Pathetic Republican Protest Draws One Person After FBI Decides Not To Charge Clinton

Instead of people on the streets, one sad person was all that Republicans could attract to FBI building to protest the decision not to charge Hillary Clinton with a crime.

Here was the extent of the protest outside of the FBI building:

The public doesn’t care about Hillary Clinton’s emails. Voters never cared about Hillary Clinton’s emails. Judging from the turnout to protest the FBI’s decision to not charge Clinton, most Republicans don’t really care about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The Beltway media cares because they can’t get enough Clinton gossip, but the rest of the country hasn’t given much of damn since Republicans first started beating their scandal drum about Clinton’s email server.

The once feared Republican smear machine is broken. Republicans can’t mount enough public opinion to make Hillary Clinton’s emails a story that voters care about. During the Obama years, Republicans deepened the partisan divide, and in the process cut off their ability to message outside of their party.

The takeaway from the Republican attempt to manufacture a scandal that could sway the presidential election is that Republicans aren’t very good at this anymore. A Republican political machine that as recently as 2004 was able to smear John Kerry’s military service has completely lost the ability to make their attacks stick.

A corporate media establishment that has a financial investment in pretending that the Republican Party is credible and viable can still be counted on to prop the GOP up, but the GOP is a toothless tiger which is why it is so fitting that they are being led down the path to defeat by a pretend billionaire.