People In Vermont Line Up To Heckle And Flip Off Donald Trump


Reporters talked to people who were standing in line for Donald Trump’s Burlington, VT rally, and what they found were potential attendees who couldn’t wait to voice their dislike of Trump.

New York Magazine rounded up some of the reaction of those who were standing in line:

Local alt-weekly Seven Days went to check the line snaking out in front of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts earlier today. At the front of the line was a local who has no intention of voting for Donald Trump and had been waiting since 4:30 a.m. to get inside. “I just want to ask [Trump] a question that will bother him,” he said.

Another woman in line whispered, “I’m actually for Hillary. I want to give Trump the finger or something.


Reporters found plenty of Trump supporters waiting eagerly to hear the candidate speak, too, many from upstate New York, not too far across Lake Champlain. One fan told Seven Days that he was not pleased by all of the “un-American” protesters who gathered outside the event and are likely to make the already overcrowded event even more of a zoo.

Bernie Sanders supporters were doing their best to sabotage Trump’s event, and the collected reaction of some of the people in line suggest that Donald Trump is more of a celebrity spectacle than a serious presidential candidate. The Trump campaign has oversold the venue, and I suspect intentionally set up a night of potential chaos. Trump appears to be out to create news with his rally in Vermont, and he doesn’t seem to care of that news comes in the form of a riot.

A segment of the Republican Party is in love with Donald Trump, but the rest of America is not.

After tonight, Donald Trump might be better off sticking to holding his rallies south of the Mason-Dixon line.