Ted Cruz Is Blocking Federal Aid For The Lead Poisoned Residents Of Flint

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is holding up the passage of a federal aid bill for Flint, Michigan as residents continue to struggle with a lead poisoning crisis.

Bloomberg reported, “Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has placed a hold on a deal to vote on S. 2012 and funding for Flint, Mich., Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. tells reporters. Bloomberg BNA’s Ari Natter reports Schumer said Cruz’s objection stems from the part of the deal providing funding to Flint, without elaborating further.”

Sen. Cruz uses the Senate as a personal platform to boost his presidential campaign on a regular basis, but even for Cruz, placing a hold on a bill that would help the people of Flint is a new low.

The main Republican objection to the bill is that they believe that the people of Flint should have to pay for their own federal assistance. Earlier in February, Senate Democrats blocked the energy bill because Republicans were dragging their feet on an aid package for Flint.

Earlier this month, Harry Reid called out Cruz’s fellow Texas Sen. John Cornyn for hypocrisy on Flint.

Reid said:

Last year Texas was devastated with historic flooding, it was the federal government that stepped in to provide disaster relief for the people of Texas. Who stepped in? The federal government stepped in to help the people of Texas. That’s why I was disappointed to see the senior Senator from Texas say:

“While we all have sympathy for what’s happened in Flint this is primarily a local and state responsibility.”

He didn’t say that when the flooding was taking place last year.

Ted Cruz is showing why he and every other member of his heartlessly hypocritical party are not fit to lead the country and should not be trusted with the presidency in 2016.