Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out: Poll Shows Americans Happy To See Boehner Go


John Boehner’s approval rating went up by 12 points with Independents and 11 points with Democrats after he announced that he was quitting Congress, but his disapproval rating remains higher than his approval rating. It’s clear that the American people are happy to see Boehner go.

According to Gallup:

Americans’ opinions of House Speaker John Boehner are still negative, but they have improved since he announced last month that he would resign his position. Currently, 31% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Boehner, up from 23% in August. This is his best reading since April 2014.


Interestingly, Republicans’ views of Boehner are unchanged since Gallup’s last measurement in August, while independents and Democrats now view him more favorably. This may be the result of recent attention paid to conservative Republicans’ role in forcing Boehner to step down, perhaps leading some independents and Democrats to view him as more of an ally. Nevertheless, Democrats and independents still view him more negatively than Republicans do.

By the numbers, Boehner’s approval rating went from 19% with Democrats to 30%, and from 17% to 29% with Independents. His unfavorable rating went from 59% with Democrats to 54%, and from 57%-43% with Independents. His numbers with Republicans remain unchanged. His favorable rating went from 37% to 36%, and his unfavorable rating stayed at 42%.

Speaker Boehner is experiencing a wave of popularity since announcing his retirement. There is going to be very little nostalgia associated with the Boehner era. John Boehner was viewed as part of the problem, and we’ll see how big of a part of the problem he was after he is gone, and new Speaker takes over.

The Gallup poll reveals that the American people aren’t going to miss Boehner and that Republicans would love to have the kind of poll numbers that President Obama has. John Boehner is at his second highest point of popularity, and President Obama remains 15+ points more popular than the top Republican.

Boehner’s lack of popularity is a symptom of larger distaste that the American people have for the Republican Party as a whole.

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15 Replies to “Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out: Poll Shows Americans Happy To See Boehner Go”

  1. The only way the Speaker’s popularity will rise is when the Repugs are voted out and the Speaker is a Dem again and things finally get done again. Are we going to be shutting down the Gov. again in a few days for lack of getting anything done?

  2. Please, Orange Julius instead of taking bribes had his peeps pay him off with golf memberships and cases of Johnny Walker black. Trust he will be fine

  3. Well we know one person who wont be Speaker, from what I understand he has a can’t-miss obligation Dennis Hastert

  4. Boehner made his own bed and in many ways caused many of his own problems. He disrespected the president many times when it was not necessary.Perhaps a new speaker could make congress more efficient but it is doubtful. If this person employs the Hastert rule there will be the same old nothing gets gone. Hastert should plead guilty to many more things.

  5. I wouldn’t be so quick to blame Boehner for all the GOP House’s problems; or in giving him credit for anything.

    Obama’s famous speech about us not being a country of red states & blue states but United States, wasn’t just a political speech; he really meant it. Obama tried from day 1 to work with the GOP & all they ever did was obstruct him.

    Last night on the Rachel Maddow, Maddow went through a timeline of how Obama tried to work with the GOP; I still feel nauseous. 7 years later, as we can plainly see he should have never bothered. All Obama ever did was try to do his job as president elect & all the GOP ever did was make about his skin color.

    I never knew how racist the US still is until Obama took office.

    The problems we have today & the fractured party the GOP has become I blame completely on the GOP & the media. Until the GOP is held accountable for their lies & distortion & the media starts accurately & responsibly reporting the facts nothing will change.

  6. …the way I see it…
    …much o’ the racism lay for years beneath the surface o’ our lives…yes I realize that for many it wasn’t buried at all; and my apologies to all…
    …but the election of Barack Obama changed everything, showing racists pretty much everywhere…it even started a ‘thing’ in Congress: Boycott the POTUS!!!
    …and so it began…each year uglier than the one before…
    …now we have a situation that has literally split families, {Mine sure was!!!} and for us older ones, left us with a country we just do NOT fking recognize…
    …2014 was the biggest shit-brained GD excuse for an election I’ve ever seen in all of my 51 years…Hell, from me studies, the Democratic Debacle o’ 1968 pales in comparison!!!
    {{{Had to study it; Hell, I was 4…and had other priorities…lol}}}
    We. Cannot. Let. The. Republican’ts. Control. Our. Elections. Again.

  7. This just shows how stupid Americans are politically. The majority of them are clueless as to what Boehner and the House Republicans have been doing these past eight years

  8. Finally, after years, a rethug is saying YES, he is guilty.. Only after years of payola and climbing the rethug ladder of success. What he says he is guilty of, he does not want brought before a jury..really icky stuff I’d say, So what else is new about the teabaggers.
    Now if Cheney and Bush could be brought before a court.

  9. Tatiana, what you just posted, should be printed in every paper in the country, in BIG BOLD letters. However even that would not do the trick of changing the teabaggers, who have changed the face of our country. Now we really are thought of around the world, as UGLY stupid American’s.

  10. I doubt it. The countdown clock is ticking until he can cash out on K street. He won’t miss those teatards one bit.

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