A Cold Shudder Goes Through Republicans As Obama Destroys Trump With 6 Sentences

President Obama’s remarks about Donald Trump were short, sweet, and should send a wave of terror through the Republican Party.

At a fundraiser for Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA), the President said:

These are real challenges. The anxieties they cause are real. And unfortunately, when people are anxious and scared, there are going to be politicians out there who try to prey on that frustration to get themselves headlines and to get themselves votes. And that’s what the Republicans have been doing for a while now. That’s the story they’ve been telling. Not just their guy at the top of the ticket, but up and down the ticket, and in states like Washington.

Their story is that working folks have been victimized by freeloaders, and minorities, and unions, and the “47 percent.” And immigrants and foreigners are stealing whatever jobs Obamacare hasn’t already killed. They don’t tell you what they’re for. They define their economic agenda by what they’re against or, more often, who they’re against.


Because whatever our differences, we all love this country and we all care fiercely about our children’s futures. And we don’t have time for charlatans. And we don’t have time for hatred. And we don’t have time for bigotry. And we don’t have time for flimflam. And we don’t have the luxury of just popping off and saying whatever comes to the top of our heads. Don’t have time for that.

There may be setbacks along the way, and our progress will always be unfinished — and every one of you will always have another list of things for me to do. But what I know is that with steady, persistent, collective effort, things get better. With steady, persistent, collective effort and thought and cooperation, we ultimately deliver brighter days for our children, and our children’s children.

The Democratic Party’s top communicators are already in sharp form. President Obama never mentioned Donald Trump’s name because he will not elevate the Republican nominee to a position where he doesn’t belong.

The President was correct. Republicans have been pulling from the same playbook of division for years. Donald Trump is more overt about his intentions. Trump isn’t blowing dog whistles. He is directly appealing to racism and bigotry in an attempt to win votes.

What should terrify Republicans is how easily President Obama was able to take apart Trump. His argument is a simple one. America doesn’t need to be distracted by a man who says whatever pops into his head while running an endless shell game of a presidential campaign.

The argument against Trump isn’t one that needs to be based on facts or records because Trump doesn’t believe in either of those things. The most effective argument against Trump is moral. America needs a president that brings out the best in our country. Donald Trump appeals to our worst collective impulses. Trump’s campaign doesn’t represent who we are, or who we should aspire to be as a country.

Be very afraid, Republicans. President Obama is coming for Trump, and his argument is already deadly.

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