Hillary Clinton Just Put A Stake Through The Heart Of Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton went straight for the heart of the myth of Donald Trump by calling the presumptive Republican nominee “pretend successful” while on NBC’s Meet The Press.

Video of the interview:

After calling Trump hollow and focused on only making himself look great, Clinton was asked about Mark Cuban as a potential VP and used the question to call Trump pretend successful.

Clinton was talking about her VP search when she said, “I am absolutely intending to look far and wide, and I think that is the best way to find somebody who can really capture what’s needed in the country, and business people, especially successful business people who are really successful as opposed to pretend successful I think I have a lot to offer.”

Chuck Todd asked Clinton if she thinks Trump has done anything that deserves praise. She answered, “I think he needs to release his tax returns. The only two we have show that he hasn’t paid a penny in income taxes, and yet he goes around talking about make America great. You know, that means paying for our military. That means paying for our roads. That means paying for the VA. That means a lot of things, and if you’ve got someone running for president whose afraid to release his tax returns because it will expose the fact that he pays no federal income tax. I think that’s a big problem.”

Hillary Clinton took a dig at Donald Trump that is certain to drive him up the wall and converted it into a legitimate question about why he won’t release his tax returns. Clinton is defining the reason why Trump won’t release his tax returns, and Trump can do nothing about it, but release the returns.

The whole basis of Trump’s campaign is the idea that he is a successful businessman who can bring that success to the presidency. If Hillary Clinton exposes Trump as a fake business success, the whole mythology that his presidential campaign is built on will come tumbling down.

The way to beat Trump is to assume that nothing he says is true, and the big lie that everything Trump-related revolves around is his “business success.” What we are witnessing are the first steps in the demolition of Donald Trump as a credible presidential candidate.