Democrats Blast Paul Ryan For Cowardly Speech That Refuses To Take On Trump


The office of Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) immediately called out Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) for lacking the courage to take on Donald Trump during his speech on the presidential race.

Harry Reid’s Deputy Chief of Staff Adam Jentleson said in a statement, “Speaker Ryan is speechifying on the deck of the Titanic, running a do-nothing Congress while supporting Donald Trump, a racist demagogue, for president. Speaker Ryan’s words will ring hollow until he backs them up with action and withdraws his support from Donald Trump.”

Ryan’s speech contained a hazy dream that was the political equivalent of butterflies, kittens, and everything that he wished the Republican Party to be. What the Speaker’s speech lacked was the political courage to call out Donald Trump and his tactics by name. Ryan tried to play the both sides do it game while ignoring the fact that only one party’s candidates are burying the 2016 election in insults, divisiveness, and violence.

In case Speaker Ryan hasn’t got a clue, here is a hint. It isn’t the Democrats who are destroying the nation’s system of governance with partisan division and ugliness.


As millions of Americans are coming together to recognize Donald Trump as a threat to our democracy, Paul Ryan lacks the guts that even Mitt Romney demonstrated when he tried to stop Trump. The speech was typical Paul Ryan. It was all surface and no substance.

Ryan showed the same lack of courage that has paralyzed the GOP and allowed Trump to run wild. Democrats and moderates are going to have to clean up another Republican mess by doing what cowards like Paul Ryan won’t

Voters will punish Republicans by soundly rejecting Donald Trump at the ballot box in November.