Trump Claims Muslims Are Telling Him They Want To Be Banned From The US

During an interview on Fox News, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump claimed that Muslims are telling him that they want to be banned from the United States.

While being “interviewed” on Fox News, Trump discussed his Muslim ban, “It’s temporary, and ultimately it is my aim to have it lifted. Right now there is no ban, but I would like to see there has to be an idea. There has to be something, because there is some pretty bad things going on, and I have Muslim friends, great Muslim friends who tell me you are so right. There’s something going on that we have to get to the bottom of, so we’ll see what happens.”

For years, Donald Trump has been hiding his racism and bigotry by claiming that he has minority friends. However, Trump has taken it to a new level by claiming that his Muslim friends want him to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

Trump is claiming that the ban will only be temporary, and he seems oblivious to constitutional ramifications of his idea. When asked by Greta Van Susteren about the Constitution, Trump said, “We’ll take a look at that.”

The presumptive Republican nominee for President Of The United States of America openly promises the American people that if elected he will undertake an unconstitutional action that will be a crime.

I doubt that Donald Trump knows many Muslims, much less, has any Muslim friends. His claim that Muslims want to be banned from the US is laughable, and if we had a shred of journalistic integrity left in our corporate owned media, Trump would get called out on his claims.

Trump avoided facts getting in his way by being interviewed on Fox News by Greta Van Susteren. The media may try to spin his comments a million ways, but Donald Trump is arguing that Muslims want to be banned from the United States.