Rand Paul’s New Book Bombs By Selling Less Than 500 Copies In Two Weeks

Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul’s new book has been a complete bomb, as the Republican presidential candidate has sold only 500 copies in two weeks.

Buzzfeed reported:

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s new book, released on Oct. 20, has sold fewer than 500 copies, according to numbers from Nielsen BookScan.

Paul’s book, Our Presidents & Their Prayers, a 36,000-word account about the faith of U.S. presidents, had only sold 80 copies in the first six days, according to the BookScan numbers. Today the number of sales for Paul’s book stands at 440 through Sunday, according to sources with access to the numbers.

Outside of Jeb Bush, there hasn’t been a bigger disaster of a 2016 Republican presidential campaign than Sen. Rand Paul. Their heir to the Paul presidential campaign business has never been able to recover from the double whammy of constant flip-flops and the rise of the outsider candidates.

Paul’s book sales are so bad that he is selling six times fewer books than Michele Bachmann sold as a presidential candidate in 2012. A sign that the end was near for Bachmann as a presidential candidate came where her book sold 3,000 copies in two weeks.

Sen. Paul’s horrible book sales are an indication that the end is near for his presidential campaign. Paul is widely expected to stay in the Republican race through the Kentucky caucus. Paul got state Republicans to switch from a primary to a caucus by offering to pay for the change. This means that no matter how badly he is doing, Rand Paul will stay in the race for the Republican nomination until at least March 6, 2016.

The media hyped Rand Paul as the outsider, but his campaign has been plagued by poor morale and money problems. Rand Paul’s horrid book sales are the biggest sign yet that the senator is wasting his time trying to run for president.