Trump Shows Signs Of Mental Illness By Inventing Imaginary Sanders Supporters Who Support Him

Even though the polls show that the opposite is occurring, Donald Trump is saying that Bernie Sanders supporters are flipping to him.

Trump continued to his propaganda campaign that is intended to divide the Democratic Party, and win Bernie Sanders supporters by tweeting:

Over the past month, polling has shown that the Sanders supporters are taking Bernie’s advice and rallying around Hillary Clinton. The margin varies depending on the poll, but roughly 80%-90% of those polled who supported Sen. Sanders will be voting be voting for former Sec. of State Clinton.

On Monday, Pew released a poll that found that 90% of consistent Sanders supporters would be voting for Hillary Clinton. According to Pew, “Despite a sometimes contentious primary process, support for Clinton in the general election is high among even the 20% of Democratic voters who consistently backed Sanders through the primary and caucus season: Among this group, just 8% prefer Trump in the general election, while 90% favor Clinton.”

Trump is only getting 8% of the Bernie supporters, but in his mind, there is are a wave of Sanders supporters who are going to vote for him on Election Day. Donald Trump has crossed the boundary from liar to potential mental illness. The Sanders backers that he claims are crossing over to him do not exist.

The idea that those who backed Sanders would flip over to supporting Trump is laughable to anyone who knows anything about the Sanders campaign and what they are fighting for.

Donald Trump doesn’t like it, but the Democrats are coming out of their convention unified and strong.

Trump is inventing his own reality, and he is the only one buying it.