What The Media Isn’t Telling You: Trump Supporters Attack and Spit On Immigration Protesters

The national media has covered up much of the racist behavior at a recent Trump rally in Virginia. What the media left out of the story is that immigration protesters were physically attacked and spit on by Trump supporters.



Trump supporters began confronting the immigration protesters after they unfurled a banner. The Trump supporters started telling the protesters to, get the f–k out of here.” Trump protesters started calling the protesters disrupted and told the protesters to move on because they were interfering with Trump’s ability to speak.

Susie Grady the person who shot the video above says that she was repeatedly shoved and had her phone stolen at the end of the video.

CNN buried the violence against the protesters in the middle of their story, “But several of his supporters quickly became agitated, shouting “Go back to Mexico” as some of the protesters were escorted out. Another Trump supporter began hurling obscenities at two of the protesters, Ronald Sanchez and Maria Sanchez.”

One of the Trump supporters screamed, “F–k you at a protester, and spit on him.

The confrontation was much uglier than the national media reported it as. Donald Trump’s rhetoric is drawing the racists. It is worth repeating that Trump is leading in every Republican poll, and he is sowing the seeds that were planted by years of raced based attacks against President Obama.

The national press has turned a blind eye to the kind of supporters that Trump is attracting, but his thinly veiled white power message is working with Republican primary voters. The ugliness that is the Trump campaign isn’t limited to the just the billionaire himself.

As the video from the rally in Virginia shows, the ugliness of Trump is the Republican Party.

45 Replies to “What The Media Isn’t Telling You: Trump Supporters Attack and Spit On Immigration Protesters”

  1. Of course U.S. mass media won’t cover the racism and racists infesting Trump rallies. But you can bet your Confederate Battle Flag that had those protesters of color had fought back (or at least slapped those White supremacists), CNN would’ve been ALL over it to show how “aggressive and racist those PoC protesters actually are”.

  2. That Black dude should’ve punched that p.o.s.’s lights out. Or spat back, which was what I would’ve done.

  3. Trump and his supporter’s version of “ethnic cleansing” is as immoral as any other version in history.

  4. This is how it started with the rise of the Nazi party in Germany. Physically assault your opponents before, well you know the end result. With that being said there is nothing more degrading than being spit on.

  5. …sheeeesh; many o’ Trumps Psychos have already shown they have no respect for anybody; not even themselves…did anybody expect anything else from this lot???

  6. This is why alternative media is so important in this country. The mainstream media is ABSOLUTELY USELESS. Every “journalist” working for the MSM is a moron, except maybe Rachel Maddow who remains as the single bright light in a room full of dim bulbs.

    Let’s get Rachel on the case. Maybe then this disgusting behavior will be shown for the world to see.

  7. Our country become so degenerated due to the racist, hateful, undereducated, afraid of their own shadow tea bags and they’re Trump supporters.


  8. This is just business as usual for the Right Wing, the Republicans/Conservatives/TeaPotty have always appealed to the lowest common denominator’s in this nation. In every nation all over this planet the Conservative right wing is always the party with the worst ideology and attracts the lowest common denominator as it does here. Of course the media ignores this because bringing it to the public means more votes for the ADULTS in the room!…The DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!

  9. Which repug candidate is the most dangerous to the country? All of them are despicable. After watching the debates, the difference between repugs and dems is very clear. I am so proud to be a democrat.

  10. …sheeesh, these chickens are too tough and rotten for even Col. Sanders to make use of…no wonder they perch all over the Republican’t Potty, with ever more fowl creatures on the way…

  11. However much the US Mass Media tries to hide the facts, footage taken on peoples personal iphones & posted on social media will always be there to show the truth.

    Isn’t it a bit late to be hiding what the GOP has become? The GOP, The Anti-Immigration Party of Racists.

  12. Locally,that would be misdemeanor battery, but commiting it against a child, an elderly person, a disabled person, or with a serious serum-transmissible illness, such as TB, hepatitis, or syphilis, could up it to a felony battery.

  13. WTF is this? I’m 45 so I wasn’t around during the Civil Rights movement and the riots. But I mean – damn. I have never been around stuff like this before.

    People are wanting to vote for him because he is essentially a celebrity billionaire? Do they not realize that this is not a game – I mean what the hell is going on? And for CNN to not be showing footage like this (and at other rallies like it by the Trump mouth-breathers), as well as not showing the polls all over social-media saying they thought Sanders won the first debate?

    SMH – this country is seriously screwed up.

  14. These protesters were seriously outnumbered and knew exactly what they would be up against, and yet they still had the courage to stand up for their beliefs. I applaud their bravery.

    That being said, Latinos in this country have been “spit on” ever since the passing of SB 1070 in 2010 (despite the SCOTUS removing some parts of the law). Sheriff Arpaio and his cronies started this BS, Trump is just grabbing the baton (although he’s keeping all the credit for himself).

  15. In my younger days I was in a gang. What this reminds me of is gang tactics. Beat up the other gang expand your turf now what should be done about it?

    I’m sure when Georgia wrote it’s anti-gang law, no one thought it would be used against the good people of the Peach State. Even gangs of white supremacists carrying the Confederate flag.

  16. Had that Black dude done what you wish,ICH he would have been arrested on the spot.. The rethugs, thugs would have made sure…of that.
    People got arrested for much less under the Bush rule. Wearing a t-shirt that was displaying any word against him and you were gone,NOW.

  17. Why are anti-Trump protesters always called immigration protesters? That gives the false impression that the only people protesting Donald are Hispanics who favor immigration reform.

    The opposition to Donald is broader than that and includes people from all racial/ethnic backgrounds as this video shows. Hispanics were not the only ones protesting.

  18. But I mean – that’s the weird part. We’re talking CNN. FOXNEWS it ain’t. Know what I’m saying? You’d think they’d have a bit more of an eagle eye on sh!t like this and report it.

  19. Precisely!!! If you’re gonna do it, do it with style!!!
    …and with follow-through like THAT, his balls will land on Luna!!!

  20. The “Media” licks tRumps boots!

    In California, the day after the Democratic Debate, a local Sacramento NBC affiliate advertised coverage of the Debate before a commercial.

    After commercial, they broke into the story with 30 seconds on Hillary Clinton and how she was talking with Union Protesters at the Trump Casino before the debate.

    They showed a clip of Bernie shaking hands, talking to reporters and a quick clip of his Benghazi email response for about another 30 seconds.

    THEN, they went into a one on one interview with the tRump for 2 minutes while he sneered at the Democratic Debate in general and plugged himself.

    This complete cow tow down by the Media to tRump is just sickening to even watch.

  21. Disgusting………so when one of these crazy trump supporters kill someone because of trumps rhetoric, will trump be charged?

  22. No because it has already happen

    Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Friday he “would never condone violence” after Boston police said two men beat a homeless man while making anti-immigrant statements.

    “Donald Trump was right,” the two men said, according to police, as they beat the man with a metal pipe and then urinated on him. “All these illegals need to be deported.”

  23. Sheesh…..The reich wing incites violence and they need held accountable. The media could call them out….
    They could say your comments might get someone killed, is this your intention? Or promoting edited PP videos will probably get them burnt down, is this your intent?

  24. A small group of professional victims met a large group of honest Americans who were not intimidated into being Politically Correct. So what?

  25. This sort of thing doesn’t happen at Hillary’s campaign events, but then you can’t get into one of her events without an invitation and a photo ID.

  26. Oh the Donald might take anyone’s money, but he is not drawing support from a wide range of ethnicities – only, white, white, bigoted, ignorant, self-absorbed, don’t give privileges to others cause you will take privileges away from me to do it.

    Their world is very narrow, and centered only on what they believe and what they want for themselves and themselves alone. Donald makes a perfect candidate for them.

  27. Yep, bigots always hate being confronted with their own bigotry. Obviously, you like to condone bigoted behavior as Okie dokie.

  28. They did that because they thought it would make Bernie look bad. Some right-wingers are now saying he can’t even control his own mic, so how will he lead the country. Things are really bad in this country right now, we have to vote Reps out to even begin to have a chance at turning this around.

  29. Appreciate the visual. Must add, I don’t believe it takes balls to spit on someone. It takes balls not to fight back, it takes balls to remain peaceful and resist violent acts.

  30. Point taken, Yet,in defense of Secretary Clinton. She is a former first lady, and the Secret Service has a job to do.

  31. Spitting spreads diseases such as Meningitis and should be a crime with punishment s an outbreak could kill someone vulnerable.

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