MSNBC Morning Joe Hosts Busted In Leaked Audio Supporting Donald Trump

Someone at MSNBC has released audio of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski unprofessionally supporting and fawning all over Donald Trump during the commercial breaks of a recent Trump appearance on Morning Joe.

Comedian Harry Shearer played the commercial break audio of Scarborough and Trump on his show:

During the commercial break, Brzezinski and Scarborough can be heard complimenting Trump on his then recent debate performance. Brzezinski said, “You know what I thought was the kind of wow moment was the guy that you brought up on stage….we played it up against Obama.” Trump replied, “You had me almost as a legendary figure, I like that.”

The most telling piece of audio came before Trump’s final segment when he told the MSNBC morning hosts, “You, you get great ratings and a raise…Me, I get nothing. Just make us all look good.” Scarborough adds, “Exactly.”

Scarborough and Brzezinski are abusing their jobs at MSNBC to push their friend Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Here’s a newsflash for Joe Scarborough. Journalists are not supposed to have an interest in making the people that they are interviewing look good. In the same audio, Trump tells Brzezinski not to ask him questions that are too hard.

Keith Olbermann got suspended for less than what Scarborough and Brzezinski are doing.

There have been numerous media allegations that the Morning Joe hosts are supporting Trump and engaging in unprofessional behavior. Critics ripped the MSNBC hosts after they held a primetime “town hall” with Trump that long on softball questions, but short on audience participation.

There is clearly a conflict of interest when it comes to Morning Joe and Trump, but the bosses at MSNBC are willing to let their conservative host get away with something greater than what former liberal hosts were fired or disciplined for in the past.

The audio doesn’t lie. The Morning Joe hosts are behaving unprofessionally. Viewers must demand that Morning Joe is held to the same standard that MSNBC used to discipline and in some cases fire liberal hosts.