Best Chant Ever: Protesters Disrupt Trump With Chant of “God Hates Donald Trump”

Protesters disrupted Donald Trump’s speech at the Faith and Freedom Conference by chanting, “God hates Donald Trump.”


The protesters began by chanting, “Stop hate dump Trump, and refugees are welcome here.” The protesters also chanted, “God hates Donald Trump, and build bridges, not walls.”

Trump responded, “What’s happening in our country is so sad. We are so divided. It’s such a shame, and by the way, folks, these are professional agitators. They are sent here from the other party.”

ABC News Politics caught the chant of God hates Donald Trump:

The crowd ironically responded to the chant of refugees are welcome here with a USA chant, which is an expression of the belief that it is an American value not to welcome refugees? Trump is a nominee who is appealing to bigotry. He is popular with evangelical Republicans because he tells them that they can win. The conservative evangelical movement has been soundly defeated in the culture wars, so they are desperate to hear someone tell them that they can win.

Of course, the person who is telling them this is a thrice married pathological liar who betrays everything that they claim to represent, but the far right has shown itself to be an easy mark for Donald Trump.