Obama Hating Conservatives Demand That GOP Lose The Senate To Block SCOTUS Nominee

Conservatives are demanding that Mitch McConnell virtually hand control of the Senate to Democrats by doing everything possible to block President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Conservatives want to sacrifice the Senate to block Obama.

The Hill reported:

Taking action on a Supreme Court nominee — even through the Judiciary Committee — when Obama has less than a year left in his term would be a cardinal sin, conservative activists say.

They argue the ideological balance of the court is so important that it’s not worth playing political games to take the pressure off vulnerable Republican incumbents.

“I would rank having a conservative justice as more important than having the majority in the Senate,” said David Bozell, president of For America, a conservative advocacy group. “God knows this Republican majority in the Senate hasn’t done much anyway for conservatism, period.”

“If you look at some of the conservative movement’s successes, it’s in large part due to the court doing some decent things and making some good decisions,” he added.

The conservative position is built on a nearly delusional belief that a Republican Party that can’t stop destroying itself will magically get their act together and win the White House in November. With each passing day, it is looking more like Republicans are going to end up nominating Donald Trump, losing the Senate, and Democrats will get to confirm a justice of the new president’s choosing in early 2017.

The smart move for Republicans would be to compromise with President Obama on a nominee who is center-left, because if Democrats take control of the Senate and the White House, there will be nothing stopping them from appointing a more liberal justice.

Conservative activists are demanding that Mitch McConnell give away control of the US Senate. Blocking Obama’s nominee could end up being an act of political suicide, but conservatives are demonstrating that they would rather block Obama and lose than confirm an Obama nominee and have a chance of winning in November.

Their hatred of President Obama is so strong that will destroy themselves before they do anything to help this president.