Unhinged Michele Bachmann Says God ‘Lifted Up’ Trump to Defeat Hillary

Conservative Christians have long since proved they can convince themselves of anything. Cognitive dissonance will do that to you. As first explained in the 1950s by Leon Festinger,

Whenever an individual holds two cognitions (beliefs, ideas, opinions) which are psychologically inconsistent, he will experience a drive to reduce this inconsistency. Dissonance may be reduced by changing either or both of the existing cognitions or by adding new cognitions which reduce the conflict by putting it in a new perspective.

The first trick, of course, is to invent all these crazy accusations against the president, finding ever more bizarre reasons why he must be replaced. For the minions of Fox News and the Tea Party, nothing is too outrageous.

So we find former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a member in good standing of Trump’s Evangelical Executive Advisory Board, literally blowing stuff out her back end when she sat down with radio host Jan Markell to talk about President Obama, telling her fellow conspirator that,

“[Obama] will do everything he can to undermine our Second Amendment rights and our First Amendment rights for freedom of speech and expression by punishing us for our religious expression.”

Never mind they’ve been saying this for seven years and nary a sign of it has come about. But, and this is a very big but for Bachmann,

“[T]he most high God may have lifted up Trump, because very possibly he’s the only one that could defeat Hillary Clinton this fall. And if that’s the case, it’s good enough for me.”

Listen to her routine courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Remember when we were in elementary school? You would never think of America, much less the whole North America, as economic Marxism. That’s what our part of the world is now. Economic Marxism. Then you’ve got Barack Obama and you’ve got Justin Trudeau, the head of Canada, who are extremely pro-Islam. Now, you want to talk about a complete pivot and shift? At one time we had enough brains and enough sense to realize that to be in bed with the radical Islamic movement is probably not a good day.
Today, the Obama administration, as I look at the last seven and a half years, every action they have taken has lifted up and advanced the cause of Islamic jihad, while at the same time they’ve cut out the legs under Israel, our best ally. Take a look at Iran. Iran, the number one state sponsor of terror in the world, couldn’t have asked for more from the United States than what they’ve gotten. Barack Obama has advanced Iran’s jihadist dreams to annihilate Israel, the United States and Western Christendom. How about that for fundamental transformation?
That’s why I’m just saying the church can’t sit this one out. We may not have a perfect candidate but he may be the one, like the Book of Daniel — the most high God may have lifted up Trump, because very possibly he’s the only one that could defeat Hillary Clinton this fall. And if that’s the case, it’s good enough for me.

May. Well, that’s hedging your bets a bit. Maybe Bachmann has learned from her mistakes of insisting God told her to run for president? Nah, she just announced that God told her to be a total b*tch to Huma Abedin and falsely accuse her of witchcraft…er, um, I mean, being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This was her excuse, that she did it,

“Because I knew the information was right and, for me, I was a believer in Jesus Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit. That doesn’t mean that I’m better than anybody else, but the blessing that I had is that I was guided by the still small voice of the Holy Spirit and that’s what I tried to actively listen to. So that’s what I tried to do, is listen to his voice, and it was absolutely, stunningly remarkable how the Holy Spirit literally guided me, almost moment by moment, for each of those years.”

Not guided by facts, needless to say. But by voices in her head. Only she could hear.

Read that, and then try to convince yourself that Obama is the one who has to go. I dare you. I double dog dare you.

So…I guess God just hasn’t been quite as clear about Trump as he was on all those other occasions. We’ll have to leave Bachmanns delusions where they lay.

This is not the first or the only reaction to Trump’s success. In the interest of thoroughness I am compelled to mention that earlier, we saw the AFA’s Bryan Fischer say “there is something supernatural at work to prop that guy [Trump] up” but for Fischer, Trump is the lesser of two evils.

For Fischer, it isn’t God who is behind Trump, but Satan. And even though Satan wants Trump to win, somehow, he’s still preferable to Hillary Clinton.

Criminy. Talk about a stench of moral relativism!

Which says more about Bryan Fischer’s religious beliefs than about Clinton. Likewise Bachmann’s bizarre answer, which posits a real a**hole of a God who would use Bachmann as his tool (in favor of her story, she is a tool).

Which brings us back to Bachmann’s cognitive dissonance and her claim that it was God and not a federal investigation that “called me out of Congress.” The woman was unhinged before. Time off hasn’t improved things.