Republicans Spit On The American People By Denying Obama SCOTUS Nominee A Hearing

Republicans took a break from watching the cage fight that their primary has become in order to unify over the one issue on which they can all agree — obstructing President Obama. Two different reports say Republicans have decided for sure not to hold confirmation hearings on an Obama nominee for the Supreme Court. So that’s a no, they won’t be doing their jobs.

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Manu Raju ‏tweeted: “GOP senator tells me Republicans voice unity in closed-door lunch to DENY any hearings to SCOTUS nominee. On @cnn shortly to discuss”:

NBC News’ Ali Weinberg tweeted: “All Republican members of Judiciary Committee signed letter saying they will NOT hold confirmation hearing on Obama’s eventual SCOTUS nom”:

So there you have it. Republicans will play anarchists for $100, and gamble losing the Senate just to deny President Obama his Constitutional duty and right, as well as deny the American people their input, which they gave twice in 2008 and again in 2012 when they re-elected President Obama by five million votes.

Did you feel that? Senate Republicans just spit in your face.

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