Hillary Clinton Has Found The One Line Of Attack That Will Destroy Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton has found the one line of attack that will resonate with voters and destroy Donald Trump.

While campaigning in California, Clinton said:

The only thing we know about Donald Trump’s taxes are a couple of years of returns he had to turn over to a state that he was trying to get a casino in. It showed that he did not pay a penny, not a penny in federal taxes. He goes around saying well we’ve got to have a stronger military, but he sure doesn’t want to pay a penny to protect our men and women in uniform, and make sure that we are ready to defend our country. Now it may be that he hasn’t paid ever any federal income tax. That’s why we want to see his tax returns. Everybody else has had to turn over their tax returns who has been the nominee of a party running for president, so we’re going to keep asking. Let’s see what you got there.

Clinton has found the one line that Republicans could never use to defeat Donald Trump.

Trump wants to make America great, but he doesn’t want to give one penny of his own money to do it. Hillary Clinton is defining Trump as a cross between the cranks who call right-wing talk radio and a rich cheat who is proud of the fact that he is mooching off of the taxpayers by not paying his fair share.

Republicans couldn’t launch this attack on Trump because giving rich people the power to dodge taxes has been part of the Republican ideology for years. Republicans have spent the Obama administration blocking serious efforts to reform the tax system so that the wealthy pay what they are supposed to paying. His primary opponents would have turned Trump into a hero with Republican voters if they had attacked him for not paying taxes.

Hillary Clinton is going to go lots of places where the Republican primary wouldn’t, which is why the GOP is going to regret ever caving and handing their presidential nomination to Donald Trump.