All Hell Just Broke Loose At The GOP Convention As Ted Cruz Refuses To Endorse Trump

Sen. Ted Cruz took the stage at the Republican convention in Cleveland and promptly stabbed Donald Trump in the back while making it clear that he is running for president again in 2020.

Cruz congratulated Trump on winning the nomination and said he wanted to see the party’s conservative principles in the White House. The Texas Senator immediately pivoted to talk about the Dallas police shootings. Yep, Ted Cruz buried Trump and launched into a 2020 campaign speech about terrorism.

But as Cruz was speaking the cameras cut away from him to show Donald Trump entering the convention hall.

It became clear early on in his speech that Sen. Cruz was out to knife Donald Trump in the back.

Ted Cruz rambled on about the Republican vision for the future, which was really Ted Cruz’s vision for the future. Cruz eventually got around to saying that there is a better vision for the future. Cruz called it a return to freedom. He rambled on about Hillary Clinton and President Obama, but one name was missing in his speech. Cruz conspicuously avoided mentioning Donald Trump’s name.

Sen. Cruz went on a riff about freedom, and it was clear that his convention speech was really a stump speech. Cruz mentioned Clinton’s name more than Trump’s in his remarks. Cruz endorsed Trump’s wall without mentioning Trump’s name. Cruz said that we should cast aside leaders who hate and endorse love.

Ted Cruz told Republicans not to stay home, and to vote their conscience, but he didn’t endorse Trump. Some in the crowd started chanting endorse Trump. Cruz responded, “I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation.”

The Trump supporters in the crowd jeered him, and delivered more chants of endorse Trump.

Cruz didn’t endorse Trump, and was booed off the stage.

Ted Cruz just launched his 2020 campaign by stabbing Donald Trump in the back.