Bernie Sanders Gets Fired Up For The Debate By Targeting Hillary Clinton’s Inconsistencies

bernie sanders andrea mitchell reports

During an interview on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) got warmed up for the upcoming Democratic debate by contrasting his consistent positions on Keystone XL and TPP with Hillary Clinton’s recent adoptions of popular Democratic positions.

Video of Sanders on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

Sanders contrasted his long-term opposition to TPP to Hillary Clinton’s movement to TPP opponent, “All I know, Andrea, is that when we try to understand why the middle class of this country is disappearing, a lot of that has to do with the disastrous trade policies that have been passed in recent years, NAFTA, CAFTA, permanent normal trade relations with China and in my view, the TPP is just a continuation of disastrous trade policies. I have been against it from day one.”

On the Keystone XL pipeline, Sen. Sanders said, “That’s just another example. I understood from early on, several years ago, that if you are serious about slowing down climate change and transforming our system away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy, you can not support the excavation and transportation of some of the dirtiest oil in the world, which is what the Keystone pipeline is about. I knew that back then. I am glad that Secretary is now on board on that issue as well.”

Sanders also suggested that he is the candidate who is better prepared to take on the billionaire class, “I think the question is when so few have so much in this country today, which candidate is better prepared to stand up to the billionaire class and fight for working families? I will let the voters make that decision. But I’m confident if they study my record, they will respect what I have done.”

Viewers should be prepared to see several of the points above brought up during tomorrow night’s Democratic debate. Sen. Sanders is positioning himself as the leader on the issues. In recent interviews, he has also been highlighting the consistency of his positions.

Notice that Sen. Sanders can refer to the differences between himself and his opponent without personal attacks or name-calling. Sanders was correct. Democrats should be happy that former Sec. Clinton has embraced these widely popular positions within her party, but he does have a longer record of holding these views.

The Democratic debate should be a fun evening of issue-based discussion, but Sen. Sanders is demonstrating that there are plenty of differences between the top two candidates for the party’s nomination.

43 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Gets Fired Up For The Debate By Targeting Hillary Clinton’s Inconsistencies”

  1. Democrats debate, not demolish…
    {{{Some o’ the hyper-partisan idiots on both sides didn’t get the memo!!!}}}
    Thankfully, the Dem side is civilized about it…

  2. Sanders better be careful. His I was against it before I was for it positions on key issues for the Democratic base like gun control and immigration might just come back to bite him n the ass

    And really other that the far left can someone tell me does the average Democratic voter gives a rats ass about the TPP or Keystone since the Unions supported building the pipeline?

  3. Because Bernie has absolutely no foreign policy creds, he had to hit below the belt and play dirty by reprinting irrelevant shit from 13 years ago about his opposition to the war in Iraq.

    Granted, war is grave business that takes a horrendous toll in blood and treasure. But, Sanders need to look forward in case someone decides to look back at one of his other essays he called a mistake and dumb regarding rape.

    This election is about the future and all I want to know now is what are the candidates going to do to keep Americans safe and how they would handle the chaos, strife and conflicts that are popping around the world today.

  4. A vote to go to war is never “irrelevant shit”. It is exactly why I moved from Hillary and voted for Pres. Obama the first time.

    Sign me Female Veteran

  5. Bernie is talking about Hillary’s “inconsistancies?” Really? He can’t even explain his own voting problems with Yugoslavia, the NRA, Immigration Reform and War funding.

    And NAFTA, what was so horrible about NAFTA. Did anybody notice how the economy did after 1993?

  6. You keep spewing the same nonsense and propaganda but never substantiate any of it. How can you be taken seriously or not be considered a troll? Coming back and saying “go look it up for yourself” doesn’t cut it and only convinces people you’re nothing but a troll. You make the assertion therefore the burden of proof is on you.

  7. Hillary Clinton as Senator from New York voted for the Iraq war and the Patriot Act. She is in the pocket of the military industrial complex. It is my belief that a Hillary Clinton Administration will only be more of the same on foreign policy. We have sacrificed too many of our nation’s most valuable assets, our nation’s youth on wars we shouldn’t have fought. It’s long past time to set the establishment aside. That is only one of the numerous reasons why i support, and volunteer for Bernie Sanders.

  8. Thank you for your service.

    This election is about the future and all I want to know now is what are the candidates going to do to keep Americans safe and how they would handle the chaos, strife and conflicts that are popping around the world today.

  9. Sanders neglects to discuss, as do GOP, fact Clinton was SOS under Obama when negotiations were ongoing for TPP & at said time, there was no such ‘agreement’. It better referred to as a ‘framework’ in that the US of course not the only country involved in negotiations. So therefore he further neglects to mention while SOS under Obama — Clinton wouldn’t come out against it.

    I can’t recall the wording, but Clinton does briefly refer to TPP in her book & she’ll make a decision when it’s an Agreement.

    Bernie also neglects to mention he appeared on Ed Show & admitted that when agreement was available for members to read — meaning he alone without his staff in a room where it’s available & not having ability to write notes — HE DID NOT READ IT.

    To this date, who knows if he’s read it. Also ranted re negotiations in secret – Neglets ‘All Trade agreements have been in secret.

    Sounds much like GOP — rant & rave yet don’t read the bills (agreements)!

  10. Please don’t use string cites. Like all caps, they’re hard to read, and they request the reader to follow numerous links without explaining why.

  11. Rep to reynardine. Now who is the “troll.” Not sure what you mean. I am using Firefox and hit all three links without an issue.

  12. Yawn. Stop the lies. This is the truth. I have posted the video on Hillary as she was preparing to vote for the AUMF.

    It is real old and only used when you got nothing to attack on.

    No change of opinion. She had speifics it had to include and the final version fell short.

    As for her long history of opposition to trade – it is part record. There are fact checkers at debates. She was negative towards NAFTA publicly. She voted against Cafta. etc.

    Funny how I always have to defend the Democratic front runner here at this site from a barrage of constant misleading attacks.

    I expect it at Red sites. But it is constant here and always has been.

    You didn’t cover any of her plans, statements or any news on her camapign all along since April. Of course you don’t know her or what she says or why she does what she does.

  13. Well, ok, just remember you asked for the link. Knowing you though, you will reject the article even though it was written in 2003 when Bernie was voting FOR Bush’s war on Iraq. He only voted against it when the Democratic Party stopped paying as much attention to him as he felt was his due.

    Let’s see how long it takes you to try to shoot down this link and ask for another link, which is your MO. I think YOU are the troll you keep accusing other posters of being.

  14. 42, he is saying to list what each link is about. If you hover over the link it shows you what each is – but just type it out so people know where they are being sent – incase they do not know how to hover.

    Also, it is pretty clear since you answered a specific question, to me.

    And just so you know – some sites have it set where you can end up in spam and need to be fished out if you put more than two links in a post. This site seems to have it set at three links in a post puts you in moderation/spam.

  15. Inconsistencies?

    Changing a position doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton is indecisive, easily influenced, and/or Machiavellian. Never changing a position doesn’t mean Bernie Sanders is close-minded, inflexible, and/or intransigent.

    It’s okay to hold the same opinion and never change it. Some people make the right call straight off, and then have to wait for everyone else to catch up.

    OTOH, it’s an asset to be able to recognize when circumstances have changed and a rethink is warranted. It’s good to be open to new ideas and different points of view. And there’s nothing wrong with admitting you made a mistake.

    What’s more important is that:

    #1 Neither candidate has shown a pattern of consistently poor decision-making and failing to learn from mistakes, and

    #2 Both candidates seem to have reasonable explanations for making, keeping, or changing positions.

    For the most part.

    So leave them both alone. Go pick on some Republicans.

  16. I think that article explains that he voted against the war I initially but once we were involved, he voted in favor of another bill that would help support our troops (I’m assuming by spending money to better equip them).

  17. Except for the spending, those all sound like Pros. Why is the author talking about Hillary being a hawk as if it’s a good thing?

    1. “It’s clear the Clintons have a deep ingrained sense of how important money is.” LOL!!

    2. “Clinton appears to be supportive of most trade deals unless a primary is approaching.” LOL!!

    3. “But unlike Clinton, he’s an instinctive critic of most large-scale military interventions abroad, saying they are frequently expensive and counterproductive.”

    4. Single payer could get through and businesses are entirely for it! My premiums, while lower than they would be without Obamacare, still pay for Horizon’s profits, CEO bonuses and “administrative fees” (private jets anyone?).

    5. Bernie iterates his plans for paying for almost all of his spending initiaves. And it’s still incredibly early.

    6. Bernie’s centerist approach to guns would gain more votes than he would lose in the general election.

  18. I’m with you DJ, I hope get gets in the race.

    BTW remember your first analogy to Bernie Sanders and the Cubs? What happens if they win this year?

  19. I was never a Biden supporter. I do respect him more now than I ever did in my life due to is years as VP without screwing it up! And of course there is sympathy for his personal struggles with tragedy in his life and his good nature.

    However, for 6 months the candidates have toiled and struggled, tonight they will lay themselves bare on a stage. The front runner has taken attacks by 17 Rs, a gov’t witchhunt committee, 5 opponents running as Dems (though except O’Malley the others do not have the creds to call themselves that) and the entire media picking though her baggage as she famously quipped once.

    Everyone knows his polls will fall drastically when/if he enters and the media opens fire on him as well as the GOP and his fellow dems make his less than stellar history known.

    His last Iowa campaign did not fare well, did it? He was not elected as VP on his own merits. He was elected on the Obama ticket. As candidate for President he is on his own…

  20. I don’t know Prokop there but he seems to be a lightweight.

    I read #1 and he made no point whatsoever. He based it on that chart from APRIL which showed the career support from her NY run and POTUS 08 run vs his Vermont runs.

    apples and oranges and inaccurate since they ignore the Individual vs Corporate column.

    Also he says Sanders has more union money and that was always a lie. He had them near the top of his tiny donation totals. They gave him a little bit for his Vermont senate runs.

    They gave Hillary millions and endoresed her and worked for her in 08 to win costing millions more.

    She had bank employees – of course she did. NEW YORK VS VERMONT. POTUS run vs Senate from a rural state.

    Any NYC politician would have more financial sector donations. They would also have zero farmers. zero dairymen who milk cows. zero hunters… as constituents.

    You can’t hunt or milk a cow on wall street. You can however know who would be good for the economy.

  21. Von, economists have chewed up and spit out his plans. Even Mother Jones said it is mostly a bunch of rubbish and too big to work.

    Not true, she wasn’t running when she was skeptical on NAFTA. She was a Senator and voted against Cafta. She made her statements about currency manipulation, etc. all along.

    It is NOT incredibly early.

    In 110 days you will have the results of the first caucus. The plans he rolled out are not complete. It isn’t that he didn’t lay out what he calls plans – he did – BUT they are not “plans” – they are ideas.

    A plan with no plan is not a plan it is a fantasy.

    He recently put up a tiny bit about foreign policy not a book on it, etc.

  22. “This TPP sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade, the kind of environment that has the rule of law and a level playing field. And when negotiated, this agreement will cover 40 percent of the world’s total trade…”
    Hillary Clinton to an Australian Trade Group in 2012h

    Today, Secretary Clinton is against the TPP, sounds like an inconsistency to me. Are any politicians completely consistent? Don’t they all pander? I’m more concerned who’s lining their pockets, pushing the agenda. All that aside, how could anyone possible trust any trade agreement we pass in the U.S. when corporations are allowed to make “suggestions” as to what is in them. Who’s there to protect the interest of the American working families’? The politicians who’s accept huge donations by said corporations. The system is rigged, people. Does that not matter? Or should we all be lemmi…

  23. Bernie voted for it when he had the chance.

    Hillary voted against CAFTA and was skeptical on NAFTA publicly and knocked the TPP all along on issues that needed to be fixed in it before she could approve it.

    She never stated her position on XL and since she worked on finding the facts about it and since the POTUS was overdue for a statement about it she waited for him to make his statement. He didn’t. She gave him time but finally decided to warn him and give him more time. Then she gave ONE answer.

    Who flipped? Who flopped?

    I personally hate that term anyway. It was used here in a Politicus link and upon seeing it applied to Hillary it made me see Republican talking points!!!

    They used that term against Kerry. Against Gore. Etc, it is a RWNJ term.

    Dems don’t flip-flop. Dems have beliefs and evolve depending upon learning, events, changes in society or world situations.

    But BERN FLIP FLOPPED on GUNS! The first time it was in his favor to. Typical politican.

  24. Victor sign our pledge to support Hillary at, okay buddy?

    And can you please update and change your list to remove the 50 progressives who support her, por favor?

    Want to make a bet on who will be President?

    Jeb and Hillary get even odds but you can lose your wallet voting for your guy.

    Bernie is about tied with President (never gonna happen) Trump.

    The bookies still pick a winner by far and is all based on science and math:

  25. ICH, I wonder does this mean he will make it a priority? Will he mention it in every stump speech like he has with other ideas he just realized have merit? Did he have a revelation I wonder? Did he wake up one day and finally say, it is Oct of 2015 and it is clearly not a good thing for this nation or for my debate prep which on this issue is a dis-ass-tah.

  26. Inconsistencies?

    Like Bernie voting against gays in 2006 but deciding he can say he never did – as if nobody would check!

    Or like ICH found above. He is rethinking his thinking of the glory of NO GUN CONTROL in VT (which borders NY) as maybe a bad thing nationwide. Ya think?

    Regulate guns and hold them accountable in all 50 states.

    Or his concientious objector status – is that the next thing to go? He was against all wars and now he needs to show he can be commander in cheif of the armed forces.

    He is not a capitalist but wants to lead the capitalist (evil) United States.

    He is not establishment but wants the endorsements of all those foolish establishment democratic office holders who are part of the establishment DNC he wants to lead.

    Inconsistent is his name. He isn’t a dem.

  27. On NBC this morning Adrea Michell was “explaining/head talking” about how Hillary was in “trouble” for: being the “lifetime Politician,” the “established” candidate, who said “she was broke when she left the White House,” who said “she did not drive herself for years.” As if those comments were like say anything out of any GOPer candidate these days.

    Mitchel then said: how Sanders was “surging,” having big “rallies.” Then, she cut to the Chuck Toad question in video were Sanders said, “I am a Socialist Democrat.” And….

    End of segment. Nothing more.

    It hit me just how much of a jones the media has for Hillary… Good luck Andrea.

    They say what does not kill you makes you stronger. Well, Hillary is one tough Woman!

    Give ’em Hell Hillary all the way!

  28. So, he can “ban” or censor me… Who cares? Would that rally amount to a hill of beans in the world John?

  29. Well looks like Mrs. Greenspan spreads her bullshit all over because that is not what Se. Sanders said. He called himself a Democratic Socialist not that it would matter to the brain dead of America and why did she cut it off right there? I wonder exactly who are the cable news viewers are? Because I don’t see anyone educated actually falling for their bullshit

  30. DJ. You may be correct on the actual wording Democratic Socialist versus Socialist Democrat; it was before my morning coffee. Like that will matter to the GOPers; they will calling Bernie a Democratic Communist or Commie Democrat or just plan Red Commie anyway.

  31. DJ. Did Back to the Future II have a clip saying the Cubs would win Series in 2015? Something I heard. I don’t have the Movie but might rent it to check.

  32. Vic. I do not know anybody that is talking about TPP at work, gatherings or voter reg drives. It’s like asking Where is the Capital of Canada?

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