Democrats’ Dreams May Come True Because In His Heart Trump Wants Chris Christie For VP

It is being reported that the candidate Trump really wants to choose to be his running mate is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

CNN reported:

One source said Trump wants a “fighter” and Christie — the tough-talking former prosecutor — fits the bill.

“I’m getting attacked from all sides,” Trump told The Wall Street Journal Tuesday. Though he was not in Indianapolis on Wednesday, Christie, one of the first major politicians to back Trump before he captured the nomination, is still very much under consideration, multiple sources told CNN.

“Trump’s gut is Christie,” one source said. The New Jersey governor spent the day in back-to-back meetings in Washington as he leads Trump’s transition team.

It has long been speculated that Christie’s bully, blowhard, attack Hillary Clinton as a criminal style has drawn Trump to him like a bug to light.

Trump may want Christie in heart, but Gov. Bridgegate is so scandal-riddled and unpopular that it may make even Donald Trump shy away from him. Plus, the Republican Party itself seems to be pushing Trump to pick Pence.

A selection of Chris Christie would be a dream come true for Democrats. If Trump picks Christie as his running mate, he will have selected one of the few politicians in the world that rival Trump’s unfavorable numbers. Voters don’t like Chris Christie, but Christie has a big personality, and ability to kiss up the GOP nominee that he values most.

If the Republican Party get their way, the pick will be Mike Pence. If Trump goes with what he wants, don’t be surprised to see a Trump/Christie ticket unveiled in New York on Friday.