Democrats Call For Immediate End To Benghazi Investigation After McCarthy Admits Fraud


After Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) admitted that Republicans lied about the purpose of the Benghazi investigation, several top Democrats are calling out the House Republicans’ abuse of power and calling for an immediate end to the investigation.

Rep. McCarthy got flustered during an interview with Sean Hannity and blew the worst kept political secret in Washington. He admitted that the Benghazi investigation is all about digging up mud on Hillary Clinton.

The ranking member of the Select Committee on Benghazi, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said, “This stunning concession from Rep. McCarthy reveals the truth that Republicans never dared admit in public: the core Republican goal in establishing the Benghazi Committee was always to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and never to conduct an even-handed search for the facts. It is shameful that Republicans have used this tragedy and the deaths of our fellow Americans for political gain. Republicans have blatantly abused their authority in Congress by spending more than $4.5 million in taxpayer funds to pay for a political campaign against Hillary Clinton.”

The office of Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, “House Republicans were never interested in a bipartisan investigation to improve the security of Americans abroad. They’ve only been interested in pure extremist political theater. Leader McCarthy: the American people don’t want more politically-motivated “select committees” – not to smear presidential candidates, and not to assault women’s health. They want real leadership to confront the challenges we face as a nation.”

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) called for an immediate end to the Benghazi investigation and for Republicans to apologize to the families of the Benghazi victims, “Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled the curtain back on the true purpose of the Select Committee on Benghazi – not to get the facts – but instead as a political ploy against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This stunning admission shows a gross misuse of millions in taxpayer dollars for a purely political purpose. I believe it is time to end this investigation and for Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader McCarthy, and Chairman Trey Gowdy to apologize to the families of the four Americans who died during the attack and the American people for abusing the memories of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.”

Republicans committed an act of fraud. They launched this investigation on false pretenses. The investigation was never meant to be about Benghazi. The Select Committee was also designed to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton.

House Republicans have wasted $4.5 million of your money trying to get Hillary Clinton. It’s time for the American people stand up and demand that the fraud end now.

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  1. Well I think we need another investigation. Call it the “Benghazi Fraud Investigation Committee Fraud Investigation Committee”.

    It’ll be so meta.

  2. Privilege from Arrest

    “The Senators and Representatives…shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony, and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same….”

    Article I, Section 6, Clause 1

  3. And, for all you fukkers who have been Johnny on the spot in letting the U.S. Republican branch of Al Qaeda yank your chains once more regarding a manufactured Clinton scandal, eat some more of your own shit and die.

  4. garnish their wages. they have spent so much taxpayers money between Benghazi and ObamaCare. the republicans are finally hanging off that cliff.

  5. The Republicans & the Tea Party are masters of double talk (double speak)!!! They know how accuse others of what THEY did, how to twist facts around to make it look like someone else is responsible and point the finger of blame at them!!! They follow in Hitler’s play book which tells them to: “tell a lie, make it a BIG lie, repeat it often, and people will believe it.” And it DOES work!!! Repetition is one of the tools of learning; we all know that, or at least we should!! The Republican propaganda machine is busy spewing out their twisted ideology every day 24/7, especially on that phony Fox News Channel, owned by Englishman and a Muslim. You would think by now, at least SOME of the middle class would be smart enough to figure out that they’re being royally screwed by the GOP & the Tea Party that are now totally controlled by the Fascist Koch Brothers and their followers!!!!!

  6. “It is shameful that Republicans have used this tragedy and the deaths of our fellow Americans for political gain.” True, but these scurvy dogs told us from the beginning that they are in place only to disrupt governance. That said, the blame falls on the fools that put them there and continue to vote to keep them there.

  7. Anyone with half a brain knew this from jump street. The right’s operating procedure from January, 2009, has been to obstruct, delay, and smear the entire administration wherever and whenever possible.

  8. I remember back in the 90’s when Hillary called out the “vast right wing conspiracy”.

    Still there folks, hasn’t changed a bit. I expect even more congressional witch hunts in the future, because frankly, they work. Add to the mix a compliant press that wants a close horse race (ratings) and it all fits together.

    Nothing to see here, move along…

  9. It’s a shame you will not hear a peep about this on the news tonight….Haven forbid this issue take air time away from the surfboarding chipmunk video.

  10. Yes, I copied this, it tells ALL TRUTHS, this is why I’m for………. WE the PEOPLE, would LOVE Bernie Sanders as OUR PRESIDENT!!!


    Were all Americans… one group.

    Anyone who reads this article… knows what’s happening to America and why. It’s Republicans… “the party of pious hypocrites, guns, hate, racism and greed”… who destroy our Democracy and push America into “Fascism.”

    “Republicans” want to destroy or cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They prefer private-sector solutions that entail cutbacks in benefits, raising the retirement to age 72 and more risk for beneficiaries (i.e.; Social Security is independently funded via a “payroll tax” and has absolutely nothing to do with the deficit).

    “Republicans” love of party mantra, lies and guns exceeds there respect of human rights, the environment, Democracy and justice for …

  11. ALL TRUTHS, this is why I’m for………. WE the PEOPLE, would LOVE Bernie Sanders as OUR PRESIDENT!!!
    Were all Americans… one group.
    I know what’s happening to America and why. It’s Republicans… “the party of pious hypocrites, guns, hate, racism and greed”… who destroy our Democracy and push America into “Fascism.”

    “Republicans” want to destroy or cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They prefer private-sector solutions that entail cutbacks in benefits, raising the retirement to age 72 and more risk for beneficiaries (i.e.; Social Security is independently funded via a “payroll tax” and has absolutely nothing to do with the deficit).

  12. “Kevin McCarthy’s admission that the Benghazi Committee is a taxpayer funded political hit job to bring down Hillary Clinton should be the final straw for the media, for Members of Congress, for taxpayers and for the families of the four Americans who died in the Benghazi tragedy,” Brock said in a statement Wednesday.

  13. Everyone who has to argue with a Bernbot about Sanders’ so-called progressive or liberal creds need to whip this out.

    Thanks, again DJ.

  14. The GOP figured out in 1993 (if not earlier) that Hillary Rodham Clinton was a very dangerous woman… to them.

    She had to be stopped. By. Any. Means. Necessary. And their assault has been going on since.

    She is, after all, the far right’s worst nightmare: an anti-woman with aspirations to lead our nation. Loud, pushy, lacking submissiveness, aggressive, proud.

    Or, as we liberals put it, smart, independent, confident, courageous, influential, commanding.

  15. Obstruction of justice is the impediment of governmental activities. There are a host of federal
    criminal laws that prohibit obstructions of justice. The six most general outlaw obstruction of
    judicial proceedings (18 U.S.C. 1503), witness tampering (18 U.S.C. 1512), witness retaliation
    (18 U.S.C. 1513), obstruction of congressional or administrative proceedings (18 U.S.C. 1505),
    conspiracy to defraud the United States (18 U.S.C. 371), and contempt (a creature of statute, rule
    and common law). All but Section 1503 cover congressional activities.
    The laws that supplement, and sometimes mirror, the basic six tend to proscribe a particular
    means of obstruction. Some, like the perjury and false statement statutes, condemn obstruction by
    lies and deception. Others, like the bribery, mail fraud, and wire fraud statutes, prohibit
    obstruction by corruption. Some outlaw the use of violence as a means of obstruction. Still others
    ban the destruction of evidence. A few simply punish “tipping of…

  16. Wow. I’ve seen some slants on the truth before but this is a pip. Pull out one of Bernie’s speeches from 1988 and you can’t tell the difference. Get him for being stuck in his beliefs but simplifying some bills with your own interpretation to this degree just shows how dangerous some political operatives find him to be.

  17. That’s not my interpretation those are his votes and writings that is on the record. But its okay to say Hillary is a wall street sell-out and corporate whore when you don’t have the proof of that. Jesus H Christ

  18. I agree, this was a federally funded hit job, but he only said this was the result of the investigation. He kinda hinted this was the reason but only stated this was mearly a result of the investigation. I really don’t see this as the smoking gun others do. Sorry!

  19. Quickly losing hope for America. The GOP is masterful in media lies and manipulation. So many ignorant people young and old, deluded into belief the GOP exists to save the day. They are responsible for all that is wrong with Government. WHAT HAS A REPUBLICAN EVER DONE FOR YOU? Wake up and smell the BS fools! They are all after Hillary because she is the ONLY competition. Sorry Bernbots. I wouldn’t be surprised if the GOP stooped so low as to assassinate. They are a lot full of Sick Ass Bastards, as are the boobs campaigning for them.

  20. I hope Hillary throws this right back in their face continually, also the total BS email scandal, as we have known for a long time, everything they touch is a lie, including the PP video that the repigs payed to have made by some scumbag.

  21. Just like a predecessor named Joe McCarthy back in the day with his witch hunt for commies in Hollywood and TV.

  22. I watched it carefully. You are wrong. He never said the investigation was for the purpose of getting at Hillary, just ,for them, a happy result. And for the record, I never called Hillary all those horrible things your accusing me of. Why is it you Hillary fanatics get your panties in a bunch every time someone says something good about Bernie. Jesus H Christ yourself!!!

  23. That creepy, evil laugh McCarthy made after he admitted fraud…Democrats need to drill them on this “gaffe”

  24. Hillary fanatics? Bernie or bust. If Bernie don’t win I am not voting and on and on. You hear what you want to hear because lets face it you and the rest of the EMOS will not give credit to anyone in the Democratic party other than Sen. Sanders. You have posted that since she has super pacs she is corporate even though she has raised almost three times as much money from individuals than Sanders. You and others have accuse her of supporting the TPP even though she has no position on it. Sanders in all his year in government, his record shall we say is wanting. But all you Sanders supporters can say is he is the true progressive even though his record would suggest otherwise. So if pointing out their voting records make me a Hillary fanatic then so be it. Myself I am just pragmatic and I know who will protect the Presidents legacy and its not someone who has trash the President every chance he got over the past 7 years

  25. America, when are we going to realize… If Any Republican’s Lips are moving, THEY ARE LYING!!!!!!!

  26. OK. For the last time. I never said Hillary or bust and I never said anything negative except she is falling in many polls,which is true and she is supported by corporate sponsors, which is also true. Bernie echo’s my belief that citizen’s united posses the biggest threat to democracy I’ve ever seen. Buying elections is not the american way and until that is considered the top of a candidates agenda, I won’t support that candidate, though in the end I will vote for a candidate against a Republican nut job. Tearing down Bernie does not help Hillary’s credibility with me. Miscatogorizing his stand on issues falls in that category. If I voted against rape for example that could be catogorized as falling to support sexual freedom. That is not a fair statement. If you wish to support Hillary ,fine. Just don’t expect me to not support a candidate that speaks to the issues I hold dear.

  27. If the Democrats had any guts , they’d push to have treason charges brought against many Republican who push for legislation or shutting down the government that does direct damage to our Country , that’s the fundamental question when treason is charged , promoting a Theocracy is against the Constitution , also treason to me .

  28. But Clinton has come out against Citizens united. I know a lot of you purist think if we just say no it will go away but it doesn’t work that way. Why would you disarm yourself? Clinton still has a 20 point lead nationally and that’s with Biden in the race who BTW is outpolling Sanders in all the national polls. Do you really think if he stays out those voters will flock to the chosen one?

    You keep saying Clinton is beholden to corporate donors but her contributions from individuals are three times as much. Don’t believe me? Here is the chart
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Now you may claim you never said those things but your fellow bernbots have. All I do is post their records and if the truth makes you nervous then its not my fault, its yours. This is politics and get use to it instead of throwing hissy fits because someone don’t feel the bern

  29. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. Nothing in that portion of the Constitution prohibits members of Congress from facing criminal charges (and the fact that many have been convicted of crimes that were committed while they were in office is proof of that); it only forbids their arrest while they’re in session.

    And while it *does* say “…and for any speech or debate in either House,” I’m guessing that it’s debatable as to whether that would apply. We’re not talking about speech, we’re talking about deliberate actions that have been taken with full knowledge that there is no basis for them.

  30. ISIL in America is represented by the Republican Party , our own Talliban in America , refer to them as our own Talliban in America , if you fail to believe as they do , they try to punish or cause your death or hardship. It’s true stick that name on all Repubs

  31. A true waste of tax payers money especially when you think about the across the board cuts to education,medicare, food stamps and other worthwhile programs that benefit people. But instead, these losers are so fearful of another Demoncrat winning the 2016 presidential election that they would hash a bizarre scheme to discredit Mrs. Clinton. Most importantly, their actions demonstrates a total lack of respect with regards to the families of the deceased as well.

  32. So,you’re just going to detach from reality altogether, huh?

    Nice attempt at deflection, guess it sucks for you that not all Americans sit back and wait for the RW noise machine to tell them what to think. Just think, were you capable of critical thinking, you’d see the Taliban is the spiritual brother of the right wing, not liberals and other rational people.

  33. Let’s see… dereliction of duty, malfeasance, theft of honest services, violation of oath of office….

    the list goes on…

  34. dj is not a fan of the RW. I don’t believe he was trying to quote Secretary Clinton in the quote above although he did. My point is that dj is definitely NOT a RW Republican fan. I have to defend him on that.

  35. I did not watch Rachel last night, but have read several reports on it, apparently
    McCarthy is just another Palin, at times incoherent and does not know what he is talking about, the signs are not good!

  36. Screw them all for pretending all along that there was anything legitimate about this committee or that Gowdy is a legitimate legislator. Give us all a refund of our tax dollars.

  37. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. He has been taking advantage of the GOP lie attack on Hillary Clinton (who is a Democrat and has the support of the Democratic Party leadership) hand in hand with the GOP. He wants harm done to her as much as the Republicans do. Sanders voted consistently against our Democratic agenda in Congress and against our Democratic president in the White House. He’s not a Democrat and he has no integrity whatsoever. He’s not going to be President of the United States, either.

  38. Crabby and Rick, Read what DJ wrote one more time. THEY like to say…

    Simple clear snark.

    DJ is often misunderstood because he has a sharp and cutting wit.

  39. Bernie Sanders is a total fraud. Read his sicko misogynist sex essay. Have a look at his puny career, living on unemployment benefits until he finally succeeded in getting himself elected to the public trough and then languishing there for decades doing nothing but collecting a paycheck. He’s a Socialist. His Marxist hero is Eugene Debs. Middle America is not going to vote for Bernie Sanders. He is an offense to the Democratic Party, voting against Democrats and President Obama on behalf of his owners: the NRA and Israel.

  40. And that’s because berniebots want to see Hillary Clinton damaged any way they can, be it lies or not.

  41. How ’bout some facts? (180+ / 0-)

    Hillary Clinton – was against gay marriage until 2013.

    Bernie Sanders – voted against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.

    Hillary Clinton – said her Iraq War vote was a ‘mistake.’

    Bernie Sanders – voted against the invasion of Iraq.

    Hillary Clinton – voted for the Patriot Act.

    Bernie Sanders – voted against the Patriot Act.

    Hillary Clinton – dodges questions on TPP and Keystone XL Pipeline, and has supported both in the past.

    Bernie Sanders – is adamantly opposed to both TPP and KXL.

    Hillary Clinton – opposes decriminalization of marijuana.

    Bernie Sanders – opposes the drug war and co-sponsored medical marijuana legislation.

    Hillary Clinton – hawkish on Iran, Syria, etc. and has pursued a hawkish foreign policy to the right of Obama.

    Bernie Sanders – “War should be in my view, the last resort of a great nation.” And…”Let us wage a moral and political war against war itself, so that we can cut m…

  42. They didn’t debunk anything. What the graph said is that in writings by Sanders he said to end K-12 education which Mother Jones who is no friend of the Clintons wrote about. Now your beef should be with Mother Jones and since Sanders declined to answer it then one comes to their own conclusions. Another fail

  43. Rin, “What difference does it make” is something Secretary Clinton said at a Congressional hearing, whether dj realized it or not or whether he was referring to that or not, I was defending him as not being a RW crazy that I believed Crabby thought.

  44. Everyone knows that comment and also that it skewed by taking it out of context.

    That was DJs snarky point. They use it as a tool for political gain just like they did with that sentence.

    He knows the source.

  45. I not only “demand that the fraud end now”–I demand that the lying republican weasels immediately pay back the $4.5 billion of taxpayer money that they wasted on their abject charade of an “investigation.” Come on, GOP–cough it up. You thieves owe us, big time.

  46. How Bernie ever got mentioned in this post would be a mystery if not for the fact that it is heavily populated with paid spindoctors whos job it is to discredit Bernie at every opportunity. It seems this whole website has been started by Hillary supporters for that purpose. She has the money for it. Those who talk about disarming yourself by not “temporarily” selling out is just point out the differences. You either are a sell out or your not. Thank’s guys for convincing me. She’s better than the crazy republicans but not by much!!

  47. Bernie got mention because a Bernie supporter mention him. Now you are being paranoid if you think they are paid Hillary supporters going around posting positive stuff about Bernie in an non Bernie thread to discredit Bernie.

  48. A part of me would rather just push them off a cliff than garnishment. For now though, I’ve at least a few shits-n-giggles watching the GOP try to walk McCarthy’s comments back.

  49. You can interpret how you want but who has accomplished more in their public life and naming post offices don’t count

  50. You are funny! Hissy fit? Paranoid? Name calling again ah? Tell me there are not paid political mouthpieces on this “liberal newsletter”. There are at least four and you know who they are. Every time Joe or Bernie gets mentioned you and your pals jump all over them. If this is a liberal newsletter why not support them too? The answer seems obvious. I know you’re just doing your jobs and I’m sorry to out you but (spoiler alert) everyone already knows.
    Your goddess just got told by her handlers how to feel about the pipeline? Really? It’s early and the polls don’t mean much yet but as people find out what a tool she is good luck on finding work!

  51. DJ. The “vote for my candidate or else” goes both ways. I could say, “I am taking the Hillary Pledge too.” Which is to say, I support Hillary or Nobody.

    So, I really do not understand the hostage – candidate “thing.”

  52. All I do is correct the false memes about Clinton. The 4 people who you claim are trolls for Clinton has made it know they have supported her since 2008 and even during when the right was attacking her with lies that you Sander supporters feel more than happy to repeat. You Sander supporters have turned off so many people with your Sanders is the greatest thing since slice wonder bread that if you really sit back you would know why he only gets 9% of the black vote. He only gets 15% of the Latino vote. He is losing with women Hell Hillary leads him among white men.

    When you talk down to the true base of the party and its not you those are the numbers you get. The election will not be won on twitter and you better realize that.

    Without mentioning his name, Elizabeth Warren just tore Bernie Sanders a new one

    You should read it and learn

  53. But have you read one post saying its Hillary or else? All the ones I have read have said my support is for Hillary but I will vote for the Democratic nominee

  54. So Jeff, who “sold out” to the NRA, Bernie or Hillary. Oh, and there was another shooting today in Oregon.

  55. I think it should be noted to Utah republican Chaffetz that here is over 4 million dollars that could be used for cancer research if his purpose was to truly find more funds for cancer research and not to smear women’s rights! Course we haven’t heard a word from him on this waste of money that could have been used to improve cancer prevention that is so near and dear to his heart!!!

  56. I agree, dj, naming a post office does not count. How then does one define an accomplishment in public life? I read an article once that left me laughing. It list accomplishments of Laura Bush’s public life. One was becoming FLOTUS. Wouldn’t that be her husbands accomplishment?

  57. Wow does the Democratic party suck or what? NOW is when you demand and end to the investigation loudly? Not…oh, i don’t know…during one of the like…15+ OTHER hearings/investigations wasting tax payer money coming up with absolutely nothing?

  58. You do know since you sat out the 2010 elections because you didn’t get your unicorns who controls the congress

  59. Volt. Bomb this…

    Bernie voted Against Brady Bill twice. Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton signed Brady Bill into law.

    Bernie voted for Gun Manufacturer protection from Lawsuits, an NRA sponsored bill, twice. Hillary voted against it twice.

    Bernie voted for Guns in National Parks as part of a credit card bill.

    “If you passed the strongest gun control legislation tomorrow, I don’t think it will have a profound effect on the tragedies we have seen.” B. Sanders 2013.

  60. Constance. Politifact only questioned 4 items on the list.

    You really believe Hillary would have voted to allow Guns on AMTRAK? She may have been SOS at the time, but she has a lifetime F rating from the F-ing NRA.

  61. Do not get me wrong, I despise Hillary Clinton, but Rep. Kevin McCarthy has single handedly nailed his political coffin shut. RIP

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