Trump Is Falling Apart As He Flip-Flops And Promises To Cut Taxes On The Rich


Donald Trump flip-flopped on his flip-flopped and has now assumed his third position on taxes in 24 hours. The pressure isn’t even on Trump yet, and he is already falling apart.



On CNN, Trump was asked about what sounded like support for the idea of raising taxes on the wealthy.

He answered, “I didn’t say that Chris. NBC and Chuck Todd if they put out that clip misrepresented….I may have to increase it on the wealthy – I’m not going to allow it to be increased on the middle class. Now, if I increase it on the wealthy, that means they’re still going to be paying less than they are paying now. I’m talking about increasing it from my (original) tax proposal. And Chuck Todd understood that totally, and yet they released information like I’m looking to increase the taxes.”
Here is what Trump said on Meet The Press, “Let me explain how the world works. Okay? I think nobody knows more about taxes than I do, and income than I do. But I’ll explain how it all works. I don’t come up with it. I come up with the biggest tax cut of any candidate by far of any candidate. Anybody, and I put it in. But that doesn’t mean that’s what we’re going to get. We have to negotiate. The thing I am going to do is make sure the middle-class gets good taxes, tax breaks because they have been absolutely shunned. The other thing. I’m going to fight very hard for business. For the wealthy, frankly, I think it’s going to go up. And you know what? I think it should go up.”

Donald Trump is a liar, who went caught in one lie will pivot and make up a new one. Trump has no intention of raising taxes on the wealthy. He does that he can trick the supporters of Bernie Sanders into voting for him if he talks about trade and hints at raising taxes on the wealthy.

Chuck Todd didn’t distort Trump’s positions because the presumptive Republican nominee has no real positions. The media scrutiny hasn’t been turned up, but the Republican frontrunner is already talking in circles and falling apart before our very eyes.