MSNBC Dumps Trump And Comes Back To Reality As GOP Leader Gets Least Airtime

A new analysis of the cable news networks shows that MSNBC has dumped Trump by giving the Republican frontrunner the least amount of airtime over the past thirty days.

According to an analysis by the conservative Media Research Center:

Our study found that FNC spent much more time interviewing Trump and his surrogates than either of his GOP competitors. Over the past four weeks, Trump was interviewed for a total of 178 minutes on Fox, vs. 106 minutes on CNN and 43 minutes on MSNBC. (Interviews includes network-sponsored town halls as well as sit-downs with a network host, but not debates or live coverage of rallies or speeches.)

Trump’s leading competitor, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, was featured in interviews totaling 120 minutes on FNC, slightly less than the 133 minutes he received on CNN, but much more than the 35 minutes he managed on MSNBC. The only other active candidate, Ohio Governor John Kasich, received 84 minutes on Fox, 106 minutes on CNN and 100 minutes on MSNBC.

MSNBC faced a wave of backlash after hosting a chummy town hall with Trump that moderated by Trump pals Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski. The tone was different when Trump sat down with Chris Matthews for a town hall and was challenged into admitting that he supported punishing women who have abortions.

The former lean forward network appears to have given Republican also-ran candidate John Kasich the most attention possibly out of desire to balance out their months of endless Trump cover, or perhaps, they have listened to the pleas of their viewers that the same network that is the home of Rachel Maddow can’t promote the hatred and bigotry of Donald Trump.

Reality has finally gotten through to MSNBC, and the network is no longer endlessly promoting Donald Trump.

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