Bernie Sanders rally in Reading

Bernie Sanders Goes Positive And Cuts Down His Criticism Of Hillary Clinton

While campaigning in Pennsylvania, Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared to shift back to focusing on the issues with a speech that emphasized his own positions and virtually eliminated his previous angry criticisms of Hillary Clinton.


At a rally in Reading, PA, Sen. Sanders delivered his criticism of trade agreements, and US trade policy in a fiery way, but what was missing from this section of his stump speech his strong language on Clinton and trade. Sanders said that he and Clinton had a difference on trade policy and that she has supported almost of these disastrous trade agreements.

Sanders called out Verizon and railed against a corporate culture. Sen. Sanders talked about income inequality and returned to talking about the Walton family and Walmart. Sanders said, “I say to the Walton family. Get off of welfare and pay your workers a living wage.” Sanders said that his campaign is about thinking outside of TV, radio, and newspapers tell you.

Sen. Sanders’ tone was completely different at the Reading rally. Sanders has returned to discussing the issues that the corporate media completely ignore. Sanders talked with passion and conviction about income inequality and laid out how the economy must work for everyone, not just the people on top.

What made the Sanders campaign so great was his focus on the issues, and belief that the American people can come together and make the government work for the people. Sen. Sanders talked about Flint, Michigan and said, “This is the United States of America. We should have clean drinking water.” Sanders framed his difference with on fracking as a disagreement. What was missing was his previous language that painted Clinton as owned by the fossil fuel industry.

Sanders left in his lines about Sec. of State Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street, but the bite was missing from the zinger.

The speech was similar, but the tone was different. Bernie Sanders isn’t going after Hillary Clinton anymore. Sen. Sanders is pointing out his differences with Sec. of State Clinton in a gentle way. The anger towards Clinton was gone from his speech. Sen. Sanders was focused on the message that made his campaign great, and the result was one of his best speeches in weeks.

Bernie Sanders is still working hard for votes but after weeks of growing bitterness in the Democratic campaign, Sen. Sanders has gone back to emphasizing his own message on the issues over anger directed at his opponent.

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