like idiots, not that I’m not guilty of doing the odd idiotic thing myself from time to time, but when people say stupid things, it stresses me out.

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