Donald Trump Falls Apart When Asked How Women’s Lives Are Different From Men

Trump more popular with women than Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump was asked on CBS’ Face The Nation to explain how a woman’s life differs from that of a man. The Republican frontrunner fell part and melted down into a pile of incoherent hate gibberish about Hillary Clinton.


Transcript via Face The Nation:
DICKERSON: You say you will do more for women than Hillary Clinton. How do you think a woman’s experience in daily life is different than — in the modern world — than a man’s?

TRUMP: Well, I think they have a different life. It’s a different life.

But, at the same time, I don’t think women want to be pandered to. I think women don’t like Hillary Clinton, to be honest with you, John. I think that women — and I see it all the time — and they tell me: “You have to beat her. You have to win. She’s a terrible person. She’s a terrible person.”

Women are telling me that. I think, frankly, that women do not like Hillary Clinton.

DICKERSON: But are women — do they have the same advantages of men in today’s world? Do they…

TRUMP: Well, I think they have come a long way.

And I think I have, certainly within my company, done things that were very different, because, 30 years ago, I had a woman in charge of building a massive building on Fifth Avenue, more than 30 years ago. And nobody would have done that in terms of construction. It was unheard of.

I was way ahead. And even to this day, I have so many women executives. And they’re incredible. But I have been great to women in terms of the world of business. And I have been given great credit for that.

It is a repeat of a pattern that has been seen throughout the campaign. Donald Trump gets asked an easy question and falls apart. The reporter who asked Trump the question gives him a free pass and the interview moves on to the next subject.

Trump is delusional enough to think that he is more popular than Hillary Clinton with women, but he can’t explain how the lives of men and women differ. Hillary Clinton has no problem explaining the struggles and discrimination that women face at home and abroad because she has lived it.

Republicans who think that they can defeat Hillary Clinton with sexist attacks are going to be in for a rude awakening. The Republican Party is losing ground with female voters because they continue to oppose equality for women while advocating policies that attack basic rights.

Trump couldn’t explain how women’s lives differ from men because he is a rich and privileged white man. Trump is the logical devolution from legitimate rape and binders full of women. Trump has a 29% favorability rating with women, and if he matches up with Hillary Clinton in the general election that number is likely to sink even lower.

Women don’t like Donald Trump, and it is clear that they won’t vote for him if he is the Republican nominee.

Trump is functionally illiterate, and can’t relate to the experiences of a majority of the population. Face The Nation gave Trump a free pass after he fell apart, but voters won’t do the same in November 2016.