Democrats Give Republicans a Taste Of The Punishment Coming For Their Obama Obstruction

Showing just how easy Republicans are going to make 2016 ads for Democrats, the Senate Democratic Policy and Communications Center (DPCC) put out a video today showing exactly what hypocritical slimeballs Republicans are being in order to justify their absurd refusal to do their jobs and confirm an Obama Supreme Court nominee.

Watch here:

Senate Democrats point out:

Americans Say by 2-To-1 That Senate Should Hold Hearings on President Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee

American People to GOP: Do Your Job and Carefully Consider the President’s Supreme Court Nominee

The video shows that when it was beneficial to their party, Republicans honored and revered their constitutional obligation to advise and consent the President regarding a nominee. But now due to their Obama Derangement Syndrome, they don’t want to do their jobs anymore.

All Democrats need to do is air Republicans speaking, because they are that ridiculous at this point. Meanwhile, President Obama is enjoying Reagan-level approval ratings.

Do we see Obama Republicans in our future? Oh, I think we do. They won’t be called that because the media is pretty sure we all hate Obama, but that is what they are.

The Republicans who appreciate and respect law and order and process will not want to be associated with this radical jihad against the Constitution and the wild power grab Senate Republicans are currently engaging in. This is catering to racism, pure and simple. It’s time Americans showed Republicans they won’t put up with this kind of blatant disrespect of the President.